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Alassa, One-Day NPC 1.3MB Download (Ext.)
Alassa is a One-Day NPC, an evil thief who knows how to get what she wants. Includes original portrait and voicing, and content for SoA and ToB.
Allison, One-Day NPC 766kb Download (Ext.)
An NPC created in just under eight hours as part of the One-Day NPC project, this mod features:

* Party-joinable single class druid
* Roughly two dozen interjections
* At least one banter with every party member (most have two)
* ToB Content, including an all-new epilogue
Ariena 3.8MB Download (Ext.)
A female half-orc neutral evil Pit-Fighter, she is one of the NPCs available to download seperately from the Mod for the Wicked. She comes with her own unique soundset and item.
Auren Aseph 9.3MB Download (Ext.)
Auren is a 20 year old human fighter from Beregost who will join your party and will romance a Bioware NPC. She can be found in the Copper Coronet but will not appear in the game with an evil player character.
Azure Romance Mod 342kb Download (Ext.)
Azure is a druid that comes along with her wolf guardian, Sharo. The project is fully playable though still being developed. Azure is a romanceable PC that has a custom kit and a quest.
Beyond the Law 5.7MB Download (Ext.)
Kova, a mage/thief with an unsavoury background and good heart (or so he claims), and a law-enforcing, impartial (or so she claims) archer called Kiyone, come together to join the party in this intriguing mod about proving one man's innocence against the odds, and about the unlikely yet strong bond formed between the two people, so different yet so much alike.
Britt, Unjoinable NPC 874kb Download (Ext.)
Created as a collaboration between St. Josephine and jcompton, in about one hour, Britt is an eager young woman who says she wants to be an adventurer. Except, it never seems to quite work out.
Chloe Romance Mod 6MB Download (Ext.)
A human female kensai, romantically interested in female PC humans, elves, and half-elves; or Imoen. Includes original portrait and voicing.
Fade Romance Mod 1.5MB Download (Ext.)
Fade is a Fey'ri (Tiefling) thief who is found in the Shadow Thieves' guild. She romances males without limit and will have friendship dialogues with female characters. She has three quests and conversation with Bioware NPCs.
Hessa 2.5MB Download (Ext.)
Hessa is a One-Day NPC for Baldur's Gate 2, an evil half-elf thief, and a preview of things to come in the Surayah mod. Hessa requires Throne of Bhaal to work properly and you must start a new game to get her.
Imoen's Romance 32MB Download (Ext.)
This mod is for people that really enjoy party interaction. It really would seem that Imoen has always something to say before the day finishes. If what you like is killing monsters, exploring dungeons, and following the quests in the game, you might not like this mod... but if you are one of those that enjoy exploring every dialogue option, the party interaction in the game and how it develops, here is a romance for you.
Kari the Kobold 1MB Download (Ext.)

Kari, the young and innocent half-kobold girl, offspring of a human father, a cleric of Sune, and a kobold mother. At her sixth year, her parents died in a forest fire. The nearby kobold troupe supported her, and she took what she could from nature, forming a special fondness for wilderness areas. She tends to avoid human settlements, as they might attempt to capture and sell one as rare as her, or simply hunt her for an easy meal. Features:

-A joinable non-romanceable NPC, hopefully adding a different flavour to the game.
-Banters with every Bioware NPC.
-Some interjections.
-Several custom items.

Keto 1MB Download (Ext.)
Keto is a human bard for SoA, though requires ToB to be installed to work properly. Keto has thousands of lines of dialogue, nearly 100 banters, a unique bard quest and over 400 voiced lines from several performers.
Kiara and Zaiya 945kb Download (Ext.)
This mod introduces a pair of NPCs (a monk and a wild mage), two new quests and three pretty tough fights. Kiara will romance the main character if he is male and of good alignement only and both Kiara and Zaiya have plenty of dialogues with other NPCs.
Kitanya 9.3MB Download (Ext.)
Kitanya is an elven wizard slayer found in the Umar hills. She comes with some custom equipment and has plenty of banters with the other NPCs.
Nalia's Romance 3MB Download (Ext.)

A complete romance with Nalia, including the Tree of Life dialogs, beloved one in danger, Nalia's abduction by Bodhi, and other love related quests. It also adds some new quests and character interactions. Minsc is strongly recommended to be in the party.

The player has to be a male character with at least 8 charisma. He also has to be of fighter pool, which includes fighters, paladins, rangers, barbarians and monks. Available races are human, half-elf, elf and halfling. The romance consists of 3 independent branches, where 2 of them are connected with the De'Arnise Keep's quests. One of them, however, is connected with the slaver quest, and Nalia has to be in the party when clearing out the slavers' ship. Another enhancement of the mod is that Captain Arat stays at the keep after retiring. He can be found at the the forge which assembles the Flail of Ages. He serves as a blacksmith and sells weaponry.

Nalia's Romance - WeiDU version 383kb Download (Ext.)
This is identical to the original mod but converted to WeiDU format for easier installation and improved compatability with other mods.
Saerileth Romance Mod 25.4MB Download (Ext.)
Saerileth is a 15-year-old paladin of Tyr. She comes from Mount Celestia in the Outer Planes. She comes with a romance including a flirtpack and a chatpack. She brings with her three new areas for SoA, two SoA quests, and a ToB quest. Saerileth is a young woman of deep religious conviction and certainty. She has extensive voicing, banters, and interjections.
Sheena 6.6MB Download (Ext.)
Sheena is a half dragon, the daughter of Firkraag, yet despite her father she has been true and good. She has several banters with party members and a friendship with the PC. Male PCs also have the option of pursuing a short romance with her, though it is a challenge to get going.
SilverStar 1.1MB Download (Ext.)
SilverStar is an evil elven assassin, and everything that an elf shouldn't be: twisted, childish and unable to comprehend the inhumanity of her actions.
Summon Bhaalspawn 572kb Download (Ext.)
A NPC introduced to the game in a fresh way. Includes a system of banters that will reward the new NPC a special ability if done correctly. This mod adds a joinable Undead Hunter Paladin named Sandra to the game.
Tashia Romance Mod 1.4MB Download (Ext.)
Tashia is a female elven sorceress. She is an NPC who can join your party once the mod is installed. If your protagonist is male, she will romance him.
Valen 398kb Download (Ext.)
Valen (of Bodhi's hold) becomes an NPC who can join your party. She's a Chaotic Evil Vampire fighter/thief, has quite a bit of interjection dialogue in SoA, won't get along with Aerie, Anomen, Keldorn or Mazzy. Her innate vampiric powers increase with experience and she has one Valen-specific challenge.
Yasraena 12MB Download (Ext.)
The Yasraena mod is full of banters, and it adds two quests to SoA and an encounter to ToB. Yasraena is a good drow, with a background to explain her good tendencies. She comes with some custom equipment, is fully voiced and has her own portrait. A light version of this mod is available at 3.6MB.



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