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Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight Contest at Sorcerer's Place

To celebrate the release of the first Dragonlance animated movie, we're giving away three DVDs of Dragons of Autumn Twilight (courtesy of Paramount). To be eligible for the drawing, all you have to do is properly answer 10 trivia questions on the subject of Sorcerer's Place. Not that easy, you say? Think of it as a challenge. ;)

The Rules:

  • Winners (3) will be picked at random from the list of those who answer correctly all of the questions in the below quiz.
  • The contest is open to everyone and ends on Sunday, April 13, 2008 at 05:00 PM GMT+2.
  • The lucky winners will be notified by e-mail.
  • Only one entry per person - anyone submitting more than a single entry will be disqualified from the competition.
  • The e-mail records we collect will be used solely for the purpose of contacting the contest winners, and will be destroyed after the end of the contest.

The contest is now over, thank you for your participation! The three lucky winners will be notified by e-mail. For those of you who didn't go through the whole quiz, here are all the correct quiz answers:

In which year was Sorcerer's Place (SP) founded?



1999 (correct)

More than how many downloads does SP currently host?


1000 (correct)


SP has not interviewed ___________ yet.

Tim Cain

Doug Avery

Feargus Urquhart (correct)

Which is the latest game to get its own forum on Boards o' Magick?

The Broken Hourglass (correct)

Fallout 3

World of Warcraft

In which year were Sorcerer's Place Supporter Accounts introduced?


2004 (correct)


Who is the author of several SP walkthroughs that is also part of the current site staff?

Sylvus Moonbow

Beren (correct)

Blackthorne TA

Which came first, SP chatrooms or SP message boards?


Both at the same time

Message boards (correct)

Pick the number closest to the number of registered members on Boards o' Magick.


11.000 (correct)


What is the name of the font used with most of the text on Sorcerer's Place?

Verdana (correct)



How many random SP logo images (top left corner) are there?


74 (correct)




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