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Stories from Chirofen, RP exploits, Warhammer and this bizarre thing called 'Real Life'
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Eighth Dimension: #92 Zoo

Posted Sat, 18th Dec '10 at 10:38am by 8people

I honestly think that when I'm older, wiser and won the lottery (It's inevitable.) I will have a complete menagerie of animals in my estate.

Since Kev said we're going to get a Toyger when we have the means and space I've been looking up cat breeds and going "Oh they look nice, good natured, intelligent and prettiful!"
So in crazy cat lady tradition there are about eleven breeds I'd like to own at some point.

Then I started looking at fish again and trying to narrow down a community tank which will probably evolve into having an aquarium in every room each with a different theme and catproofed to the hilt!

And all that is wonderful but I'm also getting a snake for my 23rd Birthday - I'm allowed a Royal Python which grows to a max of 5' and I'm not allowed venemous or HUGE snakes and also a stipulation no australian snakes but if things go well with the Royal then I might get a Childrens' tank as Childrens' Pythons are all teeny tiny and live well with multiples in a vivarium (They're Australian but also non venemous and adorable so I think it counteracts the nonantipodean clause )

Then I made the mistake of remembering how awesome chinchillas were so now I want a chinchilla and we ended up talking about previous pets and I remembered how amazing rabbits were and of course there's the guinea pig that looks like a tribble.

And they're all (except the fish) awesome and cuddly (the fish are just awesome)

I've kept guineas, rabbits, fish, and a cat before. The most I've had all together are fish, bunny, guinea so will be starting small. Proabably Python first then kitty if we can get a Toyger then maybe some fish that I can admire. Will be awesome. I've probably said elsewhere, but the past three years are the longest I've ever gone without a pet and it's surprisingly noticeable in my mood. I constantly feel the need to have something to dote on and look after.
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