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Official Campaign Tools&Fixes Download (Ext.)
The Official Campaign Tools&Fixes (OCT&F) UI modification adds a new node to the player context menu. This new node 'Tools' opens a submenu containing the following commands:

- Party Roster: Pulls up the character selection GUI screen.
- Print Influence: Prints the influence you have on your companions to the message window.
- Print Alignment: Prints your detailed alignment to the message window.
- Bug Fixes: Opens a submenu containing a few bug fixes. See below for more informations.

Originally this started as Context Menu Party Roster tool and was mainly made for changing the party inside the Sunken Flagon Inn or in Crossroad Keep for easier item exchange or crafting.

The Bug Fixes submenu contains the following fixes (see the readme file for more informations):

- Restore Companion AI scripts
- Construct Upgrade Fix


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