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Need a DVD player to be able to watch all those DVDs listed on SP? Not a problem! All three major Amazon stores (.com, and .de) sell a variety of models to fit every budget. Any of the DVD players you buy from one Amazon store will also play all of the DVDs bought from the same Amazon, but not necessarily from the other Amazon stores because of regional limitations on some DVD players.

Before ordering DVDs from overseas, make sure that your DVD player either supports multiple regions by default, or that it can be unlocked to allow you to change the region. You should also check that your TV supports both the NTSC (US, Canada) and PAL (Europe, mostly everywhere else) systems if you are located in Europe and intend to buy DVDs from stores located in the US (and vice versa). Confused? Check this article for a detailed breakdown of PAL and NTSC in regards to DVDs.

Tip: If you refresh this page, the DVD player selections below will also refresh with additional random player picks. If you have any questions about DVD players, feel free to ask them on our message boards in the Techno-Magic forum.




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