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  1. What Can I Submit?
  2. Are There Any Guidelines?
  3. Where Can I Upload Files?
  4. Anything Else I Should Know?

What Can I Submit?

Sorcerer's Place publishes submitted content for all of the games that we cover in depth, as well as many others. You can upload content such as walkthroughs, guides, soundsets, portrait packs, editors, mods etc.

If you'd like to upload screenshots, check this page.

Are There Any Guidelines?

There are a few guidelines that you should follow:

1. Things that you submit should be of decent quality. For example, if you write a guide, run a spelling & grammar check on it.

2. If your submission is anything else but text in one form or another, make sure to include a readme.txt (plain text file) with it. The readme should give at least some basic information about your submission: what it is, who the author is, the author's e-mail for feedback and how to install it.

3. Prepare a short, objective description of your submission that will accompany your file(s).

4. Everything that you submit should be compressed at the highest level of compression, either in .rar (preferred) or .zip format. We recommend using the free WinRAR, as it compresses up to 30% better than WinZip. Smaller files save us space and bandwidth, and mean faster downloads for people downloading files.

5. Be the author of the content that you are submitting. If you find something cool somewhere else that you think should be listed on SP, ask its author to add it here. Alternatively, let us know where the content can be found, and we'll contact the author about hosting the content on Sorcerer's Place as well, or perhaps link to it or create our own version of it.

6. If your submission is exclusive to Sorcerer's Place, please point that out in your submission description. High-grade content submitted exclusively to SP will have priority when it comes to placement. Additionally, if you are a member of our forums, submitting exclusive content will enable certain perks for your account.

Where Can I Upload Files?

After you have made sure that the content you are submitting follows the above guidelines, please add it to our Resources/Downloads. You can direct any questions about the submissions or ask for help in this thread.

Anything Else I Should Know?

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • We reserve the right to decline any submitted content that we deem unsuitable for SP, though this happens very rarely. The content may be declined prior to going live on SP, or removed without notice later on if it proves to be unsuitable. What is considered unsuitable is determined at our sole discretion.

  • If you want to update or edit your submission, you can do so at any time. Note, however, that the update will also need to be approved by a moderator before it is posted.






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