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Dragon Age: Origins Nightmare Guide by David Milward

Areas in Order of Appearance:  
Origins  |  Ostagar  |  Lothering  |  Circle Tower  |  Warden's Keep (DLC)  |  Return to Ostagar (DLC)  |  Stone Prisoner (DLC)  |  Brecilian Forest  |  Redcliffe  |  The Urn of Sacred Ashes  |  Orzammar  |  Deep Roads  |  Denerim  |  Final Onslaught  

The Urn of Sacred Ashes: 
In Search of Brother Genitivi  |  Morrigan's Quest  |  Haven  |  Ruined Temple  |  Mountainside Caverns  |  Mountain Top  |  The Gauntlet   |  The Arl of Redcliffe  


Welcome to Haven

Now I travel to the village of Haven, and get a rather cold welcome from both the Guard and a nearby child. There's also a chest with a random item towards the southwest corner of the area.

Antivan Leather Boots

So now I explore around for a bit, looking for odds and ends. The main pathway slopes upwards on the mountain side. Near its end is a shop. Inside the shop is a chest which holds:

  • A bow called Mage's Eye +3% critical chance, +4 attack), which I won't have any use for.
  • Locket - This can be gifted to Morrigan.
  • Antivan Leather Boots (+4% spell resistance) - I gift these to Zevran for a considerable approval boots.

The shop itself doesn't hold anything of particular interest, although I do load up on a few Health Poultices, Lyrium Potions, and such.


If you're so inclined, you can provoke the village's hostility by finding the corpse of a Redcliffe Knight in the back of the shop.

Bloody Altar

I prefer to do it a different way. At 8:00 is a house with a bloody altar. Simply having Wynne and Alistair while examining the altar is enough to get Haven hostile towards me. One of the chests in the house has a Love Letter needed for the Correspondus Interruptus quest, but that is for later.

Several Cultists will attack from multiple sides once I leave the house, which makes using area-effect spells less than ideal. Leliana summons her Blight Wolf right away. I manage to win the first fight with straight physical combat. The next fight includes a Mage, allowing Aldarion to demonstrate his first use of the Mana Clash spell to kill the Mage instantly. The last fight only involves a few Cultists, and is easily won.

Revered Father Eirik

I step in the church at the top of the pathway, and end up in a confrontation with Revered Father Eirik, which will occur no matter what I say. Eirik has Spirit Healer abilities in addition to other spells, so he can conceivably keep his Guards running on all cylinders if you don't take him out first. Aldarion brings Eirik to near death with Mana Clash. Wynne then finishes off the Revered Father with an Arcane Bolt. The Guards become much easier to kill after that. I loot Eirik's body for the Cultist Medallion, which is needed to make progress.

The room to the left has two chests. The Inscribed Chest has a Small Silver Bar, which can be gifted to Zevran, and the Ring of Faith (+10% fire damage). Wynne doesn't need it though, as her fire damage is already maxed out at 130%.

Brother Genitivi

I open a secret door leading to a room to the right of where I killed Eirik. I then discover and converse with Brother Genitivi. He will soon lead me to the Ruined Temple.



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