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Conversation Between Rahkir and pplr
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  1. pplr
    Tue, 21st Sep '10 6:49pm
    Feingold due to campaign finance reform-a problem yet to be fixed but that is in spite of rather than because of his efforts.

    Barrett. In 02 he was the most honest Democrat and put the City of Milwaukee's budget in better shape than Walker did for Milwaukee County. WI has budget problems and tasks to do-Barrett strikes me as being more likely to find a good balance.

    Walker is saying he will try to cancel the proposed train connection between Milwaukee and Madison (the 2 largest cities in our state) that is actually part of a route from St. Louis (through Chicago) to the Twin Cities.

    This is basically a hole in a Midwestern route that is being misconstrued as only a train from Milwaukee to Madison and attacked short sightedly.

    I live in Milwaukee and know more about the 2 main candidates but I don't want to put out overly large comments if you aren't up for it (this is long already).

    I lean democratic but give republicans a chance (voted McCain in 2008).
  2. Rahkir
    Mon, 20th Sep '10 4:56am
    I don't mind your asking at all; I must admit that I truly don't like any of our senate candidates. But life has been busy as it will, and I'm not voting on anything local this year. Who are you voting for, if I may?
  3. pplr
    Sun, 19th Sep '10 2:02am
    Hello, I didn't realize there was someone else from WI here. Who are you voting for if you don't mind me asking?

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