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Neverwinter Nights NPCs

You will meet many interesting and influential characters during your adventures in Neverwinter Nights. Here are several characters that you will most likely talk to along your travels.

Aribeth de Tylmarande Aribeth de Tylmarande
Renowned for her beauty, knighted for her faith, and beloved for her kindness, young Aribeth is said to be among the foremost of Tyr's paladins in all the Sword Coast. A passionate soul, she puts all the power of her faith into everything she does. Together with Fenthick, her love, she serves the will of Tyr in the great Hall of Justice, at the heart of Neverwinter.

Lord Nasher Alagondar Lord Nasher Alagondar
The once-famed adventurer, has ruled Neverwinter for over two decades, now. Against great odds and even greater adversity, he has brought peace, prosperity, and civility to this once-wild gateway to the north. Those years have not been without their toll, however, and each has left him a little more tired, haggard, and withdrawn. And thus, this man who braved the dragon's blast must face the greatest challenge of all - that of an adventurer fading, growing old.

Aarin Gend Aarin Gend
Silent as a spectre, dark as the moonless night, Aarin Gend stalks the alleys of Luskan in Lord Nasher's service. It takes both wit and a keen blade to survive as Neverwinter's Spymaster in this rugged, pirate city and this soft-voiced young man has more than enough of either. His calculated air of calm and confidence hides a profound intensity, a deep-rooted will to perform whatever is necessary, whatever the cost.

Desther Desther
Desther shifts uncomfortably, obviously displeased with those around him. He looks preoccupied and strained, as though wanting more control over the situation than he has.

Fenthick Fenthick
Fenthick looks concerned for those suffering, obviously willing to do anything if it would help the situation. His face looks weary, but hopeful.

Sedos Sebile Sedos Sebile
This woman appears aware of everything around her, thriving amidst the chaos. She doesn't have the tired look her militia companions suffer from.



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