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Guides & Tutorials, cont.

Introduction to the Aurora Neverwinter Toolset N/A Read (Ext.)
This document was written as a brief overview of some of the possibilities of the Toolset, while introducing some of the core features of this powerful tool. All potential module builders will find things of interest here.
Module Construction Tutorial N/A Read (Ext.)
This tutorial guides you step-by-step on using the BioWare Aurora Neverwinter Nights Toolset to create a basic module. As an added bonus, you can download the sample module that is a finished version of what the tutorial will show you how to make.
Mastering Neverwinter Nights N/A Read (Ext.)
The idea behind MNWN is that of examining the official campaign that BioWare released with our preferred game. Modders will find this an interesting read since it goes into detail about how some things were done in the official campaign.
Creating a Hidden Trap Door N/A Read (Ext.)
This handy guide will lead you through the process of creating a hidden trap door step by step, while also providing the necessary placable for you to download and use. (As of patch 1.25, this is already available in the Toolset.).
Adding Neverwinter Chess to a Module N/A Read (Ext.)
The Neverwinter Chess module is a great way to play a game of Chess using Neverwinter Nights, but what if you want to have a game of Chess in your own adventure? This tutorial shows you how to easily add one or more games of Neverwinter Chess to your own module.
Creating Metallic NPCs N/A Read (Ext.)
A quick explanation on how you can use a bug in the toolset to produce metallic-looking NPCs.
Creating a Hidden Wall Door N/A Read (Ext.)
BioWare received many requests for an upright version of the trap door, so the artists Tobyn Manthorpe and Jono Lee have created a new doorway placeable that can be added to your modules. This tutorial uses that new upright doorway to create a hidden wall door. (As of patch 1.25, this is already available in the Toolset.).
Design Builder Base 6.4MB Download (Ext.)
Within this package are the documents, utilities, and spreadsheets to aid the module designer. They are what the author generally deems "essentials" though your use may vary greatly. Nonetheless, the author felt there was value in all of this information in one place (along with information not generally available to the community at large either because he put it together, or got it elsewhere.)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Color Tokens 10kb Download (Ext.)
This short write-up is an attempt to explain everything color token. Upon reading this, you should be able to create, with next to zero effort, text strings of any color anywhere (almost). While this write-up should be of interest to everyone, this isn't a tutorial to building, scripting or 2da/tlk editing. You must have relevant knowledge if you want to use color tokens in the respective fields. The emphasis of this write-up is the concept of color tokens and colors in general only.
The Guide to Building – The Toolset Manual 6MB Download (Ext.)
The Guide to Building will be released in many installments, each covering an important aspect of module building. This first installment, titled 'The Toolset Manual', looks at the toolset and the many options contained therein. The Toolset Manual is a reference manual in which every object type, property, tool and functionality offered by the Toolset is described in detail, along with many tips to help builders in the creation process.
Hakpack and 2da Merging for Newbies 200kb Download (Ext.)
This tutorial covers the basics of merging hak packs and 2da files, and how to create an override. Includes step by step pictures as well as descriptions.
Tutorial - Building Challenging Custom Encounters 237kb Download (Ext.)
This tutorial will advise relative n00bs how to build challenging CUSTOM monsters and encounters. It also contains an explanation of how the NWN Encounter trigger reacts to PC parties of any given level, in terms of the number and CR of creatures spawned.
NWN HoTU Toolset Manual 3.5MB Download (Ext.)
This is a toolset manual for the HoTU exp pack, but much of the content will be helpful with the previous NWN versions, as well. This work is gauged towards the beginning toolset user, maybe even the mid-level. Included is a long list of links for builder resources and a large number of visual aids.
Custom Feats Adding Guide 866kb Download (Ext.)
Describes how to add new custom feat(s) to Neverwinter Nights. * ONLY PASSIVE FEATS AT THE MOMENT * Activeable feats will be added later. This is not a complete tutorial yet, but it should give you a start how to add feats to NWN.
Aurora Toolset Item Creation FAQ by David Zigler 9kb Download
The purpose of this FAQ is to explain what property does what when you're making items through the Aurora Toolset, because the manual is rather sketchy on the details of various enchantments. Knowing this, you can create insanely powerful equipment with a small amount of effort and time. Also, a number of the more self-explanatory features have unwritten rules that come into play only when you're actually playing the game.
How to Make a Vampire 9.2MB Download (Ext.)
This is a guide on how to make a vampire character to play in Neverwinter Nights without the need for scripts. You also get all of the abilities.
How to Add New Races to NWN 197kb Download (Ext.)
This guide explains how to add new races to NWN, using racialtypes.2da and race_feat_*.2da.
D&D Geek's Custom Race Guide 400kb Download (Ext.)
This is a short guide to creating custom races that allow the creature/player to use armor. It is incomplete but it's a solid resource to get you started.
DLA Glass Tutorial 2.3MB Download (Ext.)
A tutorial to show modelers and other builders how quick and easy glass and crystal is possible in NWN models. The tutorial provides an easy step-by-step guide on how to make realistic glass and crystal textures for your tiles, placeables, creatures and even weapons. To go along with the tutorial, DLA has provided a custom env. map for other builders to use in their own glass creations and a sample model of a glass display case to follow along with.
Creating a Custom Portrait Hak Tutorial 7kb Download (Ext.)
This is a short tutorial on how to create your own Custom Portrait hak, for adding new images for selection during character creation.
Creating a Custom Head Hak (with info on .plt editing too) 20kb Download (Ext.)
The following is short tutorial on how to create a custom head hakpak using existing head models, and how to edit the colors on the heads using the associated .plt files.

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