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The Story of Ghost

Posted Mon, 23rd Apr '12 at 1:44am by Dice

The first cat I ever had was shortly after my father died when I was 10. I had always loved cats and dogs and just about every other animal. But I could never have a cat because my father was highly allergic to them. So the summer following my fathers death I spent a couple weeks with some relatives in Saskatchewan and at the end of it came home with a black and white farm kitten of my choosing from the litter in their barn. I named him Patches and he lived a long time too.

I got...
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USB DSO: Final Form & Data Captures

Posted Fri, 20th Apr '12 at 9:25pm by Blackthorne TA

Here are a few pics of the finished and buttoned up enclosure and a few screen caps of the Oscilloscope software I wrote with the Oscilloscope hooked up to a waveform generator at various waveforms and frequencies.

Here's the enclosed project without the oscilloscope probe from the top:

Here's the enclosed project without the oscilloscope probe from the bottom:
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USB DSO: The Enclosure

Posted Tue, 10th Apr '12 at 4:34am by Blackthorne TA

Given my DIY nature as seen in the development of this project so far, you should be able to guess that I would design and fabricate the enclosure myself as well.

I decided to build it in two parts from sheet aluminum, bending the sides with a box brake.

Here is the design of the two halves:

The right side is the bottom half and the left is the top....
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Eyes in the sky

Posted Sun, 8th Apr '12 at 9:13am by Dice

Each time I think that I'm almost finished with the sadness painting it changes.

Presently it is a large creature with an orange hell background. Hell being part of the theme of sadness as a sin.

A couple of days ago I incorporated text into the piece. This morning I added some more text and then later decided that I wanted to get rid of it. So when I started painting this evening I did nothing I had planned to do. I swear the hand has a mind of its own or at least...
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Posted Mon, 2nd Apr '12 at 4:34am by Dice

So I thought I would brainstorm some ideas about what to paint. There is a lot of potential in a 60" x60" canvas. The actual canvas size is 62" x 64" but I blocked out the appropriate size area with blue paint about inch wide more or less.

A large part of making fine-art is the process of thought. Most people who have not studied art do not understand the significance of Abstract Art. Abstract is actually a study taken from real life and abstracted down to a varying...
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