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Icewind Dale 2 For posts concerning Black Isle Studios' sequel to Icewind Dale. (Check out our IWD2 Walkthroughs).


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Old Wed, 29th Feb '12, 2:58pm   #1
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Default A question about Dragu and the Hell Bolter

I'm currently playing Icewind Dale II and I'm about to enter the river caves. I've heard that the only way of obtaining Dragu's powerful crossbow is to kill him. But I was thinking that I would first clear tha Black Raven Monastery and then go back and clear the Duergar stronghold, but supposedly you have to kill Dragu and the other Duergar during your first visit to the river caves. But I also wish to optimize the amount of xp gained.

If anyone could clarify this, it would be very much appreciated. I really want the Hell Bolter, but I also want to maximize my xp.

Thanks in advance!
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Old Wed, 29th Feb '12, 6:35pm   #2
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As long as you don't go down into the tomb after killing the monks the area with the duergar doesn't change so you should still be able to kill and loot all of them.
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Old Fri, 2nd Mar '12, 9:10am   #3
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For maximum experience, complete ALL of the monk quests first (don't forget to buy a certain book as well), THEN slaughter them all to complete the duergar's quest. After which you, of course, proceed to wipe 'em duergars off the face of the Underdark to get your crossbow.
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