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Heart of Winter: Trials of the Luremaster

The Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter Downloadable Dungeon Set is a free expansion pack for Black Isle Studios' Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter role playing game.

In response to some players wanting more game experience from Icewind Dale and Heart of Winter, Black Isle Studios developed a free, downloadable dungeon pack add-on for customers of Heart of Winter. The pack is sized at 72MB, and plugs directly into the game, provided Heart of Winter is installed. This expansion set includes several new monsters, quests, items, areas and portraits, as well as a brand new adventure. You can download it here.

Brief Story Introduction

After Trials of Luremaster is installed, a mysterious halfling Hobart Stubbletoes introduces himself in the Whistling Gallows Inn in Lonelywood. He seeks a party of stalwart heroes for a quest to a place of great wonder, with treasures beyond the imagination. Should the party accept, they will be transported to a new place, far from the icy terrain of the Dalelands, finding themselves within the walls of a ruined castle in an unfamiliar land...

The adventure is meant to surprise the character, and is conveyed throughout the various puzzles/combats.

Expansion Details

Trials of the Luremaster requires an installed copy of both Icewind Dale and Heart of Winter. It is a 72MB download.

New Stuff - The web expansion offers the following to Heart of Winter customers:

  • Twenty new areas, mostly above ground - areas include an entire haunted castle in the desert of Anauroch and six subterranean levels
  • Many new magical items.
  • Original new monsters like beholders, jackalweres, ochre jellies, harpies and green slime creatures
  • Playable from Lonelywood in the Whistling Gallows Inn.
  • The new areas feature a separate story, independent from the Icewind Dale and Heart of Winter storylines.
  • Targeted for players from 11th - 18th level, and also adjusted for higher level parties via Heart of Winter's "Heart of Fury" mode.
  • Many new puzzles, traps, and more.
  • Six new character portraits, two of which are female. These humans and half-elves are two fighters, a cleric, a mage, a druid and a ranger.
  • Introduces version 1.42, with some additional program fixes.




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