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Old Sat, 14th Apr '12, 2:51pm   #1
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Default Dragon Age 3 - More on Armour Customisation

David Gaider expands on the PAX panel about armour customisation in the next Dragon Age game. There are art examples and then David poses questions for people like me, who just don't get it:
I'm sure this all brings a few questions to mind:

What's wrong with the inventory system used in Dragon Age: Origins? Why not just use that?

There's nothing wrong with that system per se. It was, however, a lot of resources that led to end results which weren't ideal... namely that we had less appearances overall in addition to very little visual identity for the followers. Morrigan was the only character in Origins who had a unique appearance, and one which was immediately lost the moment you put different armor on her. Other followers had little visual identity at all outside of their faces, and ended up looking like every other character who wore that armor. Again, that's not terrible in and of itself (characters are defined by more than just their appearance, after all)-but we'd like to do better.
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Old Tue, 17th Apr '12, 1:36am   #2
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This sound promising and it sounds like Bioware wants to communicate to the fans what they are working on for DA3 development. If this does get implemented it would be a big upgrade over both games. I'm happy with this move.
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they did promise custimization for companions in DA2, as well. Aparantly that meant rings and necklaces etc.
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