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ToEE World Builder .NET2 v2.0.5 by Agetian & Dulcaoin 1.8MB Download
The latest version of the ToEE World Builder, the tool that was used widely in creation of the latest Circle of Eight Mod Pack releases and which is used in creation of the Keep on the Borderlands mod. Includes tools that can be used to create mobile and static objects, modify sectors, modify area graphics, and do other things. This installer includes the full source code. Also, the Dialog Creation Template and the DAT Tool are included for convenience.
NOTE: This download also includes the patch from v2.0.4 to v2.0.5, which needs to be installed separately. To patch the program, extract the archives into your ToEE World Builder folder and overwrite all files when prompted.
ToEE Front-End X v2.2 by Agetian 191kb Download
ToEE Front-End X is a front-end for the Troika/Atari's D&D role-playing game "Temple of Elemental Evil" (ToEE) that allows you to run the game with different options, both the ones intended by the original game developers and custom ones created by the Circle of Eight team, and enables you to run multiple custom game modules on a single game installation, providing an easy way to switch between them. ToEE Front-End X is more stable, secure, and provides more options than its predecessor, ToEE Front-End Pro.
ProtoEd by Phalzyr 3.6MB Download
Allows editing the TAB/MES/DLG files (and is mostly used to edit Gives a nice grid-like representation of the loaded file.
DAT Tool v1.0 162kb Download
A tool which uses the original game I/O library to create and extract database (.dat) files. Please read the manual.
Zane's ToEE Extract 75kb Download
A tool that can be used to extract the data (.dat) files for the Temple of Elemental Evil.
DLG3Editor Dialogue File Editor 1MB Download
This program was designed to help make dialogue editing easier for the TOEE mod community.
Dialog Creation Template (Excel) 290kb Download
A really nice Excel file that makes creation of new dialogs very simple. Includes docs, a tutorial, and demo dialogs (Jaroo and Burne) fully made in this template. Automatic exporter to the ...DLG file format is included. This XLS file needs macros to be activated, otherwise it will not work properly!
Circle of Eight Mod Pack v5.5.0 BETA 168MB Download (Ext.)

The newest and the biggest installment of the Circle of Eight Mod Pack. Please read the installation instructions and bug report guidelines before installing! The new modpack contains:

- All the changes since v5.0.0, including cumulative mods and fixes up to version 5.0.6
- Hickory Branch 2.0
- A new shopmap
- Much much more (check out the full list in the mod release notes)

The Co8 5.5.0 BETA is powered with the new stable front-end, ToEE Front-End X (included in the mod).

Circle of Eight Mod Pack v5.0.0 FINAL 76MB Download
The newest and the biggest installment of the Circle of Eight Mod Pack. After installing, be sure to grab the latest fixes in an appropriate thread at the Circle of Eight General Modification boards.

- Adds a new NPC follower, Ronald the Cleric.
- Includes the summoning spells project. Adds the Summon Monster and Summon Nature's Ally VI through IX.
- Mew armor, weapons, creatures, and meshes.
- Darmagon's new spells.
- Verbobonc Mod v2.2 beta by Allyx - a game expansion that features new areas, 6 new quests, new shopkeepers, a new NPC monsters' race, and more!
- The Kalshane's Protos Fixes project, as implemented by Kalshane and Cerulean the Blue - a rework of every monster and NPC in the game to make creatures in ToEE conform to the D&D 3.5E rules as much as only possible in the ToEE engine.
- A new "Extraplanar Chest" spell.
- Moathouse will now get respawned so it won't stay empty forever.
- Voices for many NPCs have been added.
- Quest updates.
- Tons of fixes and enhancements.
- Contains all previous mods included in Co8 Mod Pack v4.0.1.

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