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10 Fantasy Character Portraits by Devin Cook (Submitted) 560kb Download
The author of this pack was looking though some old computer magazines from the 80's as well as box covers for old Commodore 64 games. Many of these sources had some truly excellent pictures of knights, wizards, priests, etc., so he scanned them and made portraits out of them.
FF8, Chrono Cross & Zelda Portraits by Kuja (Submitted) 596kb Download
A small set of 11 portraits of characters from FF8, Chrono Cross and Zelda.
TheBlackRose's Fantasy Portrait Pack (Submitted) 2.1MB Download
A nice collection of 42 portraits scanned from various Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms books. Also added now are Wrath of the Immortals portraits.
Various Character Portraits by Jumpy (Submitted) 5.5MB Download
A collection of 98 character portraits made from various fantasy art. Inside you'll find portraits suitable for warriors, wizards, thieves, rangers, druids, paladins and some others.
Monty Python Portraits by Olle Berg (Submitted) 91kb Download
A small set of 14 portraits of various Monty Python characters. (The portraits are jpgs, so you'll have to convert them to bmp before you can use them.)
The Lord of the Rings Portraits #1 by Silverblade (Submitted) 1.5MB Download
A number of portraits made from pictures of the LOTR movie. There are a total of 31 portraits from all the main characters (like Frodo, Aragorn, Gandalf and many others). The maker also added a portrait of an orc.
The Lord of the Rings Portraits #2 by Tiger (Submitted) 320kb Download
A set of 6 portraits (Aragorn, Boromir, Frodo, Legolas) from The Lord of the Rings movie.
Big B's Extreme Portraits (Submitted) 4.5MB Download
78 Unique Portraits scanned from Magic: The Gathering cards. Portraits can be used for traditional characters (fighters, thieves, mages, bards, druids, etc.) as well as non-traditional modified characters for the adventuresome BG player (i.e. Werewolves, Rakshasas, Nymphs, Fire Elementals, Goblins, etc.).
Various (Mostly Manga) Portraits by mr_woodstock69 (Submitted) 1.5MB Download
A variety of portraits, 23 in total. The package includes all the leading ladies from all the FF, and some of the guys like Cloud, Sephiroth, and the mage from FF9. There are also the best looking Sailor Scouts, some of your favorite characters from KI64, agent Aika, Shannon Elizabeth, Faye from Cowboy B-Bop, leprechaun Annah from PS: T and three Essig original sketches, with Artist.
5 FR Character Portraits by Calis (Submitted) 166kb Download
A small collection of 5 portraits made by scanning the covers of some Forgotten Realms novels.
7 FR Character Portraits by Todd (Submitted) 343kb Download
A collection of 7 portraits made by scanning the covers of some 3rd edition manuals.
Drizzt Character Portrait by Silverblade (Submitted) 31kb Download
"A good portrait (in my opinion and I am sure that others would agree) of the famous drow ranger Drizzt Do'Urden. I have made a nice Drizzt portrait from a picture I found on the net, for everybody to use."
Drizzt Character Portrait #2 by de pest (Submitted) 80kb Download
Another very cool portrait of everyone's favourite drow. Included is the picture from which the portrait was made.
Playboy Portraits (Warning: Adult content!) by mr_woodstock69 (Submitted) 1.1MB Download
A collection of 22 portraits of various Playboy girls. The portraits are tasteful, but they do have frontal nudity, so don't download this zip unless you're of legal age to view such content.
Gopherboy's (Retouched) Portraits (Submitted) 1MB Download

A 3 in 1 pack of 19 portraits consisting of:

- Class Portraits ('new' portraits for various classes. Most are re-done existing portraits from BG1, for those who like the originals but want a new colour scheme. Includes the re-done Imoen and Aerie portraits)

- Class Portraits 2 ('new' portraits for various classes. These are re-done existing portraits from BG2, with edited colours. Some however are portraits with bits of others, making in effect, "new" portraits. Like a Sarevok head on Keldorn's body for example)

- Elven Portraits (non-BG portraits of various elves, most are close to looking like BG2 portraits so there shouldn't be any drastic difference between them. Includes the Green Elf and Purple Elf from previous load of portraits. Also includes a 'Large' portrait of Queen Ellessime and Bodhi, not just the little dialogue portraits.

NeoUgly Portraits by Moff (Submitted) 90kb Download
From the author: Being a really crappy fighting game player at arcades, I make up for my crappiness by becoming an annoying font of knowledge of moves and character history. Pointing out that Gen-am from Samurai Showdown is actually a gremlin and not an oni, and other such annoying tidbits that are impossible to care about. So, naturally, when dismayed by the lack of Monk portraits in BG2, I fired up my emulator and the rest, like a lightswitch, is pretty damn self-explanatory.
Yoshimo's Beta Portrait 58kb Download
Yet another SP exclusive, this time a portrait of Yoshimo as he has looked in the beta version of Baldur's Gate 2.
Jon Irenicus' Portrait 83kb Download
A portrait of your arch-nemesis in all his g(l)ory. Usable in the same way as any other character portrait, although why would you want to is beyond me.
Sarevok's Portrait 60kb Download
A portrait of Sarevok from Throne of Bhaal. It's a pretty cool portrait so if you don't have Throne of Bhaal yet you might want to use it for a fighter or a mage.
Melissan's Portrait by Keith Hadsall (Submitted) 200kb Download
A portrait of the evil Melissan from Throne of Bhaal (4 versions, scanned).
Melissan's Portrait by Reu Reya (Submitted) 48kb Download
One of Keith Hadsall's above Melissan portraits, cleaned up and enhanced for optimized picture quality.
BG2 & ToB Small Portraits (Now Also Enlarged!) 677kb Download
A collection of small size portraits you can see in the game when one of the more important characters speaks. They've been extracted from the game files and are useable like any other character portraits. Since there is no big version of these portraits in the game files, an enlarged version of the small ones has been provided in the pack, though the quality of those is obviously not optimal.
The portraits I included in this package are: Abazigal (human & dragon form), Balthazar, Gromnir, Illasera, Melissan (good & evil), Bodhi, Ellesime, Sendai, Solar and Yaga Shura.

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