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Baldur's Gate For posts concerning the first part of the Baldur's Gate saga and the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion.
NOTE: If you have installed the BG1Tutu or BG Trilogy mods, or intend to play with them installed, you should be posting in our ToB forum!


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Old Thu, 9th Feb '12, 9:56am   #26
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Drizzt isn't hard to beat... I did it with a solo mage, and did so straight-up... no summoned monster spam, no abusing pathfinding or AI, or kicking people out of the party around him so he can't move, just straight up one-on-one.

It's actually a LOT simpler than people make it out be, and if I can kill him with a solo mage, it'll be ridiculously easy with a party.

Shandalar on the other hand, I haven't played around with much solo... IIRC, he eventually disappears from the game at the end of his spell-spamming script, which just annoyed me, so I just said screw it.
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Old Thu, 9th Feb '12, 11:26am   #27
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what was your strategy?
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Old Thu, 9th Feb '12, 5:50pm   #28
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sigma1932 is on a distinguished road

Neck: Amulet of Metaspell Influence
Back: Robe of Protection +2
Arms: Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise
Torso: Knave's Robe (+1 AC vs. slashing)
Waist: Golden Girdle
Feet: Boots of Speed
Weapon: Quarterstaff +3

Violet Potion
Potion of Fortitude
Potion of Agility
Potion of Defense
Potion of Power
Potion of Mind Focusing
Mirror Image
Draw Upon Holy Might
Improved Invisibility
Oil of Speed (doesn't seem to add attacks for mages for whatever reason-- tested using auto-pause at end of each round-- but stacks with Boots of Speed movement-wise. I just used it so I could get away to refresh Mirror Image)

Mage AC breakdown:
0 Base = Potion of Defense
-2 = Robe of Protection +2
-1 = Knave's Robe (-1 vs. Slashing)
-3 = Golden Girdle (-3 vs. Slashing)
-4 = Improved Invisibility (enemy gets -4 to attack rolls)
-3 = Blur (+3 to AC)
-5 = 23 DEX (Potion of Agility + Potion of Mind Focusing + DUHM)
-18 total AC vs. his (IIRC) -5 Thac0 = he should be hitting 40% of the time, but since he misses on rolls of 8 and hits on 9, it's more like 60%. Regardless, Mirror Images soak all his hits (bring scrolls for extra casts).

Mage Thac0 Breakdown:
14 Base* = Potion of Power (Level 9 Mage = Thac0 18, x .8 = 15)
- 1 = Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise
- 3 = Quarterstaff +3
- 7 = 25 STR from Violet Potion
- 2 = Blunt vs. Chainmail
1 Total = hit 40% of the time vs. his apparent -12 AC (guessing the number comes from his base -10 AC, +2 from the scimitar, or maybe the penalty vs. chainmail wasn't implemented? Regardless, I miss rolling 12, hit with 13)

*I would've thought 15, but it goes to 14 in-game.

Damage Breakdown:
1-6 = Base Quarterstaff damage
+3 = enchantment
+2 = Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise
+14 = 25 STR from violet Potion
20-25 Total, average 22... x .7 due to D's 30% physical resistance = ~15 per hit.

Drizzt has 92 HP, so you only have to hit him 6-7 times (and can't crit, he's got a helmet effect) compared to all the times he's gotta hit you through all the mirror images (15 on average with three casts, plus more from scrolls), it's not that hard to beat him.

The only time he beat me was if the RNG was hatin' on me pretty hard and I didn't kill him before running out of mirror images from my memorized copies of the spell-- but that was before I brought scrolls along.


On a seperate note, I just killed Shandalar one-on-one with the same mage. Kinda disappointing, really...

Potion of Insulation (Immune to Lightning bolts)
Potion of Magic Shielding (saves always succeed, damage from spells reduced 50%)
Potion of Magic Protection (+50% Magic Resistance)
Robe of the Archmagi (+5% Magic Resistance)
Cloak of Balduran (+25 Magic Resistance)

Combat Sequence:
Round 1-- I Cast Magic Missile.
Round 2-- He casts Globe of Invulnerability, I cast Dispel Magic to get rid of it.
Round 3 thru end of battle-- he starts slinging useless spells-- Mostly lightning bolts (I'm immune to electricity) or save-to-negate spells (saves always succeed), and anything else 80% MR handles well enough. Meanwhile, I just plaster him with Magic Missles till he pops.

All in all, just took me 6 MM's and 1 Dispel Magic, while he took at most a third of my HP off, and killed a bunch of commoners and innocent chickens.... OH! THE POOR CHICKENS!!!!!

He did get away one time when I must've gotten some RNG hate-- he does have 5% MR from his Robe of the Archmagi, and I could've rolled low damage numbers for my missiles.

FTR, if they changed something at some point to make Dispel Magic have a save, this won't work... all his saves are 1's, which means he automatically succeeds.
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