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We couldn't find the page you requested... This could have happened because:

1.) In July 2004, Sorcerer's Place was redesigned from the ground up, and practically all the urls to content on SP have changed. You may have arrived here by visiting an old bookmark, or an old link on another site which has not updated to our new urls yet. Finally, you might even have clicked a broken link on our site. (Possibly missed during the redesign, or of more recent origin.)

If the link which has brought you to this page is on our site (but not on our message boards or in archives; read below), please let us know where, and we will address the problem. If the link is on another site, please contact the webmaster of the site in question and inform them that they need to update their links to SP. Please note, however, that if you've encountered a broken link to us using a search engine (like Google), there is nothing we can do about it. Search engines only crawl the web once in a while, automatically. The broken links should be fixed the next time the search engine you've used crawls our site. Emphasis on should, because for one reason or another, many search engines often do not properly remove dead links from their databases...

2.) Older site archives contain dead or broken links, and we are aware of this. However, due to the many changes to the site which have occurred since the time those archives were first made, we have decided not to attempt to fix any of the links contained in older archives. In many cases it would have been impossible because of the structural changes made to the site, and as the archives older than a few months really have very limited practical applicability, they are best left "as is", to serve only as a historical reference for anyone interested.

3.) Older threads on our message boards contain dead or broken links, and we are aware of this. We fix any outdated links that we find when (if) these older threads become active again, but otherwise they are left "as is" for the time being. The wide majority of broken links leading from the message boards to any pages on SP can easily be fixed by simply changing the .htm extension in links to .php, so you should first try applying this quick fix to any broken links leading to the site.

4.) You may have typed the page address incorrectly, or tried to visit a page which has been renamed or deleted.

General solution to all of the above possibilities: Use the site navigation on this page (top left and right sides) to reach the section or page you are looking for. If you cannot find something you've come looking for here from another site, you can try using our search engine, or let us know and we will point you in the right direction.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

-- Sorcerer's Place Staff



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