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Fallout Series For posts concerning the Fallout series of games (Fallout 1-4, New Vegas, their expansions, spin-offs and DLC).


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Default Fallout: New Vegas - Reviews (partial), comments and thoughts

Fallout new Vegas is a game that goes on were Fallout 3 stopped. Not with the plot, story or setting butt more of the same but different. You start over and begin an adventure in the desert between Vegas and the Hoover dam.

It plays the same, graphics, inventory Pip-boy. Only the colours are different. For those who not have played Fallout 3 its parent is Oblivion. It again is a free roaming RPG but not with swords but guns.

True RPG? in a way, yes, inventory, shopping, map, quest, freedom, the game has it all and therefore is labelled as a RPG. That you play it shooter style does not matter, it has the soul of a RPG. No dice but hey, we have learned to live with that.

Story seems to be better, as are other things. more people, some plans you can harvest, a few more different animals, more factions. Nothing spectacular, but a level better as in fallout 3. Still enough to gain on that point. (Bethesda gave it to Obsidian). A/I also seems to have picked up a bit. Again not spectacular, but one level better.

The gameplay is again like fallout3. Weapons will wear done, armour will wear done, you will gain fame, money and reputation. But there is a technical side. it has the Oblivion and Fallout 3 problems. You know, animals that sink into rocks, or get up a small staircase. Now I carry a rifle that after reloading just will not fire while things are happening. Small things that ruin a situation, but not the game. Patches are under way.

So is it worth its money? Oh yes, it is. It scores between 80 and 90 percent in most reviews. It will not be game of the year I guess. But a great game to play while waiting for the real RPG of the year.

A last note on DRM. it is done by Steam, and yes you need a Steam account. I got the disk version on Thursday but release was on Friday... So you must get it at Steam?" No If you find a cheaper disk version take that like I have, but you will need Stream. (If you want to complain about Steam start a new topic and keep this one for the game.)
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