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Game/SP News & Comments For general game and Sorcerer's Place news, including your comments on them. All the news items posted here also appear on our front page.


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Default Wasteland 2 - Ask Me Anything @ Reddit

Brian Fargo and Chris Avellone participated in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) for Reddit as promised. I don't think there are any huge revelations but it's definitely an interesting read for anyone following Wasteland 2 (or Obsidian, for that matter).

Hit the link above to read the full, original format but NMA has done a good job editing the Wasteland 2 material down to something more readable (but note questions posed to Chris that fall outside WL2 have not been included!).

A snip on Wasteland 2:
locust64: Brian and Chris, How linear are you thinking this game will be? And how to you think the re-play value will be? -Also, if the game is deep and long enough (and i have faith it will be) Have you considered a strategy guide?

CFA: Linearity can suck my balls. Wasteland 1 let you go anywhere and suffer the consequences - or reap the rewards.

In open-world tradition, we'd like the player character and party composition along with your choices and path through the environment cause a lot of ripples and consequences - that's what makes a gameplay experience.

Strat guide - I believe that fans (and places like Game Banshee) do a much quicker job of delivering all the facts in an easily-searchable internet format. Most strat guides feel out of date within days (ex: Ausir's Vault for Fallout is more comprehensive than anything I can imagine, and it can update rapidly with new info that strat guides have a delay on).
...and a bit on Obsidian's potential Kickstarter from the full format:
ZedCodex: Avellone! What game would you like to make with your own kickstarter project? There were talks about a "spiritual successor" to PS:T?

ChrisAvellone: That'd be my top one, yes. I have a spiritual successor idea in mind from a mini-Planescape campaign I did long ago that I'd love to turn into a game.
There's also a new concept art on the Kickstarter page - the Scorpitron 2.0.
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