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Featured blog entry from Tal's Blog

Sorcerer's Place Happenings #198 - 15 Years Online!

Posted Tue, 10th Jun '14 at 7:44pm by Taluntain
Like I mentioned in this forum thread a while ago, Sorcerer's Place is officially 15 years old today! Anyone still remember 1999?

In these 15 years we've seen a number of big changes in the gaming world we've gone from the ubiquity of fansites and their communities to relative obscurity as the focus has shifted over to wikis and user-generated and maintained content (along with the official forums), from a small number of very influential...
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Featured blog entry from Vorona
Vorona's Avatar

What I Like (and dislike) in Role Playing Games

Posted Wed, 16th Oct '13 at 8:05pm by Vorona
What I Like (and dislike) in Role Playing Games

This entry is going to rely a lot on a comparison of five games I've played to various extents: Baldur's Gate (just the first one), World of Warcraft, Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, and Skyrim, listed in the order I played them. I started playing Baldur's Gate to get a feel for D&D, since I was starting a paper game then and had no experience. I tried to keep it on my computer, but ended up getting World of Warcraft as a...
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Featured blog entry from Vorona
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Starting New

Posted Sat, 15th Jun '13 at 6:58pm by Vorona
I have a website and blog as a writer, which I am using to create a platform for my eventual work. I haven't posted to it in ages because I haven't had anything I wanted to post, but I know I need to be more consistent.

I have also heard that blogs of this type (to eventually garner traffic and purchases of books) should have a solid focus. Unfortunately, there are a million "This is how I write," blogs, so I needed to come up with something new. This was very difficult,...
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Featured blog entry from Vorona
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Pun Intended

Posted Sat, 1st Jun '13 at 10:06pm by Vorona
I'm hoping I'll find an appropriate pun to add to this post, but if I don't, I'll leave this first sentence.

I'm writing about one of my internet/writing pet peeves. To me, it makes perfect sense when someone is talking and they suddenly realize they've made a pun that they would then say, "Pun not intended." I have no problem with that, although to be honest, I myself usually avoid such a cliched version and am more natural: I usually say "Whoops! I didn't mean...
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Featured blog entry from Vorona
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Fantasy RPG book

Posted Wed, 8th May '13 at 3:47pm by Vorona
As I mentioned in Random Babbling, I started writing a new book about a pseudo D&D group that gets sucked into a fantasy world to save it from boredom. I say pseudo D&D because I don't know enough about real D&D to make it realistic. So, I called it Sword and Sorcery (S&S) and can make up the rules as needed, while keeping the D&D flavor. It's been fun so far. I started with a prologue from the wizard who accidentally enchants a Ouija planchette, and have continued with the first...
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