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We have teamed up with Amazon to be able to offer you all of the games covered at Sorcerer's Place, and more. By buying games through our store you help SP directly, since we get a small commission for each game we sell. This income helps us keep the site up & running, so please keep us in mind when it comes to purchasing games.

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Console Games
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (PS2)
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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance combines fast-paced action and adventure in the popular world of Baldur's Gate. It features an epic tale of intrigue, alliances, explosive spell effects, and highly detailed creatures and environments, and allows for both single and two-player cooperative play. Characters are customisable, each with unique powers, appearance and abilities. This is the first console game to feature Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition rules in real time. With Dolby Digital sound, comprehensive voice acting and a completely original soundtrack.


  • Featuring single or two-player cooperative play
  • Play 3 character types, each with unique powers, appearance and abilities
  • The first console game ever to use the 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons rule set
  • Action-adventure set in the popular world of Baldur's Gate
  • An epic tale of intrigue, alliances, and explosive magic
  • Highly detailed creatures and environments
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 (PS2)
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Darkness gathers yet again in the sprawling port city of Baldur's Gate. Bloodthirsty bandits stalk the trade roads and a secret society of heartless assassins dominates the criminal underworld, abducting citizens on moonless nights and dragging them screaming into the darkness. The city's most recent saviours vanished along with the Onyx Tower and so, in heroic tradition, adventurers throughout the Western Heartlands make the journey to Baldur's Gate to meet their great and unknown fate.

Embark on a new adventure in Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II and brave terrible dangers in search of fortune, glory and power. Face a multitude of sinister enemies while travelling through many spectacular environments in this action-packed fantasy game. Rid the lands of chaos, mastering skills, spells and deadly weapons. The fate of thousands hangs in the balance.


  • Five customizable characters
  • Develop throughout the game
  • Over 40 fast paced hack n’ slash levels to explore
  • Hidden areas, secret characters & hundreds of items to discover
  • Single and two-player cooperative modes
Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone (PS2)
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Three renegade warriors, each with unique fighting abilities. All drawn together by an inexplicable force. After triggering a chain of catastrophic events, they must combine powers to survive a treacherous journey of fate and redemption.

Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone delivers the feel of an action movie in an incredible role-playing experience. Its award-winning game engine combines with an incredible story written by best-selling fantasy author R.A. Salvatore. Journey to the mythic land of Faerun, where monsters and magic are real. You set out in a party of three, to right an ancient wrong and restore order to the world. Fulfill prophecies and build a legend as you fight to stop demons from destroying all that you know. Features voice talent by Patrick Stewart and Michael Clarke Duncan.


  • Select a party of three distinct characters
  • Send them off to hack apart enemies, blow them up with magic or sneak through the shadows
  • Battle in 10 beautifully detailed levels from the world of the Forgotten Realms, from Gemspark Mine to the Jungles of Chult
  • Face off against incredible enemies from D&D lore
  • Foes include Bugbears, Trolls, Mind Flayers, Slaads, Yuan-Ti's and more
  • Tons of weapons and items to enhance a character's abilities--magic gauntlets, rings and cloaks
  • Purchase character upgrades and create powerful warriors that can face any challenge
Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes (XB)
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Journey through a world filled with magic and monsters, treasures and traps, good and evil--a world unto itself where heroes are made not born. Take on perilous quests through never-before-seen planes of existence and carve a path to righteousness. Conquer dungeons, search for gemstones, fight monsters, improve your skills and more as one of four distinct Hero characters: Fighter,Wizard, Cleric or Thief. Immediately immerse yourself in solo games or play cooperatively with up to 4 players. Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes gives you a chance to taste victory as only a true Hero can.


  • Brings D&D 3rd Edition skills, feats and character building systems to life
  • Battle the classic and the latest D&D monsters
  • Play right away through the streamlined controller interface
  • Elevate your Hero's power with gemstones and rune stones
  • For 1 to 4 players




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