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Planescape: Torment Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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This is a list of the joinable NPCs in the game. Some of the information may contain spoilers about parts of the game you haven't seen at the time the NPC joins you.

You can interact with NPCs in Planescape: Torment in more ways than in any other game I have seen. Many of the NPCs can be upgraded through dialog and can offer valuable information on yourself and your past (in fact, some of them know you from the past, though they won't always tell you so unless prompted!).

Click the name of the NPC you wish to read about:


Race: Human. Well ... Human Skull.

Gender: Male.

Class: Level 2 Fighter.

Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Stats: STR 12*, INT 13, WIS 9, DEX 16*, CON 16*, CHR 6.
* Upgradable, please see below.

Found: In the Mortuary at the start of the game. Joins immediately.

Faction: None.

Use in Battle: Morte is the first companion to join you on your travels. He doesn't seem like much of a fighter – or anything for that matter – but his high resistances, AC Bonuses and Armor Class makes him an excellent tank in the early parts of the game, even though his only weapon is his bite – be it physical or verbal.

Special abilities: Morte has a special ability at the start of the game and gains one more if you keep him in your company until Act 5.

  • Litany of Curses – Morte comes with a special ability which I have to say is the most hilarious I have ever seen in a CRPG or anywhere else: When Morte hurls his extensive inventory of insults at another person, that person has to save against being enraged. Enraged characters will always attack Morte directly in physical combat and will suffer penalties to their To Hit and AC. Litany of Curses is particularly useful against magic-users since it robs them of their spellcasting abilities. It has no effect on undead characters.

    You can improve Morte's Litany in five ways:
    1. Speak to a Harlot in the Hive. When Morte asks you for money to go with the Harlot, tell him to forget it and that you're probably saving him from dying twice. The Harlot insults you, teaching Morte new insults in the process.
    2. Also in the Hive, find Jhelai for Craddock. When you return to Craddock, tell him the truth about what Jhelai said. Morte will learn something from Craddock's resulting outburst.
    3. In the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts, ask Kimaxsi Adder-Tongue if she can teach Morte to be more abusive. She can.
    4. In the Lower Ward, enter the Pawn Shop and get Miccah and Brocah to argue.
    5. In Clerk's Ward, buy the Gorgon Salve in the Curiosity Shoppe. Then enter the Galleria and use the Gorgon Salve on the stone statue to bring him back to life. He will issue his terrible curse, improving Morte's Litany (and killing you).

  • Skull Mob: If Morte is in your party when you enter the Lower Ward at the start of Act 5, he will be abducted and you will have to win him back. When you do so, he will have gained another special ability: Skull Mob. Once or twice a day (I think this is random) he can summon the skulls from Lothar's shelves to come by and attack a target.

Conversation Options: Morte seems like an easygoing character but he does have some secrets, which you can discover during the game. He can also offer you some good advice and general information about Sigil and the planes in general.

  • At the start of Act 2, ask Morte about his special abilities to learn of his Litany of Curses.
  • At the same time, you can ask him for information about Sigil and advice on what to do next. Morte has suggestions on what to do until Act 6; after that he can't offer you advice.
  • After you get Morte back in Act 5, ask him about special abilities again to learn of his new ability, Skull Mob.
  • If you have Morte with you when you ask Creeden (Act 2; Southwestern Hive Sector) about information on Sigil and the planes, Creeden suggests that you ask your "Mimir" about this. Morte will claim to be a Mimir. This is a lie, as you can discover later.
  • After finding your journal in the Empty Tomb in Act 3, make sure to confront Morte with the line "Don't trust the skull" for 1,000 XP.
  • After speaking to Fall-From-Grace about your companions, confront Morte with your suspicion that he isn't a Mimir to learn the truth: That you pulled him off the Pillar of Skulls. Morte will then gain a significant power-up. This line of conversation earns you three times 12,000 XP.
  • If you don't get this information from Fall-From-Grace, you can also confront Morte when you reach the Pillar of Skulls in Act 8.

Tattoo: With Morte in your party you can buy the Tattoo of the Skull in Fell's Tattoo Parlor.

Upgrades: If you learn that you pulled Morte from the Pillar of Skulls, you will both receive 10,000 XP, and Morte gains a significant stat increase: +4 to Strength, +2 to Constitution and +2 to Dexterity.



Race: Githzerai.

Gender: Male.

Class: Level 3 Fighter/Level 3 Mage.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Stats: STR 17*, INT 13, WIS 13, DEX 16*, CON 16*, CHR 13.
* Upgradable, please see below.

Found: In the Smoldering Corpse Bar in the Southeastern Hive Sector. Joins when you speak to him.

Faction: None.

Use: Due to his modest Intelligence, Dak'kon is more of a Fighter than a Mage. As such, he is best employed at the front line in battle; however he can also support the Fighters with spell power from the back.

Dak'kon can not train you as a fighter or a mage if you haven't been trained before but he can change your class back to fighter or mage if you have had the initial training. So with him in the party you can switch freely between these two classes.

The Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon: If you are playing a Mage, Dak'kon can teach you the "Way of Zerthimon". Dak'kon asks you to read the Circle of Zerthimon from his inventory, and for each circle that you understand correctly you gain an XP bonus and one of his Githzerai-specific spells. From the sixth circle onwards, YOU will be teaching Dak'kon.

  • First Circle: You need a Wisdom of 12 to understand this circle. You don't gain a spell but you do get 300 XP for answering Dak'kon correctly.
  • Second Circle: You need a Wisdom of 12 to understand this circle. You gain 600 XP for answering Dak'kon correctly, and you can copy the spell "Scripture of Steel" into your spellbook.
  • Third Circle: You need a Wisdom of 14 to understand this circle. For answering Dak'kon correctly, you gain 900 XP and you can copy the spell "Submerge the Will" into your spellbook.
  • Fourth Circle: To understand the fourth circle you must have a Wisdom of 15. Answering Dak'kon correctly nets you 1,500 XP and the spell "Vilquar's Eye".
  • Fifth Circle: This circle requires a Wisdom of 16. Answer Dak'kon correctly to gain 3,000 XP and the spell "Power of One".
  • Sixth Circle: You need a Wisdom of 18 to understand the sixth circle. Give Dak'kon the correct answer for 5,000 XP and the spell "Balance in All Things". This time you get *two* circles, one for yourself and one for Dak'kon; signifying that Dak'kon no longer *knows* (understands) the lesson of this circle.
  • Seventh Circle: Dak'kon doesn't unlock this circle for you because he doesn't know it exists. You must play with the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon to discover it for yourself; this takes an Intelligence of at least 16 and nets you 3,000 XP. You will understand the circle correctly with a Wisdom of 19. You get another 5,000 XP for teaching Dak'kon this circle, and you both get the spell "Missile of Patience".
  • Eighth Circle: You need an Intelligence of 18 to unlock this circle, which will net you 6,000 XP. With a Wisdom of 19 you can also interpret it correctly. Teach Dak'kon the circle for 10,000 XP plus the spell "Zerthimon's Focus" for each of you, and Dak'kon also gets a stat bonus of +1 to Strength, +2 to Constitution, and +2 to Dexterity.

Special Abilities: Githzerai-specific spells.

Conversation Tips:

  • One of the first things you should do is to have Dak'kon teach you the Githzerai language. Then, speak to one of the Githzerai in the streets. They will ignore you and speak to Dak'kon instead, asking why he follows you. Dak'kon will tell that "T'cha's choice has become mine". Later, ask him about this to learn that an earlier incarnation of yours saved Dak'kon's life, and that he owns you a life debt; he is effectively your slave. Your earlier incarnation made him promise to serve you until death, "forgetting" to tell Dak'kon about your immortality. ;-) You can go about this the Good way ("I promise to find a way to set you free!") or the Evil way ("Come on – Slave!").
  • You can also learn about Dak'kon's past from Kii'na in the Lower Ward in Act 5.

Upgrade Options: When you teach Dak'kon the Eighth Circle of Zerthimon, he comes to *know* himself better and gains a significant stat increase (+1 to Strength, +2 to Constitution, +2 to Dexterity). He also makes the pronouncement of "Two Deaths as One".

If you Raise Dak'kon to fight with you at the end battle, if he has made this pronouncement of "Two Deaths as One", he gains a bonus of 2,000,000 XP and a stat increase of +1 to Strength, +3 to Constitution, +3 to Dexterity.



Race: Tiefling.

Gender: Female.

Class: Level 4 Fighter/Level 4 Thief.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Stats: STR 14, INT 12, WIS 10, DEX 18, CON 16, CHR 13.

Faction: The Free League ("Indeps").

Found: Hangs out in the Northwestern Hive Sector at the start of the game but doesn't join until you speak to Pharod at the start of Act 4.

Use: Annah is certainly a capable Fighter who can hold her own in a battle, but it is as a Thief she really excels. Don't forget that she can wear some of Fell's tattoos; a Dexterity-enhancing tattoo in particular will help bring out the best in her. In battle, try to keep her hidden in shadows so she can get in a backstab. After that you can safely employ her on the front line.

Make sure to equip Annah with some of the magical Punch Daggers you find in the game. The ones she comes with aren't very good.

Annah can also help you switch your class to Thief if you have had the initial training from a Thief trainer. If you are playing as a Thief, you and Annah can learn from each other through dialog. Just ask her if she can teach you anything about thieving – for each Thief ability where one of you has a proficiency of 45% you can teach the other a few tricks and gain 1,000 XP.

Tattoo: Having Annah in your party makes the Tattoo of Annah available in Fell's Tattoo Parlor.

Beware: One thing you should know about Annah: She will soon be very fond of you, and she is a jealous girl. She will not allow you to go with harlots (she will attack a harlot if you're trying to go with her, turning the harlot in question and all other harlots within sight hostile) and she will not be happy if you allow Fall-From-Grace to join you. You will need to treat her diplomatically if you want both women in the party.

Conversation Options:

  • If you ask Annah what she took from your body after finding you, she will give you a Ring of the Traveler.
  • You will also want to ask Annah about Pharod, and about how she happened to find your body. You will learn that she was looking for bodies in the Alley of Lingering Sighs because she was drawn to the place. You gain 2,500 XP for discovering this.
  • After meeting Ravel you can have a romance with Annah but it doesn't lead to anything more interesting than a kiss.



Race: Human.

Gender: Male.

Class: Level 7 Mage.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Stats: STR 13, INT 19, WIS 8, DEX 16, CON 20, CHR 3.

Abilities: Special fire spells.

Found: In the Smoldering Corpse Bar in the Southeastern Hive Sector. Ignus will join you once you free him from his "prison". To do this, you must:

  1. Find the Decanter of Endless Water in the Drowned Nations.
  2. Learn from Glyve in the Weeping Stone Catacombs that Nemelle in Clerk's Ward knows the Decanter's command word.
  3. Speak to Nemelle to learn the command word.
  4. Return to the Smoldering Corpse Bar and use the Decanter on Ignus.

Faction: None.

Use: Ignus can't use weapons and his default attack is a small fireball which he hurls at the enemy. He should therefore be kept in the back in battle, from where his special spells can be used to good effect.

Learning the Art from Ignus: If you are a Mage, you can ask Ignus to teach you his magic. He can teach you four spells, but there is a price:

  1. First, Ignus will burn one of your fingers, causing you to lose 1 Base HP. You will gain 6,000 XP and a charm that allows you to copy the spell "Seeking Flames" into your spellbook.
  2. If you wish to learn more, Ignus will burn your hand, and you lose 3 Base HP. You will gain 12,000 XP and "Ignus' Hand", which will let you copy "Infernal Orb" into your spellbook.
  3. You wish to learn more, cutter? This time Ignus burns your eye, costing you another 2 Base HP. You gain another 12,000 XP and "Ignus' Eye", allowing you to copy "Ignus' Terror" into your spellbook.
  4. Finally, if you give him the string of intestines that Martha removed from your body in Act 3, you will gain 24,000 XP and "Ignus' Innards", which will allow you to copy "Infernal Shield" into your spellbook.

Conversation Options:

  • By speaking to Ignus you can learn that he was once human before learning the Art from ... well, from you, and that he is the mage who burned down the Alley of Dangerous Angles. You will regain a memory of teaching Ignus by making him *suffer*, and you will have the opportunity to apologize for these sufferings.
  • Don't call Ignus "Supplicant", unless you are prepared to apologize, or you want to fight him. If you maintain that he is your supplicant, he leaves the party and attacks you.
  • When you want to ask him more questions, Ignus refuses to speak more. Tell him you wish to speak of flames and burning for 1,500 XP.
  • If you tell him that you wish to speak of flames and burning and then try to break off conversation, Ignus insists that you speak of flames and burning. Ask him if he has ever *felt* a building a-flame for 1,500 XP.
  • You gain 6,000 XP for asking Ignus about the tale Reekwind told you, that Ignus burned down the Alley of Dangerous Angles, and who taught him these things. You will learn that *you* taught him. Endure the memory of teaching Ignus to the end for another 10,000 XP.

Tattoo: Having Ignus in your party makes the Tattoo of Ignus available in Fell's Tattoo Parlor.

Endgame Spoiler: If your alignment is Good or Neutral, you don't want to bring Ignus with you in Act 10. He turns on you so it's a waste of a party slot.



Race: Succubus.

Gender: Female.

Class: Level 7 Priest (godless).

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Stats: STR 13, INT 16, WIS 16, DEX 16, CON 16, CHR 19.

Found: In the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts in Clerk's Ward. Joins after you have spoken to her "ten" students and convinced her to seek experience instead of letting it come to her.

Faction: Society of Sensation ("Sensates").

Use: Fall-From-Grace is next to useless in combat so try to keep her in the background and use her healing spells to support the fighters. She has a most annoying habit of running into the heat of battle to heal wounded party members, getting herself in harm's way. If this becomes a problem, deactivate Party AI during battles.

Background information: Fall-From-Grace is a Succubus of the Abyss. Her mother sold her as a slave to the Baatezu but she managed to win her liberty through a bet. She later came to Sigil where she established the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts.

Beware of the possible conflicts with Annah. After getting Grace into the team, you should take a chat with Annah and make sure to be diplomatic and tell her that you still want her in the party.

Special Abilities:

  • Sensate Touch allows her to partially heal one of her companions; however she will also take the same amount of damage (6 HP) herself. If you buy her the Bodice of the perilous Quest from the Tailor Shop in Clerk's Ward, it slowly heals Grace, so she can give away a few Hit Points to party members and then regain them in short order.
  • Graces Kiss is an attack that transfers a few hitpoints from the target to Grace herself.

Conversation Options:

  • First of all, make sure to ask Grace about your companions, in particular Morte, Dak'kon and Nordom. For Nordom she can give you some good tips on how to handle a rogue Modron. For Dak'kon you will learn that it is most unusual for a Githzerai to follow a leader around – if you haven't learned this yet, you will realize that Dak'kon is your slave. And for Morte you will learn that he is not a mimir, and that he smells of Baator. Confront Morte with this knowledge to learn that one of your earlier incarnations pulled him off the Pillar of Skulls in Avernus, and that he has been following you since then out of loyalty, and because HE got one of got an earlier incarnation of yours killed through treachery. This will gain Morte a substantial stat increase.
  • You should also ask Grace about her history to learn that she is a Succubus from the Abyss, and that her mother sold her into slavery to the Baatezu, but that she has put this behind her for the most part. However, you can pursue this conversation path to learn that she is not completely at peace with her past.

Tattoo: Having Fall-From-Grace in your party makes the Tattoo of Saving Grace available in Fell's Tattoo Parlor.

Special Disappointment: No, you can't peek into her diary, either through conversation, brute force, lockpicking, pickpocketing, or in any other way. Not that I have tried, of course! What do you take me for?? Really, a lady must have her secrets! ;-)



Race: Rogue Modron.

Gender: Neither.

Class: Level 6 Fighter.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Stats: STR 16, INT 16, WIS 8, DEX 16, CON 16, CHR 8.

Found: In the Modron Maze, after you set the difficulty to "Hard".

Use: As Nordom can only use ranged weapons, you should of course keep him behind your melee fighters.

Make sure to give him any useful lenses and crossbow bolts that you find in the Modron Maze. The lens "Optix" is particularly useful, despite its being cursed, as it gives Nordom a significantly higher chance of a critical hit.

Also, make sure to speak to Fall-From-Grace and ask her for any useful tips on how to handle rogue modrons. She will suggest that although Nordom is a Rogue Modron, he is still highly ordered and logical. If he sees you as the leader, he will be unquestioningly loyal. Furthermore, he will have trouble with social situations requiring etiquette. You should help him make sense of his situation and his place in the party's hierarchy.

Faction: None.

Conversation Options:

First, Ask him how he ended up in Rubikon. Make sure to ask about the field test and what happened to the director. If you have killed the Evil Wizard Construct, you will have the option to tell Nordom that *you* are the new director of Rubikon; giving him a +1 bonus to Intelligence and Dexterity and gaining 36,000 XP for the party.

Ask what kind of duties the creative director gave Nordom. You will learn that Nordom has to obey you without question and that Nordom's jobs were:

  • Integrity Evaluation – Nordom can detect Portals!
  • Evaluation of Errors – his crossbows are for eliminating rogue constructs and will have the opportunity to create new crossbow bolts for them:
  • Wayward Item Recovery – Nordom can be ordered to give you what he found during his last trip:

If you ask about Mechanus, or what Modrons are, Morte and/or Fall-From-Grace will step in to explain these concepts. If you want Nordom's explanation, keep those two out of earshot. Otherwise, they can explain that Modrons share a "common energy source", so if a Modron is killed, it will be recreated. But by going rogue, Nordom has been cut off from this energy source, essentially becoming mortal.

Once you have learned that Nordom is separated from the Source, ask him how he is feeling. Ask him if the separation from the source caused him to become a smaller, louder entity than he used to be. He will gain a +1 to Intelligence and +1 to Dexterity (another 36,000 XP for the party).

If you ask Nordom how he is doing three times, he will ask how YOU are doing. You can discuss your amnesia with him in various degrees over the game; you should reopen this discussion after speaking to Ravel and Trias. Nordom will actually come pretty close to the truth of the matter – although he will of course be wrong in the critical details! ;-)

If you order Nordom to go hostile, he will. So don't!

Tattoo: With Nordom in your party, the Tattoo of Logic Cubed becomes available in Fell's Tattoo Parlor.

Upgrade Options:

As creative director you can upgrade Nordom in the following ways:

  • As a Mage with Intelligence 17 or better, you can order him to clear out excess garbage from his memory to improve his logic and introspection. Nordom will drop two pieces of Junk and a Scroll of Enoll-Eva Duplication, he will gain a +2 to Intelligence, and you will gain 36,000 XP.
  • As a Fighter with Strength 17 or better, you can order him to move energy from his introspection routines and concentrate them on his fighting abilities (-2 to Intelligence, +1 to Constitution, +2 to Armor Class, 36,000 XP).
  • As a Thief with Dexterity 17 or better, you can order him to transfer some of his energy from Strength to Dexterity (-2 to Strength, +2 to Dexterity, 36,000 XP).
  • With a Charisma of 17 or better, you can tell Nordom to become MORE than he can be. Tell him to FEEL the words, BECOME stronger and faster! The bonus depends on your Charisma:
    • 17-18: Nordom gains +1 to Strength, +1 to Constitution; party gains 36,000 XP.
    • 19-24: Nordom gains +1 to Armor Class, +2 to Strength, +1 to Constitution; party gains 48,000 XP.
    • 25: Nordom gains +2 to Armor Class, +2 to Strength, +2 to Constitution, +1 to Luck; party gains 60,000 XP.



Race: Restless Spirit.

Gender: Male.

Class: Level 9 Fighter.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Stats: STR 18/51, INT 10, WIS 10, DEX 13, CON 18, CHR 10.

Found: In Curst Prison, behind the portal to the Outlands.

Use: In battle, Vhailor belongs on the front line.

If you are a fighter, ask Vhailor if he can teach you how to use an axe. He can't improve your skills with an axe but if you are of a Lawful alignment (a Lawful counter of 15 or higher), he can teach you about Justice. Accept to get a glimpse of how he sees the world for a bonus to your Strength stat:

  • If your Lawful counter is less than 15, you gain +1 to Strength and 90,000 XP. (NB! There is an error in the program that prevents this option from ever applying. This is fixed in Qwinn's Fixpack, but your Lawful counter needs to be at least 15 for you to gain the bonus.)
  • If your Lawful counter is between 15 and 24 (with Qwinn's Fixpack: Between 25 and 34), you gain +2 to Strength and 120,000 XP.
  • If you Lawful counter is 25 or better (with Qwinn's Fixpack: 35 or better), you gain +3 to Strength and 150,000 XP.

Faction: The Mercykillers.

Background Information: Vhailor is the ghost of a Mercykiller whom an earlier incarnation of yours lured into a trap in the prison below Curst where he died. The only thing left of him is the suit of armor and his restless spirit. When you first meet him, you can get him to join your party, or turn him hostile.


  • If Vhailor is nearby when you speak to the Pillar of Skulls in Baator and you ask what you are, the Pillar's answer causes Vhailor to realize that it was YOU he was hunting, and he will leave the party and attack you.
  • If Vhailor is in your party when you speak to Trias in Carceri, he will kill Trias when the conversation ends, rather than allowing you to redeem him. This is actually a Lawful way of promising not to kill Trias and still getting his sword Celestial Fire. After all, you didn't kill him; Vhailor did! ;-)

Upgrade Options: If you awaken Vhailor for the final battle and tell him what is going on, he gains 2,000,000 XP and a significant stat bonus: +3 to Strength, +25 to Constitution, +25 to Dexterity.

Endgame Spoiler: If you are of Evil alignment, you don't want to bring Vhailor with you in Act 10. It is a waste of a party slot, as Vhailor turns on you.



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