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Cheeta and Kyrexus's Neverwinter Nights Walkthrough/FAQ 15kb Download
Another unfinished walkthrough which currently only covers Chapter 1-3 of the game.
Neverwinter Nights Chapter 1 Side-Quest Guide by Sanjeev Namjoshi 14kb Download
This FAQ/Guide was created for people who cannot remember or find all the numerous side quests in the game which usually have some reward such as XP or gold. This FAQ only covers Chapter 1, however.
Neverwinter Nights Chapter 2 Sidequest Guide by Icehound 10kb Download
More or less same as the above, only for chapter 2.
GameSpot's NWN Game Guide N/A Read (Ext.)
A nice online walkthrough with maps, some general strategies and quest details.
GameSpot's SoU Game Guide N/A Read (Ext.)
A nice online walkthrough with maps, some general strategies and quest details.
BioWare's Prologue/Chapter 1 Walkthrough N/A Read (Ext.)
Do not read this unless you want the mystery of Chapter One in NWN revealed. This guide will only describe the central quests for the Prologue and Chapter One in NWN, and not the huge number of side quests.
BioWare's Hilltop Walkthrough N/A Read (Ext.)
A quick walkthrough of the Chapter 1 starting area of the Shadows of Undrentide expansion.
BioWare's Hordes of the Underdark Introductory Walkthrough N/A Read (Ext.)
This short introduction into the world of Hordes of the Underdark will take through the trials of Waterdeep and the first level of the mad mage Halaster's lair: the Undermountain. The rest you must discover for yourself.
NWN, SoU & HotU Reference Guide by Duncan Clay 153kb Download
This FAQ is not a walkthrough but more of a big reference list. It lists all NPCs, their location and function, offers various tips, lists store inventories, items and much more. Now also covers most of the premium modules.
What is Neverwinter Nights? N/A Read
A good introduction to the game. It tells you what exactly the game is all about, presents a short story synopsis and lists the system requirements you need to meet to be able to play the game.
ShadeRaven's Neverwinter Nights Guides N/A Read (Ext.)
A website totally dedicated to all sorts of player guides for NWN - here you'll find everything from detailed class descriptions, race info, tips on character creation, multi-classing and more.
Character Creation Guide N/A Read (Ext.)
New to 3rd edition rules? Not even sure what I mean when I say '3rd edition rules'? This is a guide for the new player trying to figure out where he or she should start when making a character for use in Neverwinter Nights (NWN). This excellent guide is a must-read for every budding NWN player!
Neverwinter Nights Overview N/A Read
A very informative report about Neverwinter Nights, presented at E3 2001. (Updated by SP with new info in April & June 2002.) It includes a description of the game, 5 fundamental components, a short story summary, features and more.

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