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Baldur's Gate For posts concerning the first part of the Baldur's Gate saga and the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion.
NOTE: If you have installed the BG1Tutu or BG Trilogy mods, or intend to play with them installed, you should be posting in our ToB forum!


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Default Continuity from BG1 to BG2 using trilogy mod?

Hi everyone.

I'm currently playing BG 1 with the trilogy mod installed. I have played Bg1 in the past a few times, but never actually completed ToSC.

Im currently at an early stage in the game and starting to assign weapon proficiencies to my characters, but I am unsure of a few things:
Will all my NPCs go into BG2 with my main character?
Will keep the weapon proficiencies I assign them now into BG2?
If they go to BG2, will I be able to assign them class kits at some point? Will they keep the weapons and armour I get in BG1?

My party consists of Adjantis, Kivan, Jahera, Brawen, Imoen and myself (gnome illusionist) and the answers to these questions will help me to plan now who is gonna use what weapons and which style of combat.

My party basically has:
3 Melees (Adjantis, Jahera, Kivan)
1 AC tank sheild and blade - Adjantis
1 two-handed style Jahera
1 two weapon style Kivan (mostly archer though)
2 Archers (Kivan and Imoen)
2 Healers (Branwen and Jahera)
2 Mages (Gnome illusionist and Imoen)
1 Thief (Imoen)

This is what I am planning, though it could change if my characters do not continue into BG2. Btw any comments on this is very appreciated:

Adjantis: Shield and Bastard sword for AC tanking (Long bows for ranged) or Two handed swords (more user friendly for ranged with long bows).
When I got him he was level 2 and had 2 slots in Bastard sword, 1 slot in sword and shield, and 1 in long bows.
Since he will only get 2 more slots until he caps at 8 at 161000xp (ToSC) and since the best bastard swords in ToSC are only +1, I thought of investing those 2 prof slots into longswords to use the Longsword +2 looted from the corpse of Greywolf (3-10 Dmg; THACO +2; +1 Cold Dam. Seems the best longsword in ToSC).
If he does continue with me into BG2, I could invest in Two-handed swords instead, and in BG 2 invest in two-handed style (though Im not sure yet if two handed swords are the best weapons for him in BG2).

Kivan: Archery with Long bow of Marksmanship and two weapon fighting dualling Drizzt's scimitars.
When I got him he was level 2 and had 2 slots in Long bows, 2 slots in two weapon fighting style and 2 slots in spears.
He will also get 2 more slots until he caps at level 8 in ToSC, so the plan is to put one in scimitar and one in two weapon style (bringing it up to three slots and reducing penalty with off hand to -2).

Jahera: Two-handed fighting with quart staff or shield and dagger(slings for ranged).
When I got her she was level 1/1 and had 2 slots in quarterstaff and 2 in slings. There seem to be a few nice staffs up to ToSC, including a +1 from Silke very early in the game, to a +3(4-9 dmg); Staff Mace (4-10 dmg); Staff Spear +2 (4-11 dmg); and Staff of Striking (10-15dmg!!!).
Assuming the frequency she gets proficiencies is that of a fighter (not completely sure about that) and that she will be a Fighter6/Druid7 at ToSC level cap, she will get 2 more prof slots to spend, so the plan is to invest in dagger to use Dagger of venom with shield AC tanking until I can get hold of the better staves. The selection of clubs for ToSC seem really bad, though i read briefly in a BG2 forum that there are awesome clubs in BG2.
If she does continue in BG2 and retain the profs I gave her in BG1 it would probably be better to use 2 slots in clubs and in BG2 focus on two weapon style. Another alternative is to focus on two-handed style for the ubber quarterstaff in BG2 I also briefly read about but know not much about.

Brawen: Healing and ranged with sling mainly, occasionally melee with war hammer and shield buffed up by spells.
When I got her she was level 2 and had 1 slot in War hammer and 1 in slings.
She will use the Warhammer +2 looted from the corpse of Bassilus (4-7 dmg; THACO +2, +1 elec. dmg, which seems to be one of the best weapons in ToSC).
She will get 2 more slots until she caps at level 8 in ToSC, and since she is pretty much set up for BG1, where I should spend these depends if she goes into BG2 or not (and if she keeps the profs I choose in BG1) and on the best weapons in BG2 for her (yet to investigate).

Imoen Rog 6/Conjurer 9: Archer with short bows alternated with spellcasting + find traps, open locks, pickpocket.
When I got her she was level 1 and had 1 slot in Short bow and 1 in Short sword.
The options of short bows seem quite nice Short bow +1 and then Eagle bow (+2 dmg, THACO +2) and if she ever needs to meele there are a few short swords I will come across and she can have (+1, +2 and Short sword of backstabbing).
She will get 1 prof slot in her 6 levels as rogue and another 1 in her 9 levels as mage, and since she is also pretty much set up for BG1, where I should spend these depends if she goes into BG2 or not (and if she keeps the profs I choose in BG1) and on the best weapons in BG2 for her (yet to investigate).

Myself: Gnome illusionist spellcasting + ranged with darts (I find the darts' high ROF great for disrupting enemy spells).

Thanks in advance for any help/advice given.
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Please don't post the same thread in multiple forums; choose the one that best fits.

I'll close this one; anyone inersted in replying, please post here:
Who put the rapist in therapist?
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