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Our Internet Relay Chat Channels

Friendly Arm Inn

Minstrel's Medallion

SP Trivia

Friendly Arm Inn, Minstrel's Medallion and SP Trivia are chatrooms (channels) on a secure network. They are accessible through the links above and are the official chatrooms of Sorcerer's Place. When the pages start loading they will also load a Java chatroom applet through which you will be able to chat with us. In case the applet does not even begin to load, you will need to install Java first.

FAI is a general discussion chatroom where more or less anything goes. If you have a question about any of the games, a technical issue, or would just like to chat, this is where you should be.

On the other hand, MM is a more private-circle chatroom with a specific purpose - online role-playing. When this will actually be going on, it will probably be moderated so only people with voice status will be able to interact. Feel free to observe though, even if you're not participating.

The SP Trivia channel is dedicated solely to the trivia contests run by Mystra, the channel bot.

Before entering any of the chatrooms, please read the Chatroom Rules. These rules will be enforced in the chatrooms, and you are expected to know them. Do not complain if you are kicked and/or banned for violating them. You are responsible for behaving in accordance with them.

Sometimes the Java chatrooms will not load for you for some reason - most likely your firewall is preventing the connection. In such a case there is really nothing we can do about it, except tell you about a more reliable alternative - mIRC, which is a much more versatile and customizable IRC program.

mIRC can be used to access Friendly Arm Inn, Minstrel's Medallion and SP Trivia. After you have downloaded and installed mIRC, there are two possible ways you can go about getting to our main channel:

Short way: Simply click here. mIRC will automatically open and connect to the proper server and channel.

Long way: Run mIRC, press ALT+E, click on the "Add" button in the "Connect/Servers" category and add the server Then click on "Connect To Server" and join the channel(s) #sorcerers (FAI), #sp_mm (MM) or #sp_trivia (SPT). Alternatively you can simply pick one of the GameSurge servers already in mIRC's server list to connect.

Most of the chatting usually occurs at roughly 7pm - 3am GMT. We also chat in FAI more frequently on weekends.

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