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Throne of Bhaal Item List by Steve (Submitted) 10kb Download
A list of weapons, equipment & miscellaneous items (and their codes) that can be found in the expansion.
Baldur's Gate 2 Printer-friendly Item Lists by Xaelifer (Submitted) 16kb Download
A printer-friendly list of items from Baldur's Gate 2 for use with the CLUAConsole. Also included is a list of all Misc items.
No Cheat Codes, All Natural, Quick, Weapons and Armour Guide by Valter Josic 9kb Download
This is a practical summary of all, non-cheating and normally in-game accessible, noteworthy weapons and armor in BG2. It is aimed for a fan of the game, who wishes to have a list of weapons and armor ready for eventual future gaming sessions with different characters. This way he can see what weapons and armor to expect in the game when creating a fighter-type character.
Baldur's Gate II Search Engine N/A SoA / SoA+ToB

With time our Baldur's Gate II forum has amassed a huge amount of information, and practically everything in the game has already been discussed there. Of course, finding what you need there is the tricky part. You can always post a new thread, but for things most players have trouble with, the search feature of our boards is much more handy.

The search engine here works pretty much the same as all giant web-crawlers, the sole difference being that it will only display info that has been posted on our boards. So entering a location, name of a NPC, item and so on will usually yield a good amount of results.
A short list of keywords you might want try: Shadow Thieves, Bodhi, Vampires, Mind Flayers, Equalizer, Carsomyr, Lilarcor, Crom Faeyr, Firkraag, Dragons, Kangaxx, Lich, Stronghold, Kensai etc.

Baldur's Gate II Creature List by Dan Simpson 13kb Download
A list of all the "Creatures" available in the game. Every NPC or monster in the game is represented here as a "creature." This is not a comprehensive monster list that lists every stat for every monster. This is just a list of the "creature code" used when using the CLUAConsole cheat to spawn a new monster.
Familiars Sheet N/A Read
Wondering which familiar you're going to get if your main character is a mage/sorcerer class and you cast the Find Familiar spell?

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