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The Temple of Elemental Evil For posts concering Troika's Dungeons & Dragons: The Temple of Elemental Evil: A Classic Greyhawk Adventure. (Check out our ToEE Online Walkthrough).


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Old Tue, 3rd Jan '12, 1:15am   #1
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Default Sorcerer can't level up to 10?

Hello all,

First time poster here after some help. Think I have exhausted the search functions for finding if this has been solved elsewhere so hope you don't mind me starting a thread.

I am playing the unmodded game and my sorcerer character has just reached enough experince to reach level 10. However, I encounter a problem when it comes to the spell selection part of leveling up I can go no further as the character already has all the level 0 spells availible and yet I cannot progress to the 'finish' screen with an empty level 0 slot!

I've installed patch 2 and Moebius's patch since but still encountering the problem. Any ideas appreciated!
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Old Sun, 30th Dec '12, 4:10am   #2
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Huh. That shouldn't happen. Either you somehow got an extra level 0 spell that you shouldn't have, or your game is missing a level 0 spell. In the interests of narrowing things down, which level 0 spells does your guy have?

One possible fix involves going back to Hommlet's inn, dropping your guy from the party, and re-adding him to the party from his level 1 template, then consoling his XP back up to what it was before via[X].stat_base_set(stat_experience, Y) where X is his zero-based index in the party (first is 0, last is 4) and Y is his experience level.

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I'm afraid the two official patches and Moebius are not enough.
And the patches are not retroactive for older saves.

I would suggest, that you get the Circle of Eight mod for Temple of Elemental Evil.
Co8 Link
It has more fixes than most unofficial ones.

You don't even need to install the new content, and simply play vanilla flavored ToEE with all the fixes available.
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