Elara's Looting Method

-The Non-gold bearing Monster Mephisto-
    A Subjective Technique by Elara

(The author apologises profusely beforehand to the pure in heart who find the following an anathema
due to their virtuous sensibilties. :))

This looting technique applies only to the specific non-gold-bearing remains listed here, ie, all 
types of Rats, Bats, Cobras, Spiders, Suckers, Monks, Eyes, Oozes, Ghosts, and Genies.   The lower
ranking types of each class are more likely to produce a lesser quality of item, although pleasant
surprises do happen. :)

After playing through MM6 with several parties and trying various combinations of position and class
of party member, the most success in looting non-gold bearing fallen was in using a Druid (female or male)
with no Perception skill and with high Luck (using +50 Luck well in Blackshire), positioned in the third
character slot.

The actual procedure: 

As you approach, highlight your 3rd slot Druid. Get close to the remains with the view looking down and
slightly to right or left of body with no other corpse in sight if possible.  Save.  Swing view right or
left while in place,  and up and down, then click on the remains.   First or second try would usually
produce booty.

If reloading your save, immediately after clicking 'load game', click on your Druid's portrait in the
third slot. This will cause the highlighted character to default to the 3rd slot, for better results.


Ghost types in Corlagan's Estate (but not in Ethric's Tomb or Mire of the Damned) threw the whole range
of rings up to Scarab, and many with up to +12 enhancements.  

Maddening and Terrible Eyes (Flying Eyes to a lesser degree) in Darkmoor and Agar's Lab threw very nice
expensive rings up to Scarab, with enhancements up to +23/24.

The Monk classes in the Temple of the Fist and Temple of the Sun, threw the full range of amulets, with
up to +12 enhancements, a few up to +16.

Oozes produce armor and accouterments for the most part, not high quality.  The rest, (rats, spiders, bats,
cobras and suckers) sporadically produce unenhanced rings, scrolls, robes, the occasional gauntlets or boots.
But at the early level these monsters are encountered, the items can increase income and/or protection when
it is very needed.

Genie types produce sporadically but by the time you meet up with them, the player doesn't usually need money
or more baggage, so I didn't pay much attention to the booty, especially since I was on the home stretch.. sorry. :)

I've used this technique in turn-base mode and real time with the same admittedly subjective results, except
turn-base increased the length of time the party could go without resting, therefore keeping their well and potion
enhancements effective longer.

Corlagan's Estate at an early level provides timely protective enhancements for the party plus a very helpful
increase in income.

Darkmoor Eyes in all three catagories gave better enhancements than the Eyes in Agar's Lab, excluding the Maddening Eyes.

See the results of Elara's method in Agar's Lab