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Featured blog entry from Old One
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Reflections of the Long Past

Posted Tue, 16th Jun '15 at 9:32am by Old One
I was sitting here listening to old music from the 60's and thinking of all the people from that time that I knew. A lot of them are gone now. My best friend was murdered in 71 by having his motorbike run through a chain link barrier fence into the 50' flood channel and splattering on the cement below. Closed coffin for the bits they scraped up. I put the word out to find who ran him off the road but it got quiet everywhere. Lost quite a few to Viet Nam, more came back not all there. Pulled up one...
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Featured blog entry from Old One
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Late at Night

Posted Wed, 27th May '15 at 11:49am by Old One
I had been trying to change to being awake during the day and sleeping at night and that is hard after 12yrs or more having to be up from about 11pm to around 9 or 10am. With mom gone I don't have an oxygen pump to monitor while she sleeps. I just gave up yesterday trying to reverse my wake times. To hard to change now after all this time. It does have benefits though. I love the quiet. No cars way down on our (now paved) one lane narrow road, rare to hear a distant shot, can't remember if this...
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Featured blog entry from Old One
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Reflections and a possible Goodbye

Posted Sat, 23rd May '15 at 9:15pm by Old One
I don't often have much to say and have put off writing this for months but here goes.
I have had many good years taking care of my mother the last 13 years or so and living together has drawn us very close again late in our lives. She died last October 21st 2014. She had twice that I counted more than 20 people in her room even though we had been told that was way over the limit allowed. My crazy daughter stood in the doorway and said a few things I can't put in here and told security to...
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Featured blog entry from argento-dtw

UPDATE! -=- What is argento-dtw playing(with)?

Posted Wed, 14th Jan '15 at 10:22pm by argento-dtw
Old school Hero powered by (currently in 2015 lol):
CPU: Intel Dual Core T2300 @ 1.66 Ghz - RAM 1.00 Gb DDR2
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 128MB vRAM
OS: Scientific Linux 6.6 x86 (32-bit) / Kernel Linux 2.6.32-504.3.3.el6,i686
Guest OS (Oracle VirtualBox): Windows XP "Black Edition" (legitimately licensed)

Currently playing:

Severance - Blade of Darnkess (Codemasters 2001)
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Featured blog entry from argento-dtw
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