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I just got this game for christmas and it seems my system does not quite meet the requirements.The opening movie plays and it seems to let me play but I was wondering if I would run into promlbems late in the game?

Here is the run down

My cpu is intel pentium 4 cpu with 1.60 ghz
it recommends 1.66 ghz

My ram is 256 mb it reccomends 512 mb this seems like a big deal but I dont know much about computers so I am not sure.

My vidoe is 32mb nividia ge force mx
it reccommends ati radeon 9200 or better nividia ge force4 ti with 128 mb vram

My gl is nividia 1.22.
It calls for non-windows generic open gl 1.4.0 drivers. now this one says i fail whats needed the others just warn me it may not be enough.

So my question is can my system run the game enough to play or should I just take it back and it get it for xbox.I just cant afford to uprgrade right now
thanks for the help

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