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Cap'n CJ Sun, 22nd May '11 12:50am

I might buy a Jack Sparrow costume and wear it everywhere.

8people Sun, 22nd May '11 1:20am I got free stuff on holiday because I dressed up like a pirate :)

Tried it at university and nobody even bloody noticed.

... I had a parrot and a cutlas and everything...

Blades of Vanatar Mon, 23rd May '11 10:18pm

Nasty storms ripped though are area last night. Luckily no touchdowns for the torndoes in our immmediate area, though Joplin, Missouri was absolutely decimated. 89 deaths. Scary stuff. Went into the basement with the family. My little ones had no clue and saw all of their toys we were storing. It was happy time for them at least.

rg58 Wed, 25th May '11 7:01pm

Just watched the "roll a d6" video. That was great. It got me nostalgic for the old days of first playing D&D back in the mid-late 70's (yep I'm an old greybeard). I dug out my old men & magic, just to look at the old rules & noticed that the preferred ratio between players & referee was 20 to 1 ! Can you imagine a DM handling 20 players nowadays?

Merlanni Wed, 25th May '11 8:35pm

How many of them female?

catanos Mon, 30th May '11 12:18pm

haha, wish I could play The Witcher too. Alas I didn't downloaded it. :) So what's the topic of the day? ******** talk? :) Kidding. Oh, this job hunting..... Soon I'll have to do it myself. At my work place people are sent home without payment, so I might be next...

Morgoroth Tue, 31st May '11 8:49pm

Yay! I'm as of today officially a Bachelor of Social Sciences. Of course I'm also half-way through my masters but it's good to have that one out of the way. :p

Merlanni Sun, 5th Jun '11 2:26pm

It has been 5 days. Shame.

The Duke will be with us within 5 days, 9 hours and some minutes. And someone is going to pay for making him find those **** keycards.

Meanwhile, pc overhaul month.

LKD Mon, 6th Jun '11 4:55pm

My desktop is working again! No more being forced to post from my crummy little iPhone! Prepare for a deluge of posts.

Congrats, Morgoroth. Good luck on the Masters.

Ragusa Tue, 7th Jun '11 4:14pm I have gotten a hand lent to work for me today and she is overtasked with the sort of work she has to do. Unable to use RegEx on our data she has do her corrections manually. She is proceeding sloooowly. The horror.

Naturally I have a deadline. Today evening. Which means I will have to finish (not to mention correcting the inevitable typos and errors in the XML markup that come with manual corrections) after she leaves, which in turn means I won't go home before 19:00 :nolike: and which also means I'll be late for my sister's birthday.

And Morg, indeed, good luck with the masters.

Merlanni Tue, 7th Jun '11 7:50pm

And tomorrow with little sleep the cycle repeats itself?

Cap'n CJ Wed, 8th Jun '11 11:02am

I have to have minor surgery today on an ingrown toenail. Not looking forward to it :(

Ragusa Wed, 8th Jun '11 11:38am

no, this morning she came along and asked me whether she should continue where stopped yesterday, and I told her that I'd rather that she continued stopping. She seemed miffed.

Blackthorne TA Wed, 8th Jun '11 5:14pm

Of course she was since Germany is the the least funny country in the world ;) :lol:

Merlanni Wed, 8th Jun '11 10:08pm

And we live next to them.

---------- Added 0 hours, 4 minutes and 15 seconds later... ----------

Friday afternoon off.

Pick the pre-order copy up at Gamemania.

I have only 4,5 working day in June left.

Taluntain Wed, 8th Jun '11 10:22pm

I wasted like 2 hours trying to get bloody Witcher to start on my secondary display... to no avail. Everything that should have worked via Nvidia's nView, didn't. The game kept starting on the primary display no matter what.

And then I remembered UltraMon and the fact that it could be interfering with nView... I don't recall if I had it set up like that before, but switching primary monitors via UltraMon takes about a second... and then the game runs on the other monitor. :doh:

LKD Thu, 9th Jun '11 1:51am

Canada made that list, which I think is rather odd, as no one appreciates a good joke like a Canadian! We've produced lots of funny people. For example:

Jim Carrey, Dan Ackroyd, John Candy, Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, Eugene Levy, Michael J. Fox, Brent Butt, Kim Cattrall, Michael Cera, Sarah Chalke, Dave Foley, Brendan Fraser, Phil Hartmann, Eric McCormack, Mike Myers, Leslie Nielsen, Saul Rubinek, Keanu Reeves, Seth Rogan, and Nia Vardalos, just to name a few.

Many of those people were born here, many lived here for a long time, but they all have been somewhat successful in the comedy field. I picked the ones from this list people were likely to know.

Canada shouldn't be on the list. I'd like to see the countries they thought were the most funny!

EDIT: bear in mind I don't exactly like all the people on this list. For example, were Michael Cera, Seth Rogan, or Kim Cattrall to be run over by bulldozers tonight, I don't think it would be much of a loss to the world. But the fact remains that based on the numbers, both of them have been fairly successful in the humor realm.

Ragusa Thu, 9th Jun '11 12:55pm BTA,
speak for your self, you miserable creature, after all you live in America, a country so unhappy, that the North Korean Happiness Index doesn’t even have a number for how unhappy everyone in America is. Yes, it's that bad. Read it and weep some more.

Taluntain Thu, 9th Jun '11 4:09pm

It helps to keep people happy when all the unhappy people are, well, executed or locked up. Happy, happy, happy! :)

Blackthorne TA Thu, 9th Jun '11 4:29pm

Hehe! We may be unhappy, but we sure are funny! :lol:

8people Thu, 9th Jun '11 5:51pm Just seen the flat I want to move into next month. It's a one bedroom with actual ROOMS instead of this crappy studio flat. Also the opposite end of town so the roads are much quieter, the pavements are nicer and it's away from all the clubs but really close to the city centre and university.

It's more expensive though and the water rates are a joke but that's the only downside for something that's otherwise awesome.

Problem at the moment? I need my mother to be my guarantor and she isn't answering her mobile, the home phone, text messages or any emails and I need her to phone me before six a clock :doh:

Cap'n CJ Thu, 9th Jun '11 5:58pm

Can't you get someone else to do it?

8people Thu, 9th Jun '11 5:59pm Like who? She's the only relative I have able to.

Also any large sums of money I have to pay out have to go through her now thanks to the diclofenac episodes and the government agreements to backpay my benefits :spin:

Blades of Vanatar Thu, 9th Jun '11 7:21pm

My weight has been a roller-coaster lately. 3 months ago, my poundage hit the 190s. Last month I started at 173... good job, right? Well, I'm back to the 190s already. Though I have started running every morning, with the wife. She cruises a nice 4 miles in 35 minutes. It takes me 42. Ifeel like a real puss....

Ragusa Fri, 10th Jun '11 12:07pm

Wow. I just de-dusted my case and my computer is inaudible again :o

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