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Sun, 25th Dec '05, 6:59pm
Yeslick my favorite multiclassed NPC with more HP than even my own fighter PC... has gone berserker. He non-stop leaves/rejoins the party. As soon as I hit 'okay' to his leaving, he talks to whoever he's next to again and asks to join, then as soon as I go with any option, he speaks again. Anyway to solve this problem? 'cause it's really annoying and turning off AI doesn't fix it. I'm near just ctrl+y him and continuing without him :( .

Ancient Galatan
Sun, 25th Dec '05, 7:11pm
Maybe there is an quest you need to do for him, don't know for sure, never had him in party.

Mon, 26th Dec '05, 12:04am
No way to shut him up with Console?

Mon, 26th Dec '05, 2:40am
The only Yeslick bug I know of is when you try to leave the mines after talking to him. You can never get him to join you then, or if he is in your party he leaves and you can't get him back.

Did this problem begin in the mines or later?

Mon, 26th Dec '05, 4:15am
Much later.

Mon, 26th Dec '05, 5:11am
You could try taking away all his items, killing him (or let him leave) then CALC in a new Yeslick and have him join up. I don't know the code off hand to do that but I'm sure someone does.

I had no problems with him in my game but I had zero mods installed other than the XP cap remover.

Mon, 26th Dec '05, 6:43am
I've managed without him now, I did kill him, just for being that annoying though.

Mon, 26th Dec '05, 9:29pm
Sounds like a severe bug to me. I'd try a patch, and failing that I'd do a re-install. This is not normal behaviour for Yeslick, no matter what the circumstances.

Mon, 26th Dec '05, 9:50pm
Yea well, I'm FAR too lazy to do any of that... so I just ctrl+Y him and moved on. Only problem I'm having now is waking up the one dwarven spirit in Durlag's Tower, (I have 2 pieces to that mallet and turned on some engine, but I've no idea what I'm supposed to do now to wake him up).

Mon, 26th Dec '05, 11:43pm

Hit the gong with the mallet after putting the mallet together with the anvil.

Did you find the grapes and get the wine?
Did you find the Beljuril gem?
Did you get the sword to respond?

Get ready for a fierce fight! :eek:

Tue, 27th Dec '05, 4:05am
I gotta find the anvil I guess, no clue where it is, but I know I had to hit the gong. I've already talked to all the others, (the fourth one wants me to wait to wake up the one guy first).

Thanks a ton guys.