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Stories from Chirofen, RP exploits, Warhammer and this bizarre thing called 'Real Life'
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Eighth Dimension: #61 Terrible News

Posted Tue, 8th Dec '09 at 8:12pm by 8people

Am feeling pretty damn lost right now. I'm in my flat on my own with nobody around.

My mother had some bad news to give me, she wanted me to know as soon as possible and couldn't get here tonight, the phone line was also too bad (old wires in my parents house leads to a terrible line) so I ended up being told by email.

My Grandad is home for Christmas, so I will get to see him. They've also stopped the treatment for his leukeamia and taken him off the donor list.

Because he's developed lung cancer as well.

He has to visit hospital daily and if he's strong enough after Christmas they will try treating him again.

I had so much paperwork and things to sort out and now I can't focus on a damn thing. I don't know what to do
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