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Sword Coast Stratagems for BG1Tutu / EasyTutu Walkthrough by David Milward

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Areas in Chapter 5
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The Great Gazib and the Amazing Oopah

Now I travel east to the Carnival. At the west side is the Great Gazib, who puts on a show involving an exploding Ogre named the Amazing Oopah. To get a little xp out of this, ask to see the explosion three times. Oopah will attack the party, and Gazib will flee. A Command Word: Sleep suffices to put him down.

The video concludes with me visiting a merchant tent to the south and east. The merchant offers a Red Potion (Int 25, Wis 3, Str 3, 50% magic resistance) and/or a Violet Potion (Str 25, Dex 3, Con 3). I suppose I could have bought them and sold them off at a profit, but I didn't bother. I break into and loot the chests for various potions, including a Potion of Fire Giant Strength, a Potion of Fire Resistance, and a Potion of Master Thievery. I get out of the tent before the Guards can come in.

The two larger tents towards the north aren't worth bothering with. You'll get pickpocketed, and you're not likely to win any gold at the games either.

Zordral and Bentha

I continue on towards a tent that is a little to the north and east. I find a male mage named Zordral who is holding a female mage named Bentha hostage. I choose dialogue option #1 each time to avoid Bentha dying. Zordral is pretty easy for a higher level party to kill. For lower level parties, you may want to advance a level or two first. You'll need to be able to bring down his Mirror Images quickly, and may have to cope with spells like Melf's Acid Arrow and Horror. Bentha rewards me with a Potion of Heroism.

The video concludes with me going to a little further east, and visiting a merchant who sells various wares like scrolls of protection, and Rings of Infravision. I bought:

  • 2 scrolls of Protection from Fire - in anticipation of a key battle during Tales of the Sword Coast.
  • Necklace of Missile - Sort of like a Potion of Explosion effect, but with limited charges. I bought it for Jaheira since it can allow another offensive option during some fights.
  • Shield Necklace - I bought this for Kivan, more as an inventory filler for every character in my party than anything else.


I leave the tent and go a little east. I speak to a Gnome named Zeke, who offers a Scroll of Stone to Flesh for 500gp in order to free a nearby woman who has been petrified. With BG1 NPC Projects installed, Jaheira is able to intimidate him into giving it up for free.

I then go just a little northeast, and find the statue woman in question. I then use one of my scrolls to remove her petrified state. Branwen, a Cleric of Tempus, offers to join my party but I'm not interested.

As an aside, most of the tents around this part of the carnival sell mundane wares.

The video at the east edge has a few people who are enjoying their buzz from a drug called the Black Lotus.

My next stop is the Gibberling Mountains.


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