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» Fig - Atari in Two Game Deal - Sep 20, 2017, 11:53 am
» Tales from Candlekeep - Gameplay Teaser - Sep 20, 2017, 11:53 am
» Ancient Frontier - Release Date: September 21 - Sep 20, 2017, 11:53 am
» Square Enix - More Nier Coming - Sep 20, 2017, 08:02 am
» Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf - Release Sept 21st - Sep 20, 2017, 08:02 am
» Divinity: Original Sin II - Mac Release More Likely - Sep 20, 2017, 08:02 am
» Enderal - Gets an In-Game Paper Map - Sep 19, 2017, 07:52 pm
» Shadow of War - Trailer - Sep 19, 2017, 07:52 pm
» Elder Scrolls Online - Clockwork City Preview - Sep 19, 2017, 07:52 pm
» ELEX - Pro & Contra - Sep 19, 2017, 07:52 pm
» Thea 2: The Shattering - Now on Kickstarter - Sep 19, 2017, 07:52 pm
» GOG - Big Deal Sale - Sep 19, 2017, 01:52 pm
» Divinity: Original Sin II - Reviews - Sep 19, 2017, 01:52 pm
» Death of the Outsider - Powers, Gadgets and Gears - Sep 19, 2017, 01:52 pm
» Divinity: Original Sin II - Game Master Tutorial - Sep 19, 2017, 01:43 am

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Fig - Atari in Two Game Deal
Posted: Sep 20, 2017, 11:53 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]@gamesindustry Fig is teaming up with Atari in a two game deal. Atari own the Temple of Elemental Evil IP.

Atari is teaming up with the crowdfunding platform Fig to bring two new projects to life, though they remain tight lipped on what either might be.

Despite a prestigious legacy of arcade classics, Atari hasn't brought much to the fore in recent years. However, this new deal with Fig has promised a reboot of one of its "most beloved intellectual properties" and an entirely new IP.

"Fig is providing a model where gamers not only help to get the titles they are most passionate about funded, but also have the opportunity to share in the financial returns with developers and publishers," said Fred Chesnais, CEO of Atari. "We're excited that Fig has opened up the vast potential of crowdfunding to IP holder and publisher alike by changing the narrative and allowing us to partner with our fans."


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Tales from Candlekeep - Gameplay Teaser
Posted: Sep 20, 2017, 11:53 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Here's the exclusive Dungeons & Dragons Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation gameplay teaser video. The RPG will be available in October:

Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation - Gameplay Teaser

Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation is a turn-based dungeon-crawling game based on the Dungeons & Dragons Adventure System board games.

  • Unique Quests: The procedural map generation allows every quest to remain unique even when replaying them multiple times.
  • Over 40 Quests: The game features a mix of Main Story quests and Side quests.
  • A board game experience brought to life: The game highlights most of the features from the popular board game, combined with features unique to the digital version.
  • Craft your way to Victory: Collect rare crafting materials. Craft powerful weapons and armors to strengthen your heroes.

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Ancient Frontier - Release Date: September 21
Posted: Sep 20, 2017, 11:53 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The Strategy RPG Ancient Frontier will be released tomorrow:

Ancient Frontier

Fair Weather Studios is very happy to announce Ancient Frontier! Ancient Frontier is a turn-based strategy role-playing game set in deep space in the far future. Players will explore, conquer, pillage, or liberate the frontiers of space.

The universe is built off of the story established in our first project, Bladestar, but takes it much deeper with warring factions, double crossing corporations, privateers, and galactic governments. Take control of massive fleets of capital ships and support craft and navigate the rich multi-faceted story of Ancient Frontier- the future of war.​

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Square Enix - More Nier Coming
Posted: Sep 20, 2017, 08:02 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]@PCGamesN More Nier Automata games now seem likely going by a recruitment page for Nier specific things from Square Enix.

Nier: Automata was wonderfully weird and weirdly successful for a game about sad robots coming to terms with their own existence in a nihilistic world. It did have a good butt, though, so maybe its success isn't that surprising.

Now it seems that Square Enix are hiring for more Nier. A NeoGAF user has dug up a recruitment page on their Japanese site with messages from series director Yoko Taro and series producer Yosuke Saito. The Business Division 6 Square Enix are hiring for regularly works with external developers on collaborative projects, such as Automata's development with Platinum Games, and it seems the new listings are Nier-specific scenario staff.


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Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf - Release Sept 21st
Posted: Sep 20, 2017, 08:02 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]@PCGamesN Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf is set for full release September 21st.

Space Wolf is a turn-based strategy game where you use collectable cards to outfit your team will an arsenal of unique weapons and abilities. The campaign casts you as Valgard Twice Slain, which is just an A+ name for a 40k character, in a campaign that strands him and the titular Space Wolves on the deadly planet Kanak. The game also features PvP and survival modes to complement the story.

If you're concerned about those free-to-play origins, the developers at HeroCraft promise this is a fully-featured remaster of the game without any in-game purchases. You can pick up the whole package on Steam for $11.99 / €11.99 during the remaining days of its stay in Early Access, at which point the price will increase to $17.99 / €17.99.

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Divinity: Original Sin II - Mac Release More Likely
Posted: Sep 20, 2017, 08:02 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]@RockPaperShotgun Divinity: Original Sin 2 has been doing well enough that a Mac version is now looking more likely.

Larian started work on Original Sin 2 using the engine that ran the Enhanced Edition of its predecessor, and that version was ported to consoles as well as Mac, Linux and Windows. It always seemed likely that similar support would arrive for the sequel at some point, but perhaps due to delays to the Linux version of the original game, no firm promises have been made this time around. But in response to a question about whether the sales success made ports more likely, Vincke told me:

"Yes. We deliberately focused on the gameplay of the Windows PC version first because it was such a complicated game to make and we didn't want to lose time on the inevitable additional hassle cross-platform development brings with it."


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Enderal - Gets an In-Game Paper Map
Posted: Sep 19, 2017, 07:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Enderal will get an in-game paper map as a new feature.

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Shadow of War - Trailer
Posted: Sep 19, 2017, 07:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Farflame spotted a new trailer for Shadow of War:

Official Middle-earth: Shadow of War
"Campaign That Never Forgets" Trailer

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Elder Scrolls Online - Clockwork City Preview
Posted: Sep 19, 2017, 07:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Eso fans can check out the content expansion Clockwork City on the Bethesda Twitch channel.

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ELEX - Pro & Contra
Posted: Sep 19, 2017, 07:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]GameStar found the major pros and cons of ELEX:

ELEX im Test (video in German)

Pros: world, quests, scope, atmosphere
Cons: technical side, combat system, controls​

From Reddit: Elex - 7 Things to know before you buy (GameStar; source in German)

  1. Elex doesn't take your hand
    • tiny small tutorial
    • all enemies kill you at least within 3 hits
    • you can miss quests/infos/mechanics if you miss proper attention
    • first hrs are hard and at times frustrating
    • might be either refreshing or totally overwhelming

  2. Elex embraces Piranha-Bytes strengths
    • your char is bluff; piles of coarse dialogs
    • huge open world however with fascinating details around every corner
    • environmental stories; hidden camps; people; weapons; all sorts of stories, audiologs and letters
    • gameplay is defined by the classic gameplay-quintet of combat, conversation, exploration, scavenging and leveling
    • ruthless difficulty
    • but ALSO all the known PB shortcomings (animations, textures, production values...)

  3. Elex is NOT an AAA game
    • graphics doesn't knock anybody's socks off; not ugly either
    • 30 devs working in a single family building
    • animations are stiff, facial expressions and faces are repetitive, some textures look rough.
    • creative Art-Design: picturesque landscapes due to diverse sceneries
    • german syncro is doing well
    • best score since good old Gothic days

  4. Elex runs on a toaster
    • runs on even weak PCs decently
    • with min. details (16x AF, SMAA) even a Geforce GTX 760 will run it with 45fps

  5. The strength of Elex' stories is found offside the main story
    • main story THE most interesting PB has ever written: your alter-ego is a former terroristic ALB-General, who finds himself amidst normal people and societies. We gradually learn more about his own violent past, learn about a vile betrayal and decide how the world should keep on spinning.
    • mix of genres invites to learn and see more of the world
    • main story remains in the background for some time
    • no arc of suspense a la Witcher 3
    • interesting moments offside the main story - side quests, environment, companions
    • each main protagonist has its own little story
    • quests with nasty moral decisions which end up far more gripping than in Gothic or Risen series - HIGHLIGHTs of the game
    • standard fetch quests but also most quests can be solved in more than three different manners

  6. Elex is no Bug-Fiasco, but has rough edges
    • while testing no severe bugs that affect test score
    • however glitches and small issues along the way; nothing has impact on the overall fun factor though.
    • many mechanics lack the necessary fine-tuning; combat can be fiddly and clunky; the jetpack lacks the proper pace; Interface and inventory are neither particularly impressive nor managable.

  7. Elex is a true RPG
    • no Action Game with RPG elements but a true RPG
    • combat is subordiante to the character system
    • Leveling and specialization is often times more interesting than the actual use of such enabled combat mechanics; killing a horde of raptors after you've been pathetically running from them hours priorly is extradordinarily satisfying
    • satisfaction of leveling combat mechanics > clunky combat
    • Crafting, using sockets, alchemy and the correct choice of factions can create a deep and rewarding rpg system.

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Thea 2: The Shattering - Now on Kickstarter
Posted: Sep 19, 2017, 07:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The Kickstarter campaign for Thea 2: The Shattering is live:

Thea 2: The Shattering

The shattering sequel to Thea: The Awakening. Turn-based strategy-survival inspired by Slavic mythology. Become a god, lead, survive!

Key features:
  • Co-op and single player gameplay - survive Thea with friends or solo,
  • New, deeper and improved tactical card game to resolve challenges and encounters,
  • Randomly generated, vast hex maps to explore,
  • Slavic mythology and folklore,
  • Hundreds of stories and quests to discover,
  • Event editor gives you the ability to make your own adventure,
  • Extensive modding and scripting available,
  • Meet the vast array of factions that populate Thea and choose diplomacy or warfare as your path,
  • Customize existing gods to match your playstyle,
  • Control multiple villages simultaneously,
  • Explore endless combinations of attributes and skills for your "chosen ones".

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GOG - Big Deal Sale
Posted: Sep 19, 2017, 01:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]GOG is having a sale dubbed the Big Deal Sale with over 200 titles discounted.

Find great games and historically low prices • 200+ deals up to -90%

UPDATE: Up for some old-school puzzle/platforming goodness? Pick up your FREE copy of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee until September 21, 1PM UTC and help save your fellow Mudokons from becoming somebody's dinner!

This is absolutely, definitely, positively a really very big deal! It only stands to reason, this is the BIG DEAL sale: find 200+ games up to 90% off and tons of historically low prices this week on

We're bringing out the big guns for this one with over fifty great games at historically low prices, including Little Nightmares (-40%), Galaxy of Pen and Paper (-15%), Tacoma (-20%), Aragami (-60%), Sudden Strike 4 (-25%), 80 Days (-66%), Obduction (-40%), Rebel Galaxy (-75%) and many more.

There are plenty other ways to get the most bang for your buck in the BIG DEAL sale:

• Browse great games you can get under $2, like Her Story (-75%), Aarklash Legacy (-90%), Lichdom Battlemage (-95%), Dustforce DX (-90%), or the Blackwell Bundle (-90%) and more.

• Check out more of our favorite offers 80% off or more on Prison Architect, DEX, Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Satellite Reign, Rogue Legacy, Expeditions: Conquistador and others!

This is important, too: everyone who drops by this Tuesday will come away with an absolutely, definitely, positively special something! If that sounds a bit odd, you'll just have to come and see.
The BIG DEAL sale runs until September 25, 10 PM UTC.​

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Divinity: Original Sin II - Reviews
Posted: Sep 19, 2017, 01:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Here are three reviews for Original Sin 2 I could dig up. Not a large amount of reviews, but there are a number of reviews as work in progress to be found, which I have not added to this list.

GameInformer, 9.75

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is one of the greatest PC RPGs of all time, and Larian's continued dedication to creating incredible freeform adventures inspired by tabletop lineage is inspiring and commendable. A few bugs and frustrating encounters are small prices to pay for a lavish ensemble of the genre's best and a one-of-a-kind experience.​

Gameskinny, 9

I've been trying to think of things I legitimately don't like about the game and can only come up with minor quibbles, like the fact that some of the standard key bindings don't quite make sense to me. Why does the G button bring up the crafting screen instead of the C button? Why does tab switch to combat instead of highlighting the stuff on the ground?

Other than that, and my distaste for comic relief, there's really nothing about Divinity: Original Sin 2 that doesn't scream "RPG of the year!" It's got everything an RPG fanatic could want: crafting, 10 types of skill categories to choose from, different build foci, robust combat, interesting characters and quests, and plenty more. Basically, if you love anything cRPG related from the Infinity Engine forward, you need to buy this game​, 9.4
No idea what they are saying, as it is in Italian, but given the rating, I'm sure it's something positive.

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Death of the Outsider - Powers, Gadgets and Gears
Posted: Sep 19, 2017, 01:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]PCGamesN has published a list of powers, gadgets and gears you can expect to play with in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. Here are the powers you can expect to play around with in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.


Displace: Like Corvo's Blink and Emily's Far Reach, Displace is Billie's mobility power. Unlike Corvo and Emily, Billie's power is based on placing markers in the world that no one else can see, then swapping positions with the marker.
Void Strike: This powerful charged-up attack will push your foes away from you, giving you more space to maneuver - or allowing you to assassinate an enemy if you take them by surprise.
Semblance: Steal someone's identity, and use it to trick your enemies. Unlike Corvo's Possession power, Semblance allows for a fuller range of actions, including anything from tricking an ally into unlocking a door to engaging in actual combat with another enemy.
Foresight: Whether you're playing as a bloodthirsty assassin or a merciful agent of justice, you'll want to get the lay of the land in Death of the Outsider's intricately designed levels. Foresight allows Billie to pause time, leave her body, and see what lies ahead.

Gadgets and Gear

Voltaic Gun: Strapped to Billie's wrist, this electrified projectile launcher can be upgraded to make it more powerful and versatile with a range of lethal and non-lethal ammunition types.
Hyperbaric Grenade: Toss this at your enemies for a non-lethal blast of compacted air.
Rat Whispers: Using a special talisman from the love of her life Deirdre, Billie can learn more about her world - and gather some useful clues - via the whisperings of the rats that roam the streets of Karnaca.
Hook Mine: Place this on a wall or floor or ceiling, and it'll draw an enemy to it. The Hook Mine can be used non-lethally to subdue a person or hide an unconscious body.​

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Divinity: Original Sin II - Game Master Tutorial
Posted: Sep 19, 2017, 01:43 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]This video shows you how to use Game Master Mode for Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Our combat designer and in-house Game Master Edouard guides us through the basics of the Game Master Mode. You'll learn about setting up your first campaign using the campaign maps and using the tools at hand to create your story. We can't wait to see what you'll come up with!​

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