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Cyberpunk Prose

Posted Sat, 10th Mar '12 at 2:55am by Dice
Updated Sat, 10th Mar '12 at 7:15pm by Dice

I was going to post this as is but I thought it might generate some concern about my state of mind. Just to let you know that this is intentional and experimental.

Upgrade Program

fileplaylistmusicBEFOREhopelessJuanesLaCamisaNegra K'NaanTakeAMinuteBlackEyedPeasAnxietyCatStevensTRO UBLE CONNECTION INTERUPTED-open FF/flashplayer-JavaUpdate-Stopped a potentialUnsafeOperationSECURITYSETTINGSMuchasPala brasMalasInformationFaultyVirusRootkitKeyloggerhus bandInstallprogram CONNECTION INTERUPTED :Gum,vitamins,salsa,cilantro,milk,feta,jitomates,b utter,lechugaBuspassT48SchoolFees35Groceries75Taxi 20total593-23total573-330total243-29-12-14-82-19-30-14-4total39-basementcomputeron-no movementEmptyPromisesDon'tBelieveYouDon'tWantYouIG oUpstairsTurn on computerDistraction/planning/emaildailyJobsNotImportant-fillApplicationsforMISLEADenemyDiversion-screenShowingLieOnBedwithIpodcheckOTHERemailWIFIno NETWORKnoTRACINGsecure-initiateProgramFOOTSTEPSonSTAIRS,abort/storage/returnToComputerscreenStomachtight quietFirstInterrogationBeginsInOtherRoomThumpCrash gaspdominanceSMELLaggressionx2.325007y67.62000z-3.393upgrade/SummonedforInterrogation-virusinitiatedShutdownPathwayHiddenFiles>Sub-ter-fugeUpgradeProgram-Initiate
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  1. Old Comment
    Gaear's Avatar
    This is strangely compelling.
    Posted Sat, 10th Mar '12 at 6:05am by Gaear Gaear is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Dice's Avatar
    Thanks Gaear, your a sweety
    Posted Sat, 10th Mar '12 at 10:07am by Dice Dice is offline

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