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Dragon Age Forum News (May. 23, 09)

Discussion in 'Game/SP News & Comments' started by Ancalagon, May 24, 2009.

  1. Ancalagon

    Ancalagon The First Staff Member

    Sep 3, 2007
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    Here are today's Dragon Age Forum Highlights, imported by permission from <a href="http://www.dragonagecentral.com/">Dragon Age Central</a>. Please take into account that these are only single parts of various threads and should not be taken out of context. Bear in mind also that the posts presented here are copied as-is, and that any bad spelling and grammar does not get corrected on our end.<br /><br /><b><font size="3" face="Verdana, Arial" color="#cc6600">Mary Kirby, Writer</font></b><br /><br /><b><a href='http://daforums.bioware.com/viewtopic.html?topic=679177&forum=135' target="_blank">Origins</a></b><br />No origins force any personality or attitude on you. <br /><br /><b><font size="3" face="Verdana, Arial" color="#cc6600">Chris Priestly, Community Coordinator</font></b><br /><br /><b><a href='http://daforums.bioware.com/viewtopic.html?topic=679131&forum=135' target="_blank">One GUI request</a></b><br />Sorry, no. The notion of what "junk" is changes, so targetting things as "junk" makes no sense. For example, you have some low price gems that you will be selling at the next store you visit (something I suspect you may call junk). But as you are adventuring, you meet someone who offers you a quest to retrieve certain numbers of gems thereby changing the nature of the "junk" into a quest item.<br /><br />So, no. You cannot "tag" something in your inventory. (I also forsee people complaining "but I didn't MEAN to tag superawesomesword as junk! Why did you make me sell it!").
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