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Dragon Age: Origins Nightmare Guide by David Milward

Areas in Order of Appearance:  
Origins  |  Ostagar  |  Lothering  |  Warden's Keep (DLC)  |  Return to Ostagar (DLC)  |  Honnleath (DLC)  |  Circle Tower  |  Brecilian Forest  |  Redcliffe  |  Denerim  |  The Urn of Sacred Ashes  |  Orzammar  |  Deep Roads  |  Landsmeet  |  The End  

The Urn of Sacred Ashes: 
Haven  |  Ruined Temple  |  Wyrmling Lair  |  The High Dragon  |  Morrigan and Flemeth  |  The Urn of Sacred Ashes  


In Search of Brother Genitivi

Now it's time to head off in search of Brother Genitivi and the Urn of Sacred Ashes.  If you visit his home, an imposter Weylon will try his best to get you to leave without gaining any insight into Brother Genitivi's whereabouts.  If you press hard enough, made easier through Persuasion checks, you can get the imposter to blow his cover.  The imposter is capable of casting spells, but since he's by himself and within reach, he should be quite easy to kill.

The house has plenty of books, notes, etc. that can be clicked on for experience.  At 4:16, I discover the body of the real Weylon.  At 4:21, I discover Brother Genitivi's research, which will lead me to Lake Calenhad, as well as a Steel Symbol of Andraste, which can be gifted to Leliana. 

Now I head over to Lake Calenhad, and speak with the Innkeeper of the Spoiled Princess.  He'll discreetly hint that you're being surveyed by strange Cultists.  Sure enough, I'll get attacked by several Cultists once I step back out the Princess.  The Cultists are bunched closely enough together so that Wynne can pretty much catch most of them right away with a Fireball.  The Glyph of Repulsion naturally follows as a defensive measure. 


The first part of the video consists of me getting a quite cold welcome to the village of Haven.

So now I explore around for a bit, looking for odds and ends.  At around 6:20, I enter a shop.  Inside is a chest which holds the Mage's Eye bow (+3% critical chance, +4 attack), which will make for a decent bow for Zevran.  The shop itself doesn't hold anything of particular interest.  If you're so inclined, you can provoke the village's hostility by finding the corpse of a Redcliffe Knight in the back of the shop.

I prefer to do it a different way.  At 8:00 is a house with a bloody altar.  Simply having Wynne and Alistair while examining the altar is enough to get Haven hostile towards you.  At 8:18 is a Love Letter needed for the Correspondus Interruptus quest.

Now the Cultists will attack me en masse once I leave the house.  They'll come from multiple sides, which makes using area-effect spells less than ideal.  Leliana summons her Wolf right away, while Wynne plants a Glyph of Repulsion over the party.  Aldarion veers off a bit to the side and catches a couple with Cone of Cold.  I then pause the game and set the script for the Wolf.  It is only once they're bunched closely enough together that Wynne uses Fireball, and then catches a line of foes together with Flame Blast.  It then becomes a mop up. 

Another group of Cultists waits for me up the trail, so Aldarion gets the jump on them with Blizzard, then progressing naturally towards a Storm of the Century.  He then catches the oncoming foes with a Cone of Cold. 

The remaining battles are quite piecemeal.  Lastly, before I actually head into the local church, I show where the corpse of the Redcliffe Knight is.

Revered Father Eirik and Brother Genitivi

First up in this video is the confrontation with Revered Father Eirik, which will occur no matter what you say.  Aldarion takes Eirik out of the battle right away with Spirit Prison.  Wynne uses the Glyph of Repulsion to divide the melee fighters.  Alistair adds sugar on top with a Holy Smite on Eirik.  By the time Eirik snaps out of it, it's too late.  And the rest is history.

At 2:40, I loot the Cultist Medallion from Eirik's body, which is needed to make progress.

At around 3:00, I find a chest with two items.  One is a Small Silver Bar, which can be gifted to Zevran.  The other is the Ring of Faith (+10% fire damage), which is just perfect for Wynne.

At 3:44 is the secret door leading to Brother Genitivi.  The rest of the video consists of me speaking with Brother Genitivi, and him leading me to the Ruined Temple.



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