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Item Making Guide by Gopher (Submitted) 22kb Download
This Guide is for any person wishing to get started in Item Making. Included is a Step-By-Step tutorial on how to create items from scratch, and several new items for you to use/edit.
Spell Making Guide by Gopher (Submitted) 8kb Download
This Guide is for any person wishing to get started in Spell Making. Included is a Step-By-Step tutorial on how to create spells from scratch.
Secrets of Journals by Wordplay (Submitted) Download
SoJ is a story based on the original saga of Baldur's Gate, but contains some scenes that differ. This story doesn't re-tell much of the original one; it concentrates on the relationships between the protagonist and certain characters, told by their diary entries.
The Big Book of (Almost) Everything by spliffnchips 16kb Download
An extensive guide with tactics on how to battle every type of monsters you can find in the game. Also includes tips for individual tougher monsters such as dragons and Kangaxx.
Throne of Bhaal FAQ (Official) N/A Read
A list of frequently asked questions about the Baldur's Gate 2 expansion along with answers.
Baldur's Gate II & Throne of Bhaal Known Issues (Troubleshooting FAQ) N/A Read
Having problems with the game or the expansion? This page gives you the details about reporting/fixing some of the particularly nasty bugs.
Throne of Bhaal Endings FAQ by Dan Simpson 10kb Download
This is a list of the "epilogue" texts that tell what happens to your companions after the Throne of Bhaal ends. As such, it is rife with spoilers. This is mostly intended for the curious who have already beaten the game, to see what they missed.
Throne of Bhaal: The Ascension Epilogue Text by Rhythm (Submitted) 15kb Download
Like the above, this is full of spoilers, so, don't ruin the game, finish the game first. This "Epilogue Text" is intended for those who have finished the game and wish to see the ending text for the NPCs that they didn't use in the mod (and how the original, longer, epilogue texts look).
The Indispensable Guide to the Treasures of Amn N/A Read
A large armaments guide that was posted at CGO. The recommendations are geared towards fighter characters; class restrictions may limit your choice of proficiencies. You can find the best weapons/armor of all types listed here. How to get (or assemble) them is also explained in detail. Converted and corrected in several places by Sorcerer.
NPC Proficiencies by Extremist (Submitted) N/A Read
A list of NPCs and their weapon proficiencies, plus those that are bonus according to your level.
Totemic Druid's Spirit Animals by Extremist (Submitted) N/A Read
A detailed description of the four spirit animals a Totemic Druid can summon. Here you can also download a patch which makes their weapons act as magical, so enchantments +5 are activated (except +6 for Spirit Lion).
Cheat Codes Listing N/A Read
A big chunk of cheat codes for all you cheaters out there. Be warned though, once you start cheating you might end up ruining the game experience for yourself!
Romances FAQ by SlashR4 27kb Download
An interesting guide detailing which dialogue options you need to choose in order to finish any of the four male & female romances (Aerie, Jaheira, Viconia and Anomen).
Spell Casting Advancement Tables N/A Read
A big list of spell progression tables for all classes capable of spellcasting. There are tables for mages, clerics & druids, bards, rangers and paladins.
Priest Spells List & Analysis by AquaWarlock 19kb Download
This FAQ is a run-down on the priest's spells in Baldur's Gate II and its expansion. Spells are graded on a 1-10 scale (1 being least useful and 10 being most useful); they might also be graded on '-' or '+' scale, which means as the party furthers along the game, the spell's usefulness gets better/worse.
Mage Spells FAQ/Listing by James Bolton 59kb Download
A complete rundown of all of the wizardly spells in BG2 & ToB. The author has included his personal view of each spell and its value within the game with a summary and a mark out of 10.
Roman Grigoriev's Guide to Sorcerers 14kb Download
A detailed informative guide for people who are not familiar with the new Sorcerer class BG2 introduces. The guide offers tips & pointers regarding which race should play it, the stats you need, which spells are a good pick for a sorcerer and so on.
Character FAQ by Dark Wolf 13kb Download
This FAQ is for learning which characters to choose, and how to use the different characters in and outside combat. It lists all the classes and kits from BG2 & ToB and provides a short description and author's opinion on them.
Deathmage's Complete NPC Guide 6kb Download
A short guide to all NPCs in BG2 and ToB. It lists their stats, location, quests and some other details.
BG2 & ToB Scrolls List by Lisa McClaugherty (Submitted) 7kb Download
A list of all the scrolls from Baldur's Gate II and the expansion.
Baldur's Gate II Wizard & Priest Spells by Mage_0 (Submitted) 40kb Download
An Excel spreadsheet containing details for all wizard and priest spells available in the game.
Experience Point Tables N/A Read
A list of experience progression tables for all classes. The list also includes a table of experience point cap limits by class.
Weapon Proficiencies Reference by Darien Noella (Submitted) N/A Read
A handy reference with all weapon proficiencies and fighting styles detailed.
BG1 & BG2 Complete Item Texts by Kusai Onara 600kb Download
A complete list of every single item, usable and not, present in the games and expansions. This is not very useful as a general items list, but more as a list for those who mess up with game editing. If you want a categorized list of items, rather download the one below.
BG2 & ToB Full Item List with Description Text by Dan Simpson 202kb Download
An extensive sorted list of all weapons, equipment, scrolls, keys etc. that can be found in the game + the expansion.

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