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Educational Insanities #6 - TE Day 1-3

Posted Wed, 23rd Mar '11 at 5:31am by Rotku (The Rambling Rotku)

Was planning on getting a small post up every weekday, so I could keep track of what's going on, but... bloody hell this is tiring.

Been an action pact three days. First day spent a bit of time observing, writing a few notes (waste of time), before diving head first in. Too tired to write much more, and have to head off to my table-top game soon, but I'll finish with a quote that had me in hysterics when I heard it the first time. Small bit of background behind it - 5 year old...
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Educational Insanities #5 - TE Day 0

Posted Fri, 18th Mar '11 at 1:55am by Rotku (The Rambling Rotku)

Had my first visit to the class today. Popped in for the first few hours of the day to meet the kids and teacher. Friday is their relaxed, easy going day, so didn't get up to much, but it's good to see. 16 kids in the class all up, most of them have been at school for 7 weeks, so they're sparkling new, yet to be corrupted.

Weekend now. In for the first real day on Monday, 8:15 for a staff meeting. Until then, I need to read over a big pile of documents and paper work (not to...
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I believe I can fly
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Rotku's Educational Insanities #1

Posted Sun, 13th Feb '11 at 4:33am by Rotku (The Rambling Rotku)

I am brilliant.

How's that for a good start. Maybe I should turn back the clock a bit and explain my brilliantness. Or if you're just happy to accept it on face value, you can stop reading here and go to bed with the satisfying knowledge that Rotku is, to put it lightly, bloody amazing.

About six years ago, I got a part time job teaching swimming. Most people working in the industry are students like me. In their twenties, studying this or that at university, and...
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I believe I can fly
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