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Thu, 16th Dec '10, 8:23pm
For various reasons I've been away from the game for the past few weeks and have just returned.

One of my last questions had to do with, "Why can't I pick up items dropped, like weapons, by the NPC's the party kills?"

The following answer was provided: "If you can't loot any enemy, you're suffering from the looting bug. You probably need a no-cd crack. Google 'ToEE no cd' and look for a crack for patch 2 that is 17kb in size compressed."

When I Google "no-cd crack" up comes all kinds of responses. I have tried to look through many of the links but I have no idea which link holds the answer. All too confusing!

Would some one please help by giving me the correct link the will solve my problem and allow me to pick up dropped weapons, etc. I'm thinking that by selling these items is how I pay for new or updated equipment for the party.

Many thanks for your support and help.

Thu, 16th Dec '10, 8:55pm
If you're using the Co8 mod (can't remember if you said you were or not), you may want to just get the latest version, as the correct no-cd executable is contained in it. Otherwise, go to Game Copy World and get the one that was mentioned. I don't know if Tal likes linking to 'warez' sites here, so I won't post a link.

Fri, 17th Dec '10, 12:44am
Tal definitely does NOT like linking to warez . . .

Fri, 17th Dec '10, 2:23pm
In my C Drive, Download file, I now have the following.

1. 2010_11_23_Circle of Eight_Modpack_5.9.3_NC-Bata_rar

2. TOEE_Patch1+ENU(2).EXE

3. TOEE_Patch1_ENU.EXE




What do I do with them? With these now on the computer, I’ve played the game but still cannot pick up items dropped by those the party kills. Do I have to move these downloads to some place else?

Fri, 17th Dec '10, 4:25pm
Alright, let's assume you're going to be starting over. (I really think you should, as who knows what's going on in your installation at the moment.)

1. First, delete numbers 2, 4, and 5 from your list. They are just copies of patches you already have.

2. Next, uninstall ToEE via 'add or remove programs' in Control Panel.

3. Next, in Windows Explorer, navigate to C:/Program Files/Atari and delete the folder 'Temple of Elemental Evil' and all its subfolders and contents.

4. Next, reinstall the game.

5. Next, double click on Atari patch 1 (#3 in your list). It will patch the game automatically.

6. Next, double click on Atari patch 2 (#6 in your list). It will patch the game automatically.

7. Next, open the Co8 WinRAR archive and extract its contents to C:/Program Files/Atari/Temple of Elemental Evil.

8. Next, in Windows Explorer, navigate to C:/Program Files/Atari and find a file called TFE-X. Double-click it and follow the instructions. That's the Co8 front end utility, and it will convert your game installation for use with the Co8 mod. It may take a while, so don't do anything until a popup window says it's done.

9. After it's done, select Co8 modpack 5.9.3 from the menu in TFE-X and click 'activate.' Again, wait for it to finish. It may take a while.

10. When it's done, launch the game via TFE-X and enjoy proper looting and everything else.

Note that if you're on Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you may have to right-click on the TFE-X icon and select 'Run as administrator' for it to work properly. You may also have to do this for the Co8 WinRAR package, so do that before you try to extract the contents as described in #7 above.

Also note that some antivirus software falsely identifies the no-cd executable as a trojan. If you get an 'alert' to this effect, add the file (TOEE.exe) as an exception to your anti-virus so that it doesn't bother it anymore. (Normally you'll get an option like 'Quarantine or allow?')

Fri, 17th Dec '10, 9:03pm
I am on a Windows XP Platform, 2002, Home version, service Pack 3

After I open TFE-X.EXE and I try to run it, I receive the following message.

Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you cliock Quit, the application will close immediately.

Could not load file or assembly ‘ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib,Version=,Cultur e=neutral,
PublicKeyToken=1b03e6acf1164f73’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

Where do I go from here?

Fri, 17th Dec '10, 9:11pm
Did you extract the entire Co8 rar archive to your ToEE root directory? Try doing that again and write over everything when it asks.

If you still have a problem, extract the rar archive to a different location (like your desktop), and then move all the content manually to your ToEE root directory. Just make sure you get it all.

Fri, 17th Dec '10, 9:32pm
I can't open the TFE.X to copy or cut and past everything there to my ToEE.EXE folder

Fri, 17th Dec '10, 9:47pm
Okay, let's back up. Specifically you want to open the Co8 modpack winRAR archive, which is #1 from your list a few posts up. Double click it. A box will open on your screen. You'll see a button somehwere that says 'extract' or something like that. Click that. Another window will open asking you where you want to extract the files to. In this window, navigate to C:/Program Files/Atari/Temple of Elemental Evil and click okay. It should copy a bunch of files to that directory, and then you should be able to go there using Windows Explorer, find the file TFE-X.exe and double click it to launch the front end.

Fri, 17th Dec '10, 11:09pm
Okay, I think I have it now. Your instructions were perfect, the fault laid with me. (As you may have rightly suspected.)

Is the root folder the same as the ToEE.exe folder? If so then everything is good to go and I have a debt of gratitude to pay for your patient helpfulness and kind tutorage. Thank you.

Fri, 17th Dec '10, 11:30pm
You're welcome.

There should be no such thing as a 'ToEE.exe' folder though, unless you just mean the folder where ToEE.exe is. ToEE.exe is an executable file (a thing that launches programs), not a folder or a file that stores other files or anything like that.

The root folder is just the folder/directory where the game is installed. By default, it is C:/Program Files/Atari/Temple of Elemental Evil. ToEE.exe should definitely be in there, along with a bunch of other files.

Fri, 17th Dec '10, 11:51pm
I didn't notice exactly what all was in the Temple of Elemental Evil folder the first time I opened it; but it is obvious that there is more there now then what was there before. Now to start over again. Bummer, I had some really good stats on everyone in the party.

Cap'n CJ
Sat, 18th Dec '10, 11:18am
Can't you essentially cheat stats in ToEE by dragging the numbers outside of the boxes or something?