July 2002

Neverwinter Nights Review at EuroGamer
Posted Wednesday, July 31, 2002 - 18:46 CET by Sorcerer

EuroGamer came up with a review of Neverwinter Nights and rated it 7/10. They weren't particularly impressed, like this bit shows:

The problem is that Neverwinter Nights has no party dynamic - you are limited to your main character and one follower, which may be a hired henchman, a magical familiar or a creature companion. This may come as something of a shock to fans of Bioware's previous games, and it was certainly a huge disappointment for me. In the Baldur's Gate series you have a party of half a dozen varied characters at your disposal, usually including a thief, a mage and a priest as well as warriors, giving you a wide range of spells and abilities to take advantage of. In Neverwinter Nights you only have two characters at a time, one of which really needs to be a dedicated close-range fighter to stop the hordes of evil doers from overwhelming you, and one of which needs to be proficient at picking locks and disarming the many traps you'll stumble across. Even with the increased freedom you have in developing your character, this doesn't leave players with much room for manoeuvre, especially in the early stages of the game. And given the incredible length and plodding pace of the main campaign, there's little encouragement to come back and play your way through the whole thing again with a different character type.

If you're interested in the rest, click here.

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Neverwinter Nights Patch 1.22 - *BETA*
Posted Wednesday, July 31, 2002 - 18:37 CET by Sorcerer

An unsupported beta patch version 1.22 has been released by BioWare. You can read all about it and download it here.

These are the fixes in this patch:

  • Fixed Intellect Devourer not spawning in certain cross-version save games.
  • Fixed Skill lists disappearing.
  • Fixed 3 memory leaks.

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    4 New Icewind Dale II Screenshots at VE
    Posted Wednesday, July 31, 2002 - 18:24 CET by Sorcerer

    Voodoo Extreme posted 4 new IWD2 screenshots recently, and I must say the look very nice. Click here to check them out.

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    BioWare at Gen Con
    Posted Tuesday, July 30, 2002 - 14:04 CET by Sorcerer

    Going to Gen Con this year? So is BioWare. They will be showing Neverwinter Nights, of course. You can find them at the Infogrames booth, #127, where they'll have a game pod set up and scheduled stage presentations.

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    Neverwinter Nights TV Commercial
    Posted Tuesday, July 30, 2002 - 13:47 CET by Sorcerer

    Games Domain reports that "the outsourcing games specialist Babel has produced a TV commercial for chart-topping PC title Neverwinter Nights.

    Developed by Bioware, the creators of Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights is using the 3rd Edition of the rules of Dungeons and Dragons and has been widely anticipated by gamers worldwide. Since its release three weeks ago, it has topped the PC charts in both the US and Europe and has received critical acclaim from the gaming media.

    The 30-second commercial will be broadcast in Australia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. It uses animations created by Babel, in-game graphics and Full Motion Video (FMV) from the title. Babel wrote the script, sourced and recorded voiceovers in both English and German, added special effects and edited the final product."

    The commercial mostly features scenes from the official intro movie. You can download it here.

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    Icewind Dale II Preview at Khabal Gaming
    Posted Monday, July 29, 2002 - 21:12 CET by Mollusken

    Khabal Gaming has put up a preview of Icewind Dale II, and they say it's the best use of the Infinity Engine (so far).

    The soundtrack… yes. The soundtrack, I'm not kidding. The pieces are brilliant, of course they are all instrumental pieces (I'm a sucker for those) and aren't too long or repetitive so it won't make you get totally sick and turn off the music. The voiceovers are another winning element, true to Black Isle tradition, they've managed to get some damned fantastic work done here. Never a moment will you be plagued by cheesy overdramatic characters (unless they are meant to be that way, but then that's just the beauty of it all).

    Read the whole preview here.

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    Neverwinter Reviews
    Posted Sunday, July 28, 2002 - 23:46 CET by Mollusken

    Armchair Empire (9.5/10):

    I’ll admit to being a bit wary when I first opened Neverwinter Nights (NWN). The hype had become a big problem for me. Now, unlike some people, I don’t dismiss a game simply because it is being hyped heavily in the mainstream press. My problem with the NWN hype was that it mostly involved the game’s editing suite. So little was being said about the actual game that I became worried that the single player game was just a bonus for buying the marvelous, modular NN tool kit. Thankfully, soon after installing NWN on my hard drive, my niggling fears went directly away. Neverwinter Nights is a brilliant and highly polished RPG masterpiece, and I have never been so glad to be wrong.

    Planet Savage:

    Okay, so it has bugs, the graphics are a little dated, the AI leaves a little more to be desired, and the Official Campaign isn't at par with the epic feel of the Bhaalspawn saga in Baldur's Gate. So what? That goes for 99% of all the CRPG's that comes along, anyway. You don't like the campaign? Build one yourself.

    If you're looking for a Diablo clone, go away. This is definitely not a click-fest. If you're looking for Baldur's Gate 3, you're still out of luck. The Bhaalspawn saga is over, and the Infinity Engine will finally be retired after Icewind Dale 2. Neverwinter Nights actually combines the best aspects of these two games and then some. In order to truly appreciate the grandeur of this game, you have to play the game from all sides, as a player, a DM and a module builder, as BioWare would say it. You will never be able to accurately assess how good NWN is if you've only played it as one of the three. Take my word for it.

    Unknown Regions (50/60):

    Buy the game. Probably the coolest (or in fact, the opposite of cool, in that it's SO geeky it becomes amazingly cool) thing in CRPG ever. I'll be making my own campaign, and I'll be playing other people's campaigns. This is the CRPG that I'll be playing for some time, and if I'm at a LAN party, this will be the RPG I will play if we play RPG games.

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    Last Week's Poll's Results
    Posted Sunday, July 28, 2002 - 20:56 CET by Sorcerer

    What we asked:

    Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate Neverwinter Nights?
    (934 votes total)

    9 (293) 31%
    10 (best) (257) 28%
    8 (207) 22%
    7 (91) 10%
    6 (31) 3%
    1 (worst) (19) 2%
    5 (18) 2%
    3 (8) 1%
    4 (6) 1%
    2 (4) 0%

    Well, the results pretty much speak for themselves. The majority of those who voted (31%) rated Neverwinter Nights 9 out of 10.

    10 out of 10 was given to NWN by a few poll participants less (28%).

    22% of people who voted awarded NWN 8 out of 10. After this, the scores go down rapidly. 10% of people thought NWN deserves a 7 out of 10 rating, and all subsequent ratings of the game (6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) combined were voted for by 10% of poll participants.

    The average combined rating of all who voted is 8,4 or 84%.

  • Current Poll
  • Previous Polls

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    Icewind Dale 2 Preview at Games Domain
    Posted Friday, July 26, 2002 - 21:13 CET by Mollusken

    Nothing new to learn about the character generation or the prologue of Neverwinter Nights here, but it's still another preview.

    Icewind Dale II, despite its new fangled rules additions, is very much a throwback, almost quaintly retro title. Those happier with BioWare's more recent interest in single character design and 3D graphics probably won't be interested in such a jarring move back to 2D and RTS party mechanics. Those of us who love the Infinity Engine, solid epic storytelling, and controlling a party of six completely of your own devising… well, great tidings ahead, it turns out you can go home again. Welcome back to the Spine of the World.

    Read everything here.

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    Neverwinter Reviews
    Posted Friday, July 26, 2002 - 21:10 CET by Mollusken

    Game Revolution (A-):

    It's like a bottle of bourbon to a recovering alcoholic, this Neverwinter Nights. Right when you think you've gotten a hold of yourself, Bioware decides that it's time for you to get rid of that tan and lock yourself in your room for a few weeks. Not that there's anything wrong with that, because despite a few small problems, Neverwinter Nights delivers on its promise to completely ruin your social life.

    The game is essentially a vastly updated version of Bioware's award-winning Baldur's Gate games, featuring a similar game flow and single-player structure. However, a brand new engine, new 3rd edition D&D rules and an outrageously ambitious multi-player scheme take the art of PC D&D role-playing to brave new heights.

    Game Industry News (4,5/5)

    Given the long development time and the many, sometimes conflicting press releases and various other information I read about the product, I really did not know what to expect. Some people thought, and based on the feedback I get from our readers still do, that Neverwinter was a massively multiplayer game in the realm of Ultima Online or Asheron's Call. Its not, though you could hardly blame gamers for thinking the wrong thing.

    EpiGamer (7,5/10):

    The whole concept of Neverwinter is ambitious, but it is almost like handing people a copy of C++ and telling people the possibilities are endless. Everybody knows about the great potential of Neverwinter, and so I’ve focussed on the negative, I have no doubt that one day the true brilliance of Neverwinter will be revealed, but until then it’s simply not the be all and end all of RPGs that it claims to be.

    Gamer.tv (8,9/10):

    But despite the game's intrinsic complexity, it's pretty easy to get into. That fact could see it bridging the gap between hardcore role-players and the more casual Zelda generation. Neverwinter Nights is a cracking game and a safe, bankable product for BioWare, one that looks like setting the standard for the genre. I've lost many hours sleep to this game already, and I've enjoyed them all.

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    BioWare at Fragapalooza
    Posted Friday, July 26, 2002 - 21:00 CET by Mollusken

    BioWare attended this year's Fragapalooza, a local LAN party in Edmonton, Canada. There they demonstrated Neverwinter Nights just like they did on E3: a few lucky fellows played the game DM'ed by BioWare employees. Read BioWare's Fragapalooza report here.

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    BioWare Support Canadian Liver Foundation
    Posted Friday, July 26, 2002 - 20:57 CET by Mollusken

    BioWare has donated $1000 to a golf tournament arranged by the Canadian Liver Foundation. The tournament raises funds for research into pediatric liver disease. Read more about this at the CLF and BioWare sites.

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    More NWN 1.21 Patch Problems
    Posted Thursday, July 25, 2002 - 20:17 CET by Mollusken

    The Neverwinter Nights 1.21 patch has introduced a new bug to the game: when you equip an item which gives skill bonuses, the skill will disappear. As BioWare's Dave McGruther explains in this post at the official forums, the problem can be solved by saving and reloading after you've equipped the item. He also says that the problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

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    Neverwinter Wednesday
    Posted Thursday, July 25, 2002 - 17:14 CET by Mollusken

    Yesterday's new treat from BioWare was a total of 22 new scripting tutorials by David Gaider, a tutorial on making a hidden door by Robert Babiak, an update on the windows dedicated server instructions and another wallpaper has been added to the wallpaper gallery.

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    Neverwinter Nights Interview at Neverwinter Connections
    Posted Thursday, July 25, 2002 - 17:10 CET by Mollusken

    Brent Knowles from BioWare has answered a few questions about Neverwinter Nights over at Neverwinter Connections. Here's one of them.

    There have been a few interviews with different Dev's from NWN and it seems as though they all think the NWN game is pretty thorough. As Lead Designer, what can your team look forward to now that NWN is finally on the shelves?

    Most of the design team has already been shuffled to the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic roleplaying game that BioWare is currently working on. Others are working on the Live Team for Neverwinter Nights to help with using the tools and to build online content.

    Read everything here.

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    Icewind Dale 2 Preview at ActionTrip
    Posted Thursday, July 25, 2002 - 11:30 CET by Sorcerer

    ActionTrip has let us know that they've posted a preview of BIS's sequel to Icewind Dale, due to be released in early August. While there isn't anything new in the article if you've read the other previews out there (like our own), it's still worth a read. Here's a snip:

    The good thing about this playable demo is that it gave us a chance to test just enough features to keep us going until the final game comes out. Also, the game doesn’t appear to be demanding in terms of hardware power, which I’m sure will make tons of RPG fans happy. Even in the demo there seems to be a replay value that increases thanks to the variety of new possibilities: a huge number of new spells, numerous side-quests to complete, enhanced character development system (enter 3rd edition rules), and so on. This is a title that all gamers should look forward to, especially those who are addicted to the D&D world and the RPG genre.

    Read the rest here.

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    Neverwinter Nights Interview at IGN PC
    Posted Wednesday, July 24, 2002 - 15:06 CET by Mollusken

    Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, joint CEOs of BioWare, has answered a few questions about the successful release of Neverwinter Nights at BioWare.

    Now that the game is done, are you guys going to take a short break or have you jumped right in to your next projects?

    Ray Muzyka: Both Greg and I tried to take short holidays (me a couple weeks ago, Greg last week) but we both somehow managed to be diverted into coming back into the office multiple times during our holiday, and/or checking email continually from home...for us, work is a lot of fun...too much fun, I guess. Both of us work on all of BioWare's projects to some extent as co-executive producers, and also on the business side of BioWare as joint CEO's, so we're never short of things to do...

    Greg Zeschuk: We've still got a lot on the go with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and a few secret projects as well. Most of the Neverwinter Nights team is now re-grouping after a very well-deserved holiday so we're going to start looking more closely at what we're going to be doing in the next few months.

    Read everything at IGN PC.

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    NWN Patch 1.21 Problems
    Posted Wednesday, July 24, 2002 - 10:01 CET by Mollusken

    If you have experienced problems with the latest Neverwinter Nights patch, you are not alone. BioWare has made a thread at the official forums where the users post their problems as well as solutions to them. The thread is 18 pages long at the moment, so if you have a problem you might find a solution to it there.

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    Neverwinter Nights Interview at GameSpot
    Posted Tuesday, July 23, 2002 - 20:30 CET by Mollusken

    BioWare joint CEOs Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk answers a few questions about the release of Neverwinter Nights over at GameSpot.

    The game received a small patch at about the same time as it was released, and some users are still reporting technical issues. In light of that, would you say the game shipped sooner than it should have? How goes the process of stomping all the bugs?

    We've discussed Neverwinter's release internally and we are extremely satisfied it was released at an appropriate time--it wasn't released prematurely, and for the vast majority of users, it has been extremely stable. There are some users who have had problems with the game, and ultimately that's a reflection of the PC industry. Any PC release that uses the latest technologies and drivers will result in some users being unable to run the game. As a PC developer, you can't guarantee people are using the latest drivers for their hardware, or even hardware that is actually supported by the game. Many factors in development are truly beyond our control. Knowing this, we put in as many fail-safes as possible, but they can't detect every problem.

    Read everything at GameSpot

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    Neverwinter Nights Reviews
    Posted Tuesday, July 23, 2002 - 20:17 CET by Mollusken

    PC Gameworld (98%):

    When Neverwinter Nights was first announced it sounded like an ambitious project, and indeed, in the hands of anyone but Bioware it may have crashed and burned. While no computer game can ever capture the thrill of tabletop gaming NWN does a magnificent job in bringing the experience to your monitor better than any game has before.

    D2K (10/10):

    So here it is. The one RPG to the rule them all. And bind them… in the darkness… or something. Seriously, Bioware first commenced work on this game almost five years ago back when Baldur's Gate was but a twinkle in their bearded eyes. The premise behind Neverwinter Nights? To create a set of tools that would allow us, the players, to recreate the immensely popular Dungeons and Dragons RPG experience on our PCs, complete with a highly user friendly 'construction kit' style world builder and support for live Dungeon Masters. In short, an RPG of ever increasing proportions delivering the power of game creation to the masses.

    PC Gaming (3/5):

    Uninspired and repetitive, Neverwinter Nights, simply put, is a disappointment, and certainly not the epic we were told it was going to be. A mixture of a poor story, dated graphics and unimpressive sounds, The RPG crown still sits proudly on Baldur's Gates head. Bring on the next challenger. There is a shining light with the fantastic Aurora Toolset, but not enough to redeem this lacking single-player campaign.

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    Neverwinter Nights 1.21 Patch Out
    Posted Tuesday, July 23, 2002 - 11:28 CET by Sorcerer

    Time to hit the Update button again! Here are the fixes in this patch:

  • Added the ability to Save Games in the Windows Dedicated Server
  • Contest of Champions module included
  • Items located in Creature Inventory slots will now be DELETED when validating a Player through ELC and ILR. Custom modules that use Creature Inventory slots to assign Sub Race abilities will have to re-add items on joining the custom module.
  • Item Costs will now be properly calculated for Plot items in ELC checks.
  • Sped up character listing coming from a Dedicated Server.
  • Fixed an issue with saving at inopportune times resulting in breaking save games.
  • Fixed some item "ghosting" issues.
  • Fixed the DM Faction bug, where possesing a creature results in that creature's friendly faction going hostile.
  • 2DA files are now being loaded in the proper order in Hak Paks.
  • General bug fixes.

    Instructions on how to patch manually are available here.

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    Brent Knowles Interview at GameGuru
    Posted Tuesday, July 23, 2002 - 11:22 CET by Sorcerer

    Brent Knowles, BioWare's Co-Lead Designer for NWN, has been interviewed by GameGuru in a rather short, hardly informative and definitely grammar-imperfect piece of text. Seriously, I think it's one of the most awkward interviews I've read in the last couple of years, even for online standards... It's amazing how someone can cram so many basic interviewing no-no's in such a short text. Anyway, here's a remotely interesting bit (unless you've seen the same question in about 3 other interviews before):

    Predrag: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is probably the best RPG on market now when Neverwinter Nights is stepping in. Can you compare this two products for us? Do they target same gamer's population? Be honest and tell us, which game is overall better?

    Brent Knowles: They are two totally different games. The Neverwinter Nights campaign is focused more on adventuring and solving quests. Morrowind is a fantastic exploration game (I've been playing it on my Xbox lately). The questing in Morrowind is secondary to exploring this huge and wonderful world they have made. Overall I like Neverwinter more (but perhaps I'm biased :) But both are really great games!

    Groan at the rest here.

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    SP Mails Fixed
    Posted Monday, July 22, 2002 - 12:02 CET by Sorcerer

    All our mails are now supposed to be fixed, so I'll be getting mail again if you send it. ;)
    If you sent me anything over the last two days and had it bounce back, please resend. Also, everyone with a @sorcerers.net alias, please send yourself a test mail to that alias to see if it's working ok.

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    Site News - New Additions
    Posted Sunday, July 21, 2002 - 18:34 CET by Sorcerer

    Subsection Updates - Games -> Baldur's Gate

    The online version of Librarius Ex Balduran turned into a dead link, so I have replaced it with a downloadable version. Get in the Tips, Tricks & Hints subsection.

    Subsection Updates - Games -> Baldur's Gate 2

    Not much new stuff here, except for the "Improved Illyich" mod, which has been added to subsection #7 of the Editors, Hacks & Custom Characters subsection.

    Subsection Updates - Games -> Icewind Dale 2

    Our recent preview of Icewind Dale 2 has been added to the Walkthroughs & Guides subsection, along with an extensive look at the 5 pre-made parties that will ship with the game.

    In the Tips, Tricks & Hints subsection, the Official FAQ has been updated with the latest info. The only notable changes are in the system requirements.

    Subsection Updates - Games -> Neverwinter Nights

    In the Walkthroughs & Guides subsection you can download the latest versions of three walkthroughs, and I've also added a link to an online one.

    Four new additions have been made in the Tips, Tricks & Hints subsection. One is a character guide for playing monks, the next is a general compilation of character tips, the third is a link to Windows dedicated server instructions and the last is a nice guide to creating & importing custom portraits.

    The Editors, Hacks & Tweaks subsection has two new additions. Check out the mod that allows you to play with multiple henchmen, and the latest version of NWN Viewer.

    In the Toolset & Related subsection you will find a nifty guide which shows you how to create a hidden trap door. Lower on the page you can also find an amazing searchable resource of all (!) official campaign scripts, and a huge and helpful scripting guide.

    Moving on the the Modules subsection, where you can find a link to the latest Blackstone mod, The Curse of Anubis.

    The last new addition for today can be found in the Miscellanea subsection. It is a scan of the Neverwinter Nights paper map which I'm sure many will find useful.

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    Neverwinter Nights Forum Update
    Posted Sunday, July 21, 2002 - 17:04 CET by Z-Layrex

    David Gaider, Designer

    x-Packs: Robes and cloaks might certainly be possible in an expansion. I would venture, however, that the amount of work required to implement horse-riding and all it entails is not something you would see short of a sequel. The amount of work vs. the return in the game just wouldn't make it worthwhile for anything less.

    NWN Modules In A Sequel/X-Pack: This isn't really the kind of thing we can say for certain until we get to that bridge... it will depend largely on the specific kinds of changes that will be made in any future versions of the engine. If we implement a full z-axis in the game, for instance (skies, flying, climbing, etc.) I suspect that all tilesets would have to be changed and old tilesets would be incompatible. Just a guess on my part but not too unreasonable to assume. When it comes to other parts of the game, however, such as creature models, NWScript, dialogues... maintaining backwards compatibility might be less of a challenge. The question that also arises, however, is the ease of transferring an 'old version' module into a newer version one... especially if you have some things that are compatible and some not.

    So again, basically, there's no real answer until we're aware of the specifics. We have talked about backwards compatibility, however, and it will definitely be on our minds. The less compatibility there is, the easier it is to move forward unimpeded... but I truly doubt we would ever enter a situation where all the work of individuals and the community would be disregarded as a whole come a sequel. That would be silly. To assume that everything you create will be useable forever would be equally foolish, though, don't you think?

    Brenon Holmes, Programmer

    Heartbeats: Heartbeats are not time based. They are AI based. The more AI you have running, the longer it will take for each individual heartbeat to get called... generally it's around 6 seconds per HB, but this is the main reason that it's not a good idea to do expensive operations in the heartbeat script... you can rely on the fact that it will run again at some point... just not on the fact that it will run exactly every set time interval. I should also point out that a combat round is 6 seconds long... it has nothing at all to do with heartbeats...


    Quote: As long as heartbeats have nothing to do with the duration of spells and combat rounds, then this is fine. However, if a spell is listed as having a duration of 10 rounds, and it lasts for 80 seconds instead of 1 minute, that can have a huge affect on any combat that might last that long.

    Nothing. 10 rounds is 60 seconds... not 10 heartbeats. The heartbeat event is related to nothing but the heartbeat event. Every event has only one hook into the game which is usually the condition which calls said event. They are not related to anything else.

    Don Moar, Tools Programmer

    Event Spawned Creatures Walking Waypoints: I think you outsmarted yourself. If you create a new encounter using a standard skeleton, and create appropriately tagged waypoints, when the skeletons spawn in, they should patrol automatically. This is because the default spawn in script should already be calling the walk waypoints function. However, since skeletons are hostile to PCs, they will stop walking waypoints and attack as soon as they perceive them. As an experiment try using a non-hostile standard creature to make sure that works. I'd also recommend that you check out the tutorial in the "For Builders" section for an example of how to set this up, but it looks like you know what to do. Still, it might help you streamline your process.

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    Neverwinter Nights Reviews
    Posted Sunday, July 21, 2002 - 15:46 CET by Mollusken

    TechTV (4/5):

    Despite a few shortcomings "NWN" is an amazing achievement in RPGs and one any fan of the genre should pay attention to. Ignoring the adventures you can create or share with friends, the mod community surrounding this game is growing by leaps and bounds. Soon the very best RPG content will be free and downloadable by anyone with the game. The potential is all there, just waiting to be seized. Zounds! It doesn't take an 18-wisdom score to see that.


    All in all Neverwinter Nights has lost a lot compared to Baldurs Gate. The game feels like a complete redesign of the engine and it by far isn't as done as BG used to be. In addition to that not only was the rich and complex AD&D ruleset replaced with the rather simple D&D one, but the whole playing experience has gone a similar path.
    If you aren't easily bored and like a strong storytelling element, this game might keep you busy for a bit. Else - stay way from it.

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    E-Mail Issues
    Posted Saturday, July 20, 2002 - 23:21 CET by Sorcerer

    All the @sorcerers.net mails are currently down, and your mails will bounce back if you try to mail any of us. We're working on fixing this issue. *Fixed now*

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    Last Week's Poll's Results
    Posted Saturday, July 20, 2002 - 21:38 CET by Sorcerer

    What we asked:

    Q: Are you going to use the Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset to make your own modules?
    (528 votes total)

    Yes, definitely (335) 63%
    Maybe, but I doubt it (128) 24%
    No, highly unlikely (65) 12%

    As expected, the huge majority of those who voted in our poll (63%) will be using the Aurora Toolset to make their own modules.

    A bit less than a quarter of poll participants (24%) voted for the option of possibly giving the module creation a shot, but feel that it is unlikely that they would do it.

    Only 12% of people who voted will not be making their own Neverwinter Nights modules.

  • Current Poll
  • Previous Polls

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    Icewind Dale II Preview at RPGDot
    Posted Friday, July 19, 2002 - 17:54 CET by Mollusken

    RPGDot has also written a hands-on preview of the game, and here's a summary of the bad things they found in the game.

    In the 10 hours I spent playing with the demo, I didn't find much I didn't like, but every game has its downside. The only real negative I found was the journal which fairly rapidly filled up and didn't empty as I completed quests. After I finished the main goal of the demo, it was an annoyance to go through the journal looking for quests that I hadn't finished.

    Read everything at RPGDot.

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    SP Moving... Again *Update*
    Posted Thursday, July 18, 2002 - 23:24 CET by Sorcerer

    The move is going to happen sooner than I anticipated since our current server keeps running into more and more problems and I don't want SP to still be here when a fatal one occurs... Currently the boards on this server are closed until we complete the move to a new server. Once there, the boards will be reopened.

    During all of this the site should be normally accessible, only the boards won't be active. Sorry... :(

    *Update*: If you are reading this, you are already accessing the server we moved to! :)

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    Icewind Dale II Preview at Stratos Group
    Posted Thursday, July 18, 2002 - 20:19 CET by Mollusken

    The last preview for today comes from Stratos Group, and they too seemed to like the game.

    That is what it all comes down to, I suppose. If you are looking for something brand-new, this is probably not it. If you did not like the earlier games, you will probably feel the same way about Icewind Dale 2. On the other hand, if Black Isle is able to take what the preview version had and spread it throughout the rest of the game, then they will have a real winner. It will be the things that made each of the other games good, plus the lessons that Black Isle has learned over the past five years, mixed together and condensed into what could potentially be the best Infinity Engine game to date. If they can pull it off - and I really hope that they can!

    Read the whole preview here.

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    Edbis Previews Icewind Dale II
    Posted Thursday, July 18, 2002 - 20:16 CET by Mollusken

    Another Icewind Dale II preview is up at Edbis, and they rated the game with four and a half lightnings (probably out of five, but that's just my guess).

    The Icewind Dale series has always been a bit the small sister of the Baldur's Gate series and aiming on hack 'n slash it could also make Diablo II players switch to an Infinity Engine game.
    The Infinity Engine is also a topic that makes fans sad.
    Although it has been strongly used by Black Isle throughout all of their popular games like the BG series,
    Planscape Torment and the ID series, Icewind Dale II is the last game that is going to be powered by the already several years old Infinity Engine.

    Read everything here.

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    Icewind Dale II Preview at Gamespot
    Posted Thursday, July 18, 2002 - 20:13 CET by Mollusken

    GameSpot has posted a preview of Icewind Dale II, which focuses on the general aspects of the game. "A new way to hack'n'slash" was one of their sub-headlines.

    Though Icewind Dale II will be mostly focused on challenging combat, it will also have numerous quests that your characters can perform for rewards of experience points, money, or items or some combination of all three. Like in Black Isle's other RPGs, you'll sometimes be able to perform optional quests simply by virtue of your character class. For instance, early on in the game, you'll meet a wounded soldier of Targos, whom you can heal for an experience reward if you have a character with the ability to use healing magic.

    You can read everything at GameSpot.

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    Neverwinter Nights Reviews
    Posted Thursday, July 18, 2002 - 20:03 CET by Mollusken

    GameZilla (4/5):

    In short, I give Neverwinter Nights a Fans Only rating for the time being, being as that the single player game lacks the fun factor that I expect newer fan created modules will. In a month, new adventures built by fans will definitely push this game into the ranks of Recommended Buy.

    Gameitopia (90%):

    Technically, the game is a mixed bag. The graphics are quite lovely, although bland in some areas such as wall tiles. The shadows, however, are some of the best I have ever seen. The characters are a bit blocky, but their animations are fluid, and their actions are quite realistic. The sound effects and music are adequate as well, but nothing special, and hardly worth noting.

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    Neverwinter Wednesday
    Posted Thursday, July 18, 2002 - 19:51 CET by Mollusken

    Yesterday's goodies from BioWare were instructions to the Windows dedicated server, a tutorial on how to create a hidden trap door without scripting and a guide to creating and importing your own portraits.

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    Icewind Dale II Preview at IGN PC
    Posted Wednesday, July 17, 2002 - 16:49 CET by Mollusken

    IGN PC has posted an Icewind Dale II preview, which focuses a lot on the 3rd edition D&D character creation process in the game.

    Two of the most highly specialized classes have always been the monk and the paladin. To reflect the high dedication of their disciplines, they've been given severe penalties for multi-classing (switching back and forth between character classes to create a more well-rounded -- but also diluted -- character). Normally a paladin or a monk who switches classes can never progress along their original character paths. While this still holds true here, monks and paladins are given a few avenues for multi-classing that make them a bit more versatile.

    Read everything here.

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    Neverwinter Reviews
    Posted Wednesday, July 17, 2002 - 16:43 CET by Mollusken

    GamePen (5/5):

    There’s something wonderful about gathering together with a group of friends, pulling out the dice and rulebooks, and having an evening of role-playing goodness. Maybe it’s the fact that, together, you’re creating a story, each person adding their own personal touches to the tale, spinning an ever-changing, ever-growing yarn. Maybe it’s the social aspect of hanging out with like-minded individuals. Or maybe it’s all about rattling those little plastic polyhedrons for hours on end. In any case, computer role-playing games have never been able to capture that feeling of a truly organic world, one that can be tweaked on the fly by a talented game master to cater to the whims of the individual players. Computer RPGs have been static things, puzzles to be solved and quests to be conquered, instead of stories to be told. But now comes a game that offers a huge step forward in bridging that gap between pencil-and-paper and keyboard-and-mouse.

    Loadedinc (9/10):

    I found it impossible to sit down and play the game for less than three hours at a time. The gameplay combined with the sheer size of some areas usually wound up taking that long just to complete. Not only that, but the inclusion of the Aurora Toolset has intrigued me to create my own modules, providing increased replayability. Also, the variety of character classes, feats, spells, henchman, and multiplayer component make this game highly desirable in the replay value column.

    As far as comparisons, this game is a lot like Planescape: Torment, but more focused on battle than doing mindless chores for others. I highly recommend this game to any role-playing game fan. [Persuade] This is a must-have for Dungeons & Dragons table-top role-playing fans.

    SpinXero (A-):

    Neverwinter Nights has definitely succeeded in raising the bar for RPGs, and while it might not appeal to everyone(specifically those who like to have a full party at their disposal) the masses will be more than happy with this game. The toolset will ensure that the game will be around for a long time to come and hopefully in further patches the pathing issues can be resolved. The engrossing single player story, the large amounts of side quests, the customizable characters all ensure that even die hard fans will find something to keep them happy.

    Game Rankings (94/100):

    Then I hopped online and invited some other gamers to share my creation. It was pretty sparse at first, but it's grown since then. I now DM my own story, sending players through dungeons and giving them rewards, challenges, and a story to explore.

    Buy Neverwinter Nights. The single player campaign is good enough for most of us… but the toolset and ability do DM your very own game makes this game one of the most revolutionary games in history.

    The Gaming Lounge (5/5):

    I used a GeForce4 card and had full details and all the bells and whistles switched on. Fireballs lit up corridors as they raced to fry Trolls, torches cast different shadows on your character and the water "reflects" light. One disappointing thing (as with Dungeonsiege) is the camera doesnt get low enough to the ground so you can really see what your new armour looks like on your character or see further along into the forest for Orcs with large clubs.

    The Trades (A+):

    My grade for this game reflects on the important things that Neverwinter Nights has achieved by bringing the richness of D&D gaming and stories to the PC, something that every game that has come before has failed to do in one way or another. It is somewhat disappointing that Bioware was not able to meet the level of graphics optimization that Dungeon Siege did as well as the no loading ability of that game. It is unfortunate for gamers to have to feel as if they are taking a slight step backwards when playing the game, because it is such a superior game in nearly every other aspect. This game is one to keep your eyes on even if you find the original campaign lacking in some way. The community is huge and hungry for quality module productions, especially after what many felt was a disappointing release of community tools and features from Dungeon Siege. The intricate game mechanics of Neverwinter Nights is a wonderful system for people to build their worlds upon. Diablo II had a rich environment filled with unique items and complex calculations that people could strive to combine into the best character they could.

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    A Different NWN Review
    Posted Monday, July 15, 2002 - 21:55 CET by Mollusken

    The reviewer at dlo.net decided to do a different review, and started playing the game with a hungry monk.

    This is just my first experience in the game. I'm sure that down the road, Lard will become respected around the town and perhaps become a multi-classed Monk/Iron Chef. I also have some good ideas. I'm either going to make a gnome prostitute (about 3 foot tall anyone) or a Angry Drunken Dwarf.

    Overall, my impressions of this game were iffy. I'll break it down: This game is good if you like a clicking game that isn’t exciting. But if you like to hang out at LAN parties and do live action RPG in the woods then this game is for you! Just watch out for those wacky 700 club members who call you a devil worshiper and tell your parents though.

    Read everything here.

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    Downtime Report
    Posted Monday, July 15, 2002 - 20:31 CET by Sorcerer

    We had a minor server collapse which brought the site down for about 10 hours. This has been fixed and hopefully won't happen again. Thanks for bearing with us.

    P.S. There are also some DNS issues we're working on fixing... Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

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    Icewind Dale 2 Forum Update
    Posted Sunday, July 14, 2002 - 22:41 CET by Z-Layrex

    J.E Sawyer, Lead Designer

    Cross class skills: There is no such restriction in IWD2. However, I don't see this as a bad thing. If someone wants to shove tons of points into a cross-class skill, they'll still be worse off than a character that has it as a class skill. Ten skill points into Disable Device just gets you five ranks.

    Chris Avellone, Designer

    About EBGames still saying “kits” are in the game: Definitely no kits. Not a one.

    One handed staff: It's intended to be a cool item for monks and mages and lets them have an extra hand free.

    You have the chance to get it pretty early on, not surprisingly.

    Tex Yang, Quality Assurance

    About EBGames still saying “kits” are in the game: No kits, but there is one particular reference later in the game that is extremely hilarious.

    Number of feats: If I remember right, the total amount of feats in the game (this is including the weapon feats) was in the high 60s, almost 70 if I remember correctly.

    Well looks like I miscounted back then, the total is 75 unique feats. Armor (light, medium, heavy) is counted as one, so is cleave/improved cleave, toughness, spell penetration, blah blah blah (the ones that can be taken for more than one rank).

    There is one more first level only feat, which is Resist Poison. This one allows Grey Dwarves and Half-orcs a +4 save against poison.

    As far as I know, all the feats that have been removed were already mentioned in some way or another (riddlemaster feats, deathblow, yadda yadda yadda).

    One handed staff: The whispering staff uses the mace animation and graphics, it's more of a role-play type thing, due to the fact we couldn't make a brand new animation just for that.

    Number of CDs: The revs we've been getting have been 2 discs. If that's subject to change is yet to be seen (I doubt it will change though).

    Spells per level: Now this is just a quickie, it's-after-midnite-and-I'm-still-checking-stuff, count - so I may be off a number or two.

    Anyways, this is the number of spells which the classes can choose from per level - they are not unique spells, and will overlap into other classes:

    Bards ----------------------> 11, 19, 16, 09, 06, 06, 04, 03, xx
    Clerics ---------------------> 12, 16, 22, 15, 13, 10, 08, 11, 02
    Druids ---------------------> 08, 11, 15, 11, 09, 05, 09, 03, 05
    Paladins -------------------> 03, 05, 05, 07, 04, 03, xx, xx, xx
    Rangers -------------------> 05, 07, 07, 09, 05, 06, xx, xx, xx
    Sorcerers and Wizards -----> 19, 25, 21, 26, 22, 26, 17, 14, 09

    *Cleric spells may vary by one depending on the alignment - the one I listed is for a good cleric.

    We adjusted the spell tables to account for levels 21-30.

    Number of monsters summoned per summon spell: Usually 3 or 4 each spell, some more, some less. So Monster Summoning I cycles between 3 or 4 monsters, Monster Summoning II cycles between 3 or 4 different ones, etc.

    Create undead: Nope, there are no Create Undead or Create Greater Undead spells in the game. Animate dead does change what kind of monster shows up depending on the cleric level though, and they're not limited to skeletons and zombies - it's kind of a convenience type of thing.

    I don't know the exact reason, but my guess would be to keep the spell casting as uncomplicated as possible, since a lot of the undead which are summoned by those spells get summoned by animate dead, just a matter of what level the caster is. Just speculation on my part though.

    Fear spell: Fear has been removed from the game, horror is the one (fear-inducing spell) that's being used.

    Endure elements is also not in the game.

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    Neverwinter Nights Forum Update
    Posted Sunday, July 14, 2002 - 22:28 CET by Z-Layrex

    David Chan, Sound Effects Designer

    Fragapalooza: If anyone is interested we are doing some sessions at Fragapalooza. If you are in the Edmonton area and want to find out more go to www.fragapalooza.com.

    Don Moar, Tools Programmer

    Temples: The Rural tileset contains several open-air temples, which do not require an area transition. Perhaps you saw one of the E3 2000 videos which showed something of that nature.

    Chapters/Modules: It is the "story" that is divided into chapters, not modules. Each chapter is its own module. Once the players get to the end of one module (only you can decided when that is) write a script that starts the next module using the StartNewModule function. eg: You've rescued the Prince and returned him to the royal family. The king announces that because of you're dedication and skill, he is sending you on a mission to kill the dragon.

    Chapter (module) 1: Rescue the Prince
    Chapter (module) 2: Kill the Dragon

    In Chapter (module) 1, in the king's conversation, on the node describing the task of killing the dragon, you place an Action Taken script which calls the StartNewModule function, passing in the name of the module to start.

    Journals: If you want to do this by having the PCs having to talk with an NPC, simply construct the journal category and its entries in the Journal Editor and then associate them with a particular conversation node. If you want to do this without requiring the PCs to talk with an NPC, write a custom script that updates the player's journal and assign the script to an appropriate event, such as the OnClientEnter of the Module or the OnEnter of a trigger which the players must walk across in order to get into the game. There are examples of both the conversation and scripting approaches in the tutorial in the "For Builders" section. The only difference is that the tutorial uses the OnAcquireItem event to update the player's journal.

    Decimal Problem: The problem is that the Toolset uses the '.' as the decimal symbol, regardless of the regional settings of your computer. You should be able to adjust this using your computer's Control Panal. This will be fixed in the next update.

    Conversations: Don't forget the order of the nodes is important. Typically, you want to structure your conversation such that the nodes with conditions appear higher (before) the nodes without conditions:

    -->NPC: Please, we've never met but would you help me save my X?
    ---->PC: OK
    ---->PC: No
    -->NPC: Did you save my X?
    ---->PC: Yes
    ---->PC: No

    -->NPC: Did you save my X?
    ---->PC: Yes
    ---->PC: No
    -->NPC: Please, we've never met but would you help me save my X?
    ---->PC: OK
    ---->PC: No

    Notice that the NPCs introductory node is the LAST node in the list at that level. You would put the check of nFirstTimeTalked in the "Text Appears When..." of the "Did you save my X?" node and put the set of nFirstTimeTalked in the "Action Taken" of "Please, we've never met...". It is important to remember this when writing your conversations.

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    Icewind Dale II Interview at Icebound
    Posted Sunday, July 14, 2002 - 21:29 CET by Mollusken

    Lead designer J.E. Sawyer from Black Isle has answered a few questions about Icewind Dale II at Icebound.

    What class has surprised you as being the most useful, fun to play, or valuable to have along for the journey in Icewind Dale 2?

    Druids, I think. A druid with a focus on spellcasting can be extremely powerful. They don't have spontaneous casting, but they get some very cool offensive spells at low level and still gain access to most healing spells. At high level, their Aura of Vitality spell is awesome.

    Read everything here.

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    Neverwinter Nights Forum Update
    Posted Saturday, July 13, 2002 - 22:23 CET by Z-Layrex

    David Gaider, Designer

    Toolset: The toolset is unsupported... which means that tech support won't assist with scripting problems. The problem seems to be that tech support didn't seem to recognize that you weren't asking for scripting help, that you were actually reporting a bug. Infogrames is definitely supposed to still take information on bugs regarding the toolset and NWScript. Like I said, if they tell you therwise, please tell us (Dave McGruther in particular, as he's the one dealing with this). Nothing bites my butt more than the thought that there might be people out there thinking that toolset bugs won't get fixed. That's not the case.

    ActionLockObject(): The 'ActionLockObject' command is used on creatures to tell them to go to an object and use their Open Locks skill to lock it. Doors and other objects don't have that skill, and telling them to use it will cause a crash. In a door's script, to tell it to lock itself:

    SetLocked (OBJECT_SELF, TRUE);

    TRUE means locked, FALSE means unlocked. Make sure, as well, that your door has the 're-lockable' box checked.

    Blocking The Automap: There have been a couple of threads on this. We'll consider it in the future. Don't, however, expect any stuff to be added into the game right away... fixing bugs is our current priority.

    Factions: As I understand it, only the standard factions can be cleared en masse with a single command (SetStandardFactionReputation). For the rest of the factions, you need to identify a single member of that faction. Then you can clear it like so:

    object oClear = GetFirstFactionMember(oMember, FALSE);
    while (GetIsObjectValid(oClear) == TRUE)
    ClearPersonalReputation(oPlayer, oClear);
    oClear = GetNextFactionMember(oMember, FALSE);

    SetCommandable: SetCommandable determines whether or not they will accept any other orders from their AI. What I've done above is given them the order to run away and not listen to any other commands until they are 100 feet away from the hostile. ActionMoveAwayFromObject isn't all that great a command except in specific circumstances, however, as NPC's don't pathfind 'away' from something... and can very easily just run into a wall and be stuck there. It might actually be easier to have them run towards something specific. Note, as well, that if you don't expect to use your screaming commoners for anything specific, the BEST way to go is to have them scream and run towards a specific exit point and then destroy themselves... and SetCommandable to FALSE after issuing those orders. Then they will proceed to do just that and only that.

    GetIsPlaceableObjectActionPossible(): Hmmm. Memory may be failing here, but I don't think that command determines whether or not the placeable can perform that action, but whether the caller of the script can perform the action in question on the targeted placeable.

    Right! That's it. It's basically a 'can I succeed at this action' command. You'll find it used in the generic OnBlocked script, I believe. Keys aren't currently taken into consideration. I know this is something that's going to be added into the functionality pretty soon... so that it not only returns TRUE in this kind of situation, but so that an NPC that must walk through a locked door in the course of his movement will automatically unlock it if he has the proper key. Oh... GetLockKeyTag currently (oddly) returns an integer rather than a string, as well. Bad command. This is due to be fixed in a patch.

    Animations In Conversations:

    Quote: 1) While a certain dialogue is being performed, I want my NPC to make hand gestures. The really annoying type - like Stan's Used Boats/Stan's Used Coffins (Monkey Island). I've seen this used in modules. Which animation would that be, and how do I use it?

    If you select a line of dialogue in the conversation editor, go down to the bottom right and select the 'Other Actions' tab. You will see a pull-down menu for 'Play Animation'. Any animation you select will play when that line is spoken, and if 'Loop' is checked, it will continue to play after the line is finished.

    Quote: 2) Is there a way to make an NPC point toward a certain object or waypoint? Literally. Point. Or gesture. My guess is no, but if there's a way, please let me know.

    There is no pointing animation, no. You can have an NPC turn to face an object (via SetFacingPoint), but that's it.

    Input/Output & Persistant Worlds:
    As I said in the other thread where this was brought up, we've no current plans to add I/O functionality to the game. We are, however, interested in looking at this possibility in the future.


    Quote: I'll take that! It's better than "Never"

    It's definitely not a never. I was talking to Derek French about this issue not so long ago, and I know there's interest in looking at this in the future. There are issues to be resolved (security is one, preventing character files from becoming bloated with information is another), and if we can resolve those and still produce enough functionality that it would be useable, then it could become a possibility. It's hard to say exactly what would be required until the Live Team does decide to sit down and re-examine this, however, so I certainly wouldn't want to imply 'we'll get right on that'.

    Hostiles: Actually, you are correct. A creature is told by its OnPerception script to attack a hostile that comes into view. If it has killed its current opponent and another is not in view, it doesn't receive another DetermineCombatRound() command... and there's no OnPerception event occurring if the player respawns in the current area because going from dead to not-dead isn't a change of perception type. What you can do, if you wish, is put a simple script in your OnHeartbeat... make a check to see if 'the nearest hostile that I can see' is a valid object. If it is and I am not in combat, then DetermineCombatRound(). That will 'restart the engine', so to speak.

    EffectCurse(): I don't remember the exact nature of the bug, but I do know that there is a crashing bug with EffectCurse that is fixed in the next patch.

    Derek French, Assistant Producer


    Quote: Here's some resons for not buying this game:
    * The savegames gets corrupt in multiplayer when e.g. other characters steps through a door during save. I guess developers who creates a RPG with a built-in risk of corrupting the savegames has a great possibility to be expelled to some netherworld like Ravenloft

    We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

    Quote: * Expensive!

    Hmmm. Not much we can do about this one. Patch or no. Infogrames sets the price for the wholesaler, who sets the price for the distributer, who sets the price to the retailer, who sets the price for you. We are quite removed from this process.

    Quote: * Bioware/Infogrames support and customercare is more or less zero!

    I have to disagree. We care a great deal about the issues that you are having. It is extremely frustrating to read that our customers are unable to play the game as it was designed. All of these issues weigh on our minds a lot. It is in our best interests to fix your issues and get you on your way playing. We are working contantly on these problems and trying to duplicate them. It does take time to investigate all these issues.

    Logging Into Your Game As An Admin: You can't at this time. The fuctionality hasn't been added yet.


    Quote: Well, I've payed to buy NWN and you are payed to develop NWN. So, you've released a buggy game, a game that supports only nVidia cards ("Shiny waters" ?) and you pretend us not to be angry?

    There is this self-fueling issue that NWN is "buggy". Yes, there are some bugs that the end users have made us aware of and we are working on them. Looking at a Tech Support forum is a bad place to judge a game's quality. Of course all the people that are playing the game with no problems are not posting here. And we are actively working on bugs. We have acknowledged the issue with Shiny Water and ATI. It worked right up until just before ship and we aren't exactly sure why it stopped working. It will be working in an upcoming patch. As soon as ATI fixes their drivers, a lot of other issues with NWN that will get resolved, as per the ATI sticky above.

    ATI Drivers: Many people have reported that they are having problems with Neverwinter Nights and the latest Catalyst drivers. Many of those have reported that if they go back to the previous version of the drivers their problems go away. If you are having problems with the latest Catalyst drivers, please find the previous version from ATI's driver support page. After you select your OS and your exact video card, you will be taken to a page listing drivers for your video card. For example, if you had a Radeon 8500 under Windows 2000, you will be taken to a page listing with the Catalyst drivers at the top. Below that is a link to Previous Drivers. Here is the page from this example. Click Here, try the drivers at the top of that page.

    Jay Watamaniuk, Community Manager

    Custom Content: We are working on solutions to the 3D solutions. I had a conversation with Greg Z. (one of the co-owners of BioWare) yesterday and he was adamant about getting the word to you folks that we are making every effort to help the custom community. We have a huge list of things that are critical and we are attempting to address them in a timely fashion that benefits the most people. The game has been out for about 3 weeks and there is a large laundry list of stuff that needs attention. We are waiting on a few things right now that are out of our hands but rest assured, things are in the works. As I mentioned before, you are the reason for all this community site. A game does not last if the people who create custom stuff do not have support. So, yes, we are very interested in what you are creating and yes, we will be offering support. I can't detail specifics because, again, we are wrangling a few things out now but it is being worked on.

    It's actually the 'doing it right' part that often delays things. At this point we do not want to rush into releasing anything that will not be a huge benfit to you folks. Anything that is a bit shaky will get people frustrated after waiting for at least some word on our plans.

    X-Packs?: We are doing the planning for possible expansion pack stuff and throwing a lot of ideas around for what might be in there. We are hoping things become very clear in what is desired from the community- usually folks aren't shy about what they want. I would love to see stuff with an Underdark theme, larger ships, creatures, items, spells and so on. I shall have to wait and see what pans out. I am also taking a look at some of the custom tileset that have appeared-very cool. Having been working with the Toolset for about 6 months it's really cool to see something different.

    NWN: I think NWN is about roleplaying not about getting stuff. I would hope the very fact you can make anything you want, have as much gold as you want, be as powerful as you want with 10 minutes work, would force people to move in the roleplaying direction. Power levels can be manufactured, great gaming cannot.

    Speaking His Mind: Excellent letter that started this thread off- big thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts up here. At some point a game needs to be released or folks will get a little wacky. A lot of people were under the impression that NWN had reached a critical point and that great features such as a 'plot wizard' for the Toolset which would allow a non-scripter to design quests and have scripts automaticly included would have been a great, great feature for the average non-programming sort, such as myself. Unfortunately, time ran very short and there were several things that had to be set aside in favor of more critical game issues. I have a tremendous amount of faith in the mod community and certainly cannot keep up with all the things being created to aid the rest of the mod folks. BioWare built this community site on the foundation of helping and encouraging the mod community show us the potential of NWN through their talent and hard work. NWN has been out on shelves for about 3 weeks now and we are starting to see some of the work being done already. Some of it is pretty primitive, but it is amazing to me that folks could absorb NWN in a few weeks and then create anything at all in that time. I have no doubt more and more sophisticated utilities, mods and programs will be created that cater to the specifics needs of all levels of DMs, module makers and custom content creators. Quality takes time however and a good load of patience. I'm sure once those talented few who can rip something apart and understand the guts will be working on things to help those who do not have the technical know-how to do the same. I've been DMing for a long time as well and in the same boat for knowing zero about programming so I look forward to see what the mod community can come up with and what BioWare can contribute.

    Forums: I'm a little surprised that you would think that BioWare does not read and respond to these forums. While we cannot answer all threads as there are over 3000 posts a day and climbing we do try and spend time here and jump in when we can. As for documentation, we are seeing a great amount of stuff being written by talented users at this time. We are working on our own additional documentation but time will be a factor. As for any expansion pack possibilities we are taking a look at several ideas right now but have nothing firm to speak about.

    What They're Doing: Yup, lots of folks who worked some pretty crazy hours in the last 4 months, if not longer, are lying on a beach somewhere sleeping. We are getting done what's needs to be done one piece at a time. I hate to say it but patience, my friends, patience.

    Multiplayer: We sent out a survey to give us an idea where we can improve the multiplayer experience for gamers. We have received a great deal of information which we are taking a look at now. Multiplayer is where the game will find longevity and so it is a priority. I realize a survey is not terribly helpful for you but we need to get the impressions of as many people as possible in order to do the greatest good in using our time. most everything will get done but it is the order in which to place things that it becomes a bit tricky.

    Patches: Making patches takes time. Why? Because every time something is listed as fixed the entire game needs to be tested to make the entire thing works. We released the Toolset fix because it did not require the entire game to be tested so we figured we would release that while we wait for the big patch to go through all the critical path testing. I supposed we could have waited and included it in the big patch which is scheduled for later as it would have been the easier thing to do...but that would kind be a pain for the module makers.

    Dom Moar, Tools Programmer

    Deleting Blueprints: Deleting any blueprint may take some time, depending upon whether you tell the Toolset to delete the instances of the blueprint in the module. Try deleting the blueprints without deleting the instances - it should be pretty fast. Otherwise, the time depends on the number of areas, the number of instances in each area and the object type. I believe items would take the longest since it would require searching not just through the list of items, but the list of creatures for those that have the item in their inventory and through the encounters that contain those creatures.

    1.20 Patch: I'm not implying anything. I'm trying to determine where the problem lies. I believe the solution we have in 1.20 addresses the problem that caused the corruption and in _most_ cases will successfully recover corrupted modules. However, since I can't be certain what people have done to their modules to 'fix' the problem on their own, I can't be certain that 1.20 will recover all corrupted modules.

    Custom Palettes: Yes, we looked at allowing users to create their own categories when we were first designing the palette system. At the time, our primary goal was making sure that the blueprints were organized in the same way between both the Toolset and the DM Client. It would reduce the learning curve on the user and make it easier for us to manage the thousands of blueprints that were already created. Now, the person running the DM Client is not guaranteed to be on the same computer as the server. This means the server would have to transmit the entire structure of each palette to the DM Client when it connected. This is very, very BAD. Our decision, therefore, was to provide empty categories that the module creator could then use as he or she saw fit.

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    SP Exclusive: First Icewind Dale II Preview
    Posted Saturday, July 13, 2002 - 18:52 CET by Sorcerer

    Sorcerer's Place is proud to announce the first preview of Icewind Dale II posted on the Internet.

    Feast your eyes on 80 (!) screenshots I've taken from the game, and read my preview to see whether I liked what I saw. Click here to venture on a journey to Icewind Dale...

    Post Comments (3)

    Last Week's Poll Results
    Posted Saturday, July 13, 2002 - 17:13 CET by Sorcerer

    What we asked:

    Q: Neverwinter Nights has been released and Icewind Dale II is on the horizon. What will you do?
    (895 votes total)

    I will buy both (536) 60%
    I will only buy NWN (289) 32%
    I will only buy IWD2 (48) 5%
    I will buy neither (22) 2%

    60% of those who voted, i.e. the majority of poll participants, will buy both Icewind Dale II and Neverwinter Nights. A wise decision indeed, and one wholeheartedly supported by SP, since we feel that IWD2 is going to be an excellent game.

    A percent short of one third of votes, 32% of people who voted will only buy Neverwinter Nights. I suppose if 3D is all that matters to them, IWD2 will not provide much in that area, though the game has many other qualities worth considering.

    5% of votes came from people who will only buy IWD2, and I expect this to be mostly people who have computers that do not meet the system requirements of Neverwinter Nights.

    Only 2% of votes were cast by people who won't buy any of the two games.

  • Current Poll
  • Previous Polls

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    Site News - New Additions
    Posted Friday, July 12, 2002 - 20:36 CET by Sorcerer

    Subsection Updates -> Fantasy Books

    Even more new additions here with this update. In the Robert Jordan Books subsection, his 10th book in the Wheel of Time series is now available for pre-order. In the Forgotten Realms Books subsection, 5 new books have been added, along with more sample chapters. The new books are: The Thousand Orcs, Insurrection, Hand of Fire, The Sorcerer and Sands of the Soul.

    In the Dragonlance Books subsection you can also find some new books, namely: Divine Hammer, Dragon Isles and Masters of Dragonlance Art. Last two new additions have been made in the Miscellaneous Books subsection; Oath of Nerull and City of Fire.

    Subsection Updates - Games -> Baldur's Gate 2

    An interesting text has been added to the Walkthroughs & Guides subsection. It is a well-argumented document describing why sorcerers are the most powerful characters in BG2, and why Berserker/Clerics are among the best dual class characters. The only other addition has been made in the Editors, Hacks & Custom Characters subsection #5, where a portrait of Melissan was added.

    Subsection Updates - Games -> Icewind Dale 2

    A rather small update here as well. In the Info Compilation in the Walkthroughs & Guides subsection you can read about a funny item that didn't make it into the game, and see 3 new screenshots in the Screenshots subsection.

    Subsection Updates - Games -> Neverwinter Nights

    In the Walkthroughs & Guides subsection you can download the latest versions of three walkthroughs.

    In the Tips, Tricks & Hints subsection, 3 new additions have been made. Check out the Armour Types page, a listing of NWN console commands and an article on how to be a DM.

    A bunch of new stuff can be found in the Editors, Hacks & Tweaks subsection as well. Check out the Universal Improved Henchman Battle AI, Henchman Inventory & Buffing Control System, HardCore Ruleset, The DM's Helper and NWN TLK Editor.

    On the same page you can also download two portrait packs. The one I extracted contains 13 NPC portraits you normally can't choose to play with (Aribeth, Desther etc.), and the other one is a submitted pack of 5 various portraits.

    Moving to the Toolset & Related subsection. Here you can find a tutorial on how to make your own pack animal, two new tilesets and an updated one, a bunch of new versions of the core scripting doc, an updated version of the NWN Script Reference (and another similar pdf) and NWN commonly asked scripting questions.

    Last but not least is the Modules subsection. Here you can now download the three pre-order bonus modules BioWare created, one new fan-made one, and a utility module which enables you to browse through all available spell effects and see them in action.

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    Neverwinter Reviews
    Posted Friday, July 12, 2002 - 17:14 CET by Mollusken

    A whole lot of new reviews today, and we'll start off with Adrenaline Vault who gave Neverwinter Nights 5 and a half stars out of a possible 5.

    Texture design is exceptional at the highest setting: Floors are covered with intricate patterns of stones, mosaics, and even actual blades of grass in some areas. Turning the texture detail down even a single setting results in an overcompressed mess, however. Shadows on characters and objects respond to multiple lighting sources, and are some of the most detailed and realistic shadows I've ever seen: shadows climb walls appropriately and animate perfectly in synch with the object that casts them.

    Telefragged gave the game a score of 90%.

    Is Neverwinter Nights worth your gaming dollar? It really depends on whether you've played previous D&D RPG titles, and how much you're itching for a multiplayer RPG. If you've never played the Baldur's Gate series, Planescape: Torment, or Icewind Dale, it's a fine single player game with the possibility of some very engaging multiplayer action. If you've already had enough of the type of game listed above, though, and don't really care that much for the online aspect, you may want to skip it.

    At Wewp the overall score is 8 out of 10.

    Neverwinter Nights is a huge step forward since the Baldur's Gate series. It's a much more realistic setting since the "painted on" backdrops of Baldur's Gate and the likes. Probably the most obvious advancement is the 3rd Edition D&D rule set. Neverwinter Nights is the first game to successfully (others have tried) implement this massive system into a Computer Role Playing Game. Not only is it 3rd Edition, it actually FEELS like D&D. They've done an excellent job at meshing a real time combat system and the "3E" rule system.

    Thrustworld doesn't like the game, but the guy who reviewed it liked it anyway.

    As I said at the start, I wasn'­t a huge RPG fan before I got this, but now I am. I­'m only a relatively short way into the game and I­'ve spent hours playing it and I'm enjoying every minute of it so far, I think that­s only going to increase once some good multiplayer modules are released. I would, and indeed do, highly recommend it to anyone, even if it­'s someone who before wouldn'­t think twice about playing an RPG. It'­s got something for the Novice and the Expert to sink their teeth into, and it really sets the bar a few notches higher for the competition to try and beat. Go buy it now and tell them that xBa Ju­eir (the name the game­s random name generator help me come up with) - 6th Level wizard and potential D&D geek sent you :).

    The overall score at OGR is 8.

    Overall I had a lot of fun playing the single player campaign and I am having a blast playing through again in multiplayer with a friend. The game performs well and I enjoy the gameplay. I would probably rate it on the same level as Baldurs Gate, somewhat below Fallout and Planescape: Torment in terms of roleplaying, but the opportunites from the toolset give it a big boost that put it above them for me. The Toolset is really exciting and I am having fun designing my own module using it. Some people have written some really good scripts and I am sure that as time goes on we will see the multiplayer aspect of NWN really hot up.

    And the final review is at Eye Talk Now, and the reviewer there doesn't seem to be too excited about the game.

    There's nothing really bad about Neverwinter Nights; and there's nothing else really good either. If you remove the Toolset, which, apparently, is not a priority to BioWare, NWN is a pretty mediocre game. The story is not as interesting as Baldur's Gate's, the gameplay is stifling compared to Morrowind, and the 3D engine is laughable compared to Morrowind and Dungeon Siege. The Toolset, and the people that will use it, are the only thing that gives NWN its worth. Hopefully BioWare will soon realize this and do more to support them.

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    Neverwinter Nights Forum Update
    Posted Friday, July 12, 2002 - 16:13 CET by Z-Layrex

    David Gaider, Designer

    CreateObject: It gets more interesting than that. From what I've been able to tell, if a creature is actually PLACED in the module, it's blueprint resref is changed to match its tag... and therefore its tag is useable for CreateObject. This is what confused me when I was looking through the official campaign. The skeleton bones placeable has a script that calls on a skeleton warrior... but using its tag (and it works... but only because skeleton warriors have been otherwise placed in the module). Same with a placeable object in the Beggar district in chapter 1... it is a fire that is spawned in using a tag that exists in neither the Custom nor Standard list of placeables. It ONLY exists in the resref of another placeable that has been placed. I didn't mention any of this in the description of CreateObject in the FAQ because:

    a) it's inconsistent
    b) it's confusing

    Hopefully I can nail down a programmer to tell me exactly what's what with this at some point. Some of these results, however, could be completely unexpected even on their part (I suspect). Using the blueprint resref is what you'll want to do 99% of the time. It's relatively icky and it's something that the Live Team knows about and wants to work on streamlining after the bug situation calms.

    Destroyable Objects:

    Quote: I have the SetObjectDestroyable as (FALSE,TRUE,TRUE), and the body doesnt disappear. But I can't select him. When I move the mouse over the dead character, it changes into the attack icon. Clicking on him does not open up his inventory. Do I need to assign a second command that ends the combat, or some other manner of command?

    Selectable actually just means that the icon gets a response... the player will see the creature's name, basically. A dead body is NOT a container like a placeable object is... you can't click on it and 'open it up' to see what is in its inventory. Creatures only drop their inventory when their body disintegrates. If you set the body to not disintegrate, this won't happen. Only way, reasonably, that you can do this is to have a script enact in the OnDeath event that spawns in a placeable object bag (or some container) and transfer the creature's inventory items into that. Then you have a permanent body and a lootable object. Incidentally, the 'No Permanent Death' box is mis-labeled and is being re-labeled in the next patch. What it ACTUALLY does is prevent 'chunky death' when checked.

    Dialog Boxes: Yes, a dialogue box would be the way to use that currently. Something like you suggest would certainly be more user friendly. How about something like this:

    DisplayPopUpGUI (string sGUItag, string sOption1, string sOption2 = "", string Option3 = "", string Option4 = "", string Option5 = "");

    So you could cause a pop-up 'query' window appear that offered up to 5 options on it. When any option is selected, it sends a UserDefined event (using a POP_UP_OPTION* constant) to the module... where you could check for it like this:

    int nEvent = GetUserDefinedEventNumber();
    if (nEvent == POP_UP_OPTION1)
    string sTag = GetLastGUIUsed();
    if (sTag == "MANHOLE_OPENED")
    ...do rest of script

    would that be easier to use or harder to use? I suppose another option would be to enter the file resref name of a script to run beside each option... so when the button was pressed, a new script would be run (using the reference GetLastGUIUser). Just a thought on my part, but I'm thinking that kind of thing could have multiple uses.

    Ok... just to re-iterate, though, the ONLY way to replicate that currently is via dialogue. The stuff I'm suggesting in my post is just a possibility for the future.

    Conversation Ending: What you need to do is go to his dialogue file... in there, you'll see a tab called 'Other Files' and space for two scripts in OnConversation End and Abort. Put a script in those that simply called WalkWayPoints again (just like in your OnSpawn script) and he will go back to what he was doing. As for the sounds he's making, go into his creature file under the Advanced tab and I think there is a function there for changing or deleting his Voice Set. Those play automatically when clicked on... nothing to do with OnConversation or the like.

    Jonathan Epp, Quality Assurance

    Ending Conversations:

    Quote: Is there anyway to tell if a player hits the ESC key to get out other than keeping a state variable that you change at each node of the dialog?

    In the Conversation Editor, in the bottom-right, go to the "Current File" tab. There are two options for scripts - one will run when the conversation ends normally, the other will run when the conversation ends for any other reason (including when the player aborts the conversation with ESC).

    Don Moar, Tools Programmer

    Tileset Specific Doors: A tileset specific door will only show up using its 'proper' model when placed in the proper tile (feature or group). Take a look at the door created when painting the Wall1Gate feature in an area using the Rural tileset. That door is specific to the Rural tileset. If you delete that door and paint a generic door in its place it will show up using the same model as the tileset specific door you just deleted. Everything else about the generic door will be used, however (eg. hit points).

    Conversation Editor Icons: The buttons you're referring to highlight the nodes that meet the criteria indicated by the button.

    Highlight Actions - nodes that have an Action Taken script.
    Highlight Quests - nodes that update the player journal.

    The highlight is a red boarder around the icon beside each appropriate node. As for the actual icons beside the nodes:

    ~ (squiggle) means the node has a start condition script
    v (checkmark) means that the node should always appear
    > (triangle) means that the node is the default node and will appear if no other nodes are valid.

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    Neverwinter Nights Forum Update
    Posted Thursday, July 11, 2002 - 20:30 CET by Z-Layrex

    David Gaider, Designer

    Nearest NPC Creature: GetNearestCreature (CREATURE_TYPE_PLAYER_CHAR, PLAYER_CHAR_NOT_PC);

    That will return the nearest non-PC creature to the caller.

    A couple of things I can think of:

    1) The door is going to fire off this script every time the player hits it... it's possible that your guard could be receiving multiple commands,or could already be busy.
    I would suggest that you send a ClearAllActions() to the guard (at least once) to clear his current queue before getting him to move to the PC.

    2) Are you sure the guard is the nearest non-PC to the door? The PC doesn't have any companions or similar?

    3) Instead of getting the PC with GetNearestCreature, it might be more accurate to use GetLastAttacker.

    Conversation: BeginConversation is primarily supposed to be used within the context of an OnDialogue event. It IS possible to use it elsewhere, but ActionStartConversation is going to get you better results overall. The 'Useable' flag for an item you want to speak is immaterial. It is simply required that 'Static' must be unchecked. Check out the post on placeables & dialogue in the FAQ sticky up top.

    Neil Flynn, Programmer

    Highlighted Text: Hi,

    The three types of highlighting are:

    Action is for "Show the item to the king"
    Check is for a skill check "Persuade"
    Highlight is for other stuff you may want.

    The highlights do not actually do anything. Just because I put a check highlight in the dialogue, doesn't mean there actually is a check. You have to add that in yourself through scripting (or the script wizard). The highlights are independent of any actions or skill checks, they are just a visual notification to the user.

    Don Moar, Tools Programmer

    Conversation Nodes: Yup, Brand has it right. The NPC will always say the first node whose start condition (Text Appears When...) returns TRUE. If a node doesn't have a script assigned, it returns TRUE by definition. So organize your conversations so that the node that has the most restrictions (conditions) is at the top and reduce the restrictions on each subsequent sibling node. If no NPC node has a start condition that returns TRUE, the game will use the last sibling in the list.

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    Neverwinter Nights Status Report
    Posted Thursday, July 11, 2002 - 18:24 CET by Mollusken

    Derek French has made a post on the official Neverwinter Nights message boards which shows what they are currently working on for future patches. You can the post here.

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    Neverwinter Wednesday
    Posted Thursday, July 11, 2002 - 18:15 CET by Mollusken

    A lot of new stuff popped up on the BioWare site yesterday. A new server admin forum has been added to the official forums, a armor types guide has been added to the players section, 62 console commands for dungeon masters and 13 for players has been added to both DM and player sections and a new wallpaper has been added to the wallpaper gallery.

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    NWN Module Corruption Resolved
    Posted Thursday, July 11, 2002 - 8:47 CET by Sorcerer

    A new patch that addresses the module corruption issue that has popped up for some of the Toolset users is now available.

    More info from the Community Manager Jay Watamaniuk: "The largest issue that this patch addressed is the situation of modules that became corrupted during a save in the Toolset. Since this patch dealt with only the Toolset, we did not have to spend time on a full critical path QA testing pass for the game to check to make sure everything was working. A larger, general game patch, is being tested right now for later release.

    What was happening that we needed to address in this patch were some extra files being placed a Temp directory and added to the contents of the module. When the Toolset went to save a module, those extra files were not among the recognized file types and this caused the corruption error when attempting to load the module again in the Toolset. This has been cleared up.

    Important Note: For those people who encountered this problem, you should now be able to open your previously corrupt modules. Simply reopen them in the Toolset. Do not be concerned with a warning box of extra material that is found, click OK. When you have successfully loaded your module save it again in it's new, uncorrupted form."

    The official patch notes for 1.2:

    Added code to prevent non-NWN files from corrupting modules in the Toolset

    NOTE: As this is only a Toolset update, version 1.20 is multiplayer
    compatible with version 1.19. This means if you patch to 1.20, and your friend doesn't (and is still using 1.19) you should still be able to play together.

    You can get the patch by hitting the Update button in the game's launcher interface, or here.

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    Icewind Dale 2 Forum Update
    Posted Wednesday, July 10, 2002 - 21:01 CET by Z-Layrex

    J.E Sawyer, Lead Designer

    Length of game: It should be longer than IWD + HoW + TotLM. It should not be longer than BG2. If it is, either we or you are doing something wrong.

    Globe of Darkness not being in the game: Making a globe of darkness around a character's "head" is difficult because the engine doesn't really know where the "head" is. The result is silly looking misplaced globes that don't make any sense or gigantic globes of darkness that look equally ridiculous. The game effects, however, are easy to do.

    Ball Lightning: Ball Lightning creates a bunch of missile weapons (like Melf's Minute Meteors). You can huck them around pretty quickly and do electrical damage. They are ranged touch attacks, so Dex bonuses apply, but physical armor is ignored on targets.

    Status of the game: Nothing has gone horribly wrong. The game is fine. No joke, not trying to placate you. It really is. A few QA guys are still working on it, but the vast majority of the IWD2 team is on vacation right now. A well-deserved vacation, IMO.

    Quests and battles: There are quests you can do that will alter the number of enemies and/or allies that fight in what could be dubbed "the final battle".

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    Neverwinter Nights Forum Update
    Posted Wednesday, July 10, 2002 - 20:54 CET by Z-Layrex

    David Gaider, Designer

    Effects: VFX_IMP_* -type effects can only be applied with DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT.


    Quote: apparently not...it is working fine now. just needed to make the object usable...which sucks, because now the object show up. Anyone know the visual effect for the Gas Trap?

    You don't actually have to make it useable... it just can't have the 'static' box checked. As for the gas trap, it's not a visual effect... you're looking for EffectAreaOfEffect. I think Minor Gas Trap is EffectAreaOfEffect (AOE_PER_FOGACID, "NW_T1_GasMinoC1", "****", "****") ... but if you just want the visual of the cloud and not the effect just change the script reference in there to another "****".

    And More:
    Again, it doesn't have to be useable... just not static. Try making it a temporary effect (can have high duration). I'm not positive persistent AOE's can be permanent. That might not be the problem, tho. You might need to use ApplyEffectAtLocation with an AOE, instead (all the trap scripts seem to use this).

    New Things:

    Quote: 1. Allow the scripting of radial menus, including adding an option to a character's main radial as well as adding subradials. This includes the ability to do more than five subradials in a spell, and even to make sub-subradials and sub-sub-subradials.

    Maybe I'm missing something. Why are more radial menus needed?

    Quote: 2. We hope that someday, items might be able to have their own scripts...this would add in making spells like "bless weapon" as well as helping the poor fellows feel equal to NPCs and the like.

    I doubt items will ever carry their own scripts. What can eventually be hoped for are more module events like OnActivateItem that allow you to script custom items within a module.

    Quote: 3. We require "set" functions, so that they may compliment the "get" functions, and allow such marvels of the infamous sex changing girdles, spells such as "alter self", and allow such role playing options as changing one's deity and name (or declaring a subrace that you forgot).

    A lot of these things can be done by the Effect commands (no sex-change effect yet, though), but I agree... more commands to directly affect changes in stuff is nice and will likely be looked at in the future.

    Quote: 4. We need a compliment to the polymorph effect that that will only change the appearance of a creature, but none of its other abilities, as well as the potential to allow a polymorphed creature to be able to still equip (and perhaps stay equipped) after the shapechange. Then such delights as casting a spell while a Fire Giant (as one ought to be able to do, according to the Core rules) may be enjoyed.

    Fire Giant models can cast spells. I assume you are referring to an ability to switch models so that players can assume creature models. It's hard to say if this will be possible anytime soon. There is a demand for more playable races, so we will definitely look at it in the future... the real issue for other models is being able to don equipment and have it reflected on the model. That requires considerable animation work. Simply switching models without consideration for equipment is also a possibility, I suppose.

    Quote: 5. Our modifications are fettered, for our "hak paks" do not receive the priority they are due. Instead, we must tamper with the sacred "override" folder, a place that should be reserved for you alone.

    You are incorrect, here. The hakpaks have the highest priority for override. If you are referring to the current issue with some of the 2DA's not overriding in-game 2DA's when included in a hakpak, that is fixed in the next patch. Aside from that, keep in mind that 2DA editing is not officially supported.

    Quote: 6. Lastly, our ability to add comments and explanations for new spells and items is sorely pressed, and we require a method to reference such information to a file that is not the lengthy and unwieldy "dialog.tlk".

    New spells? Again, I assume this is through 2DA editing, which is not supported. The only reason that we would have to edit the dialog.tlk table would be so imported custom resources (like models, tilesets, music, sounds, etc.) would have a tag so they can be selected from within the toolset. It may be possible that these tags can be added without requiring the dialog.tlk file, in which case no editor would be needed. If the dialog.tlk file ends up requiring to be edited, then I assume you could indeed use such a function for what you want to do.


    Quote: 1. Data structures: arrays, lists, maps

    These will probably get added eventually, yes.

    Quote: 2. Being able to write and read a file (make it secure by only allowing it to be in a special NWN dir). This will be helpful for storing data that needs to be editable without having to mess with #include scripts, recompiling, rebuilding, etc.

    Mmm. I suspect that any I/O functionality will be restricted to specific commands with very restricted uses. Security is the primary reason that no I/O was included in the initial release.

    Quote: 3. Need to be able to edit "Examine" string from within the script. So that when people examine something, they see a scripted string.

    That sounds reasonable.

    Quote: 4. Need to be able to create arbitrary, dynamically templatable dialogue trees from inside a script. This could be used for DM and Developer Helper type NPCs to report back to you all kinds of game parameters inside a dialogue (as opposed to one liners).

    I have no idea what you mean by 'arbitrary, dynamically templatable'. I've used custom tags to report in-game data through dialogue... beyond that, I'm not sure what you're expecting.

    Quote: 5. Definitely need scriptable radial or some other kind of menu! This can be used to make items such as 'Rod of Lordly Might' so when you use it, it gives you several options and you can turn it into a weapon of your choice. You can also use it to make an item such as "Rod of Teleportation" that can memorize 5 locations and teleport you back to any of the 5 locations, all in one item.

    Not sure this requires a scriptable radial menu. More slots that the current Unique Power and Unique Power - Self, maybe, insofar as OnActivateItem-scripting goes is certainly possible.

    Quote: 6. Allow scripts on any items. You can make it secure by implementing a sandbox model, like in Java.

    This most likely will not happen, as I've already said. More item-related events will probably come in the way of the module events list.

    Quote: 7. This is a biggie: need to be able to assign and de-assign event scripts/functions to any object from within a script.

    Possible, I suppose.

    Quote: 8. Functions should become first class. You should be able to store functions inside arrays, lists, maps. This will allow complicated automata to be created.

    And, um, how many people would actually use this? Arrays, lists and maps, themselves, are likely only to be used by the programming elite.

    Quote: 9. This one is a biggie: optimize for speed. Write a JIT compiler for your language.

    This is a biggie, is it?

    Quote: 10. Allow configurable heartbeats to lessen the impact of a 6 second spike. Not everything needs to be processed on the round. We can fudge it with DelayCommand even now, but it would be nice to have some syntactic sugar for it.

    As you say, using DelayCommand combined with SignalEvent allows you to create a customized heartbeat in the OnUserDefined area. I can't see them changing the standard OnHeartbeat, itself, but you never know... would make it a little more user-friendly, I suppose.

    Player Death: There is a reason why GetLastKiller doesn't work for PC's. When PC's 'die' (are reduced to 0 or below HP) their OnPlayerDying event fires. In most cases this eventually leads to an EffectDeath being used to kill the player officially. So as far as the program is concerned, the PC was not killed by an object. A GetLastPCKiller command would certainly make that easier, I agree. I'll certainly pass the suggestion along... though I think it'll be a while before we consider adding new scripting functions in.

    Noel Borstad, Programmer

    Checking For An Item: The object GetItemPossessedBy() command would be easier in this case than iterating through their inventory. Pass in the tag and the PC, and it will return the item if the have it, or OBJECT_INVALID if they don't. Iterating through an inventory is a pain because you have to also check equipped slots and containers.

    Changing Models: To turn the commoners into ghouls you will have to destroy each one and spawn a ghoul in at their location (you'll probably also want to play a visual effect to cover the pop) The template gargoyles, and some of the lycanthropes have this behaviour. For your vampire, do CreateObject(OBJECT_TYPE_CREATURE, "nw_vampire", lWaypoint, TRUE) in the onUsed script for the coffin (make it useable, but no inventory).

    Brenon Holmes, Programmer

    Future Things:

    Quote: We need more events. Some events would work better if they were split into two events that happened before and after.


    These two exist already. There are 3 events that call the module rest for a PC... rest starting, rest cancelled and rest completed. There are access functions to determine which event type was called.

    Quote: ~snip~The ability to change the scripts that are assigned to various handlers at runtime would be very handy and powerful. Please add this one?~snip~

    This functionality already exists via ExecuteScript(). You can store a script set on a string on the object, then get the object to execute that script in it's event handler...

    Quote: ~snip~Perhaps add GetFirstItemInContainer(oContainer), GetNextItemInContainer(oContainer), and GetItemContainer(oItem) functions?~snip~

    These also already exist via GetFirstItemInInventory()... if you call the function on an item with inventory, then it will iterate through that item's item repository.

    Quote: ~snip~David, I have to say that I totally disagree with this. I don't think the use of arrays etc. are advanced programming. I'm hardly an advanced programmer, and I find I am starving for these abilities. GOD, the long pain in the ass scripts that I have to write to make up for the lack of arrays. I really can't understand why they weren't included in the first place.~snip~

    Basically what is being discussed is pointers... data structures containing function pointers and all that that entails... not too likely. Arrays as a defined structure would be nice... and probably possible... but the ability to have dynamic arrays of function pointers isn't too likely...

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    Neverwinter Nights Review at UGO
    Posted Wednesday, July 10, 2002 - 11:21 CET by Mollusken

    Undergound Online has written a review of Neverwinter Nights, giving it an overall score of A-.

    Neverwinter Nights (NWN) is the first product to come along since then to successfully mix such delicious elements. Bioware has taken the best parts of Baldur's Gate and combined it with the action of Diablo. The end result is an addictive game that is the best RPG to come along in a while. This is a game that has it all: single player, multiplayer and a phenomenal editing tool used to design new adventures (known as modules).

    Read everything here.

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    Call for Help...
    Posted Tuesday, July 9, 2002 - 21:06 CET by Sorcerer

    As you might have noticed, the traffic on Sorcerer's Place has effectively doubled since the release of Neverwinter Nights. On one hand, this is a very good thing, but on the other it created a small problem. Although we've moved to a new, faster server just recently, it turns out that the bandwidth usage due to the amount of downloadable content we offer will exceed the monthly amount available on this server. This probably means another move in the future, but more importantly, a big hit to my wallet, since a new server with double capacity will cost me at least $250 to start with. All the advertising combined does not pay for even half of the current monthly expenses ($140) and I rely mostly on donations to help me pay the bill every month. So if you want to read how YOU can help me keep this site up & running, please read this. A big "thank you" also goes to all the visitors who have already helped us out with donations - we literally wouldn't be here anymore if it weren't for you.

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    Neverwinter Nights Reviews
    Posted Tuesday, July 9, 2002 - 19:18 CET by Mollusken

    First we go to Gamer's Asylum, where Neverwinter Nights scores 5 out of 5 in all categories except from graphics and AI.

    The idea of allowing a single person (or even a group of people) to actively control world events (to a point) though the DM control, thereby creating the most faithful adaptation of a tabletop RPG on the PC to date, is truly a groundbreaking in that it takes you out of the position of being an observer in the world to actually BEING the world. It’s almost like mixing The Sims, a MMORPG and a construction set into one long awaited package. With so much fervor built up even before NWN’s release, I don’t expect to see it leave the top 10 best seller list for a long, long time.

    FiringSquad's final verdict is a score of 91%.

    Quite simply the biggest part of the game – multiplayer – has too many questions. None of these are BioWare’s fault. They delivered more than I ever thought possible. The Toolset is rock-solid, intuitive and all-powerful. It will let you build a world out of the building blocks that BioWare has provided. It can be just as good or better as the singleplayer game, or it can be the monster blank sheet that a DM has always wanted. The game is faithful to the core 3rd edition rules; it has a very modern graphics engine with all the goodies you could hope for.

    Neverwinter Rush has written a rather short review, and their score is 10.0.

    The graphics in NeverWinter Nights are divine. You cannot find anything that even compares. Simple things like walking through grass make you see just how great NeverWinter Nights is. Just sitting and watching the screen makes you content. Things like wind blowing, rain falling, grass moving, and etceteras have never been so perfect. When the wind blows, you may watch the grass move in such a realistic way you can't remember what is real and what is not. When the rain falls the environmental effects insult that of real life.

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    BioWare Appearance at Fragapalooza
    Posted Tuesday, July 9, 2002 - 19:06 CET by Mollusken

    BioWare will attend the Fragapalooza 2002 LAN party in Edmonton, Canada, and 36 lucky geeks there will get the chance to play Neverwinter Nights DM'ed by the developers of the game. Read more about this here.

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    Neverwinter Nights DM Tips
    Posted Tuesday, July 9, 2002 - 18:58 CET by Mollusken

    Neverwinter Connections has posted an article with a few tips on being a Neverwinter Nights dungeon master.

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    Neverwinter Nights Forum Update
    Posted Tuesday, July 9, 2002 - 16:21 CET by Z-Layrex

    David Gaider, Designer


    Quote: 2. GetNearestPC: Gets the nearest PC. I dont know whether or not you noticed the huge topic I got going, but a lot of people need this function. I thought for over an hour on how I could do it, and couldn't think of a way.


    That gives you the nearest PC to whatever is running the current script.

    Quote: 3. FadeToBlack: Makes the screen fade to black. I think about every 1 out of 1 person has requested something like this, where the screen fades to black and then does an area transition.

    I have used EffectDarkness and applied it to the PC's before performing the transition. It actually looks not too bad... the screen turns black (from their perspective), although they can still press tab to highlight objects and can see themselves ever so faintly. But it gets the point across. I then remove the effect after the transition. A more cinematic-looking FadeToBlack command would be nice to have in the future though, for sure.

    Placeables: Placeables aren't supposed to be stackable. They DO stack, however, if you place one on top of the other when you first drop it in the module. Unintended effect. Actually, if you do stack placeables (especially to block something off) I would heartily that they remain static... else you might have a real pathfinding problem on your hand.

    Noel Borstad, Programmer

    Action Queue: Any void returning function can be inserted into the action queue using ActionDoCommand()

    ActionSpeakString( "yowza" );
    ActionDoCommand( RemoveEffect(eBadEffect) );
    ActionSit( oChair );

    Brenon Holmes, Programmer

    Static Placeables: You could say that the static setting could also be "scenery object" or something like that... when you click the static checkbox, when the object gets loaded into the game it behaves exactly like tile geometry in that it cannot be modified...You'd use this for placeables you wanted to use for decoration... like candelabra's that couldn't be destroyed, crates stacked on top of one another off in a corner somewhere... things like that...Having lots of non-static placeables has an adverse affect on the pathfinding... So it's generally a good idea (if you have lots of placeables in a room) to have more static than not (if it can be avoided) *especially* if it's just for ambiance/scenery...

    *nods* As far as I'm aware, static objects are still interactable via scripting... ie: you could tell a creature to sit on a chair... but I don't think you can have an object "useable" and "static" at the same time (player interaction).

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    Neverwinter Nights Game of the Month
    Posted Sunday, July 7, 2002 - 18:20 CET by Mollusken

    GameSpot has awarded Neverwinter Nights PC Game of the Month for June 2002. You can read more about this here.

    Though not without a few minor drawbacks (such as a slightly dated graphics engine), Neverwinter Nights is a clear choice for GameSpot PC's Game of the Month for June. It's one of those increasingly rare creatures--a game that was worth the wait. As GameSpot's Executive Editor Greg Kasavin put it, "Neverwinter Nights is indeed the end-all, be-all Dungeons & Dragons RPG that it's been touted to be for the last several years."

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    Neverwinter Nights Reviews
    Posted Sunday, July 7, 2002 - 18:17 CET by Mollusken

    GameGuru slaughtered Neverwinter Nights in a review earlier this week, but that review was removed and this one is now added instead. The rating is 90%.

    You can work with everything that the developers had access to include their high-level scripting C++ like language and tools. Woohoo! I really can't wait to play some of the user-created modules, maybe someone will re-create the city of Baldur's Gate, in all its glory :) In addition, NWN also includes a DM client, which allows you to modify a module in real time as players go through, you can take control over any character, you can give players items, and experience, you can cast spells, add/remove monsters, and even take control of NPCs and speak/act through them. Although it sounds absolutely fantastic, none is perfect :) There are some annoying limitations in both the Toolset and the DM client, and it certainly also bugs.

    At Aikida Neverwinter Nights revieves a score of 9 out of 10.

    Neverwinter Nights is about tapping your imagination, whether it's designing a character, a story or a world. Remake that old MUD you played in the early 90's. Run your version of the Temple of Elemental Evil. Play a bard, do something crazy! And if any game was ever an excuse for a LAN party, this is it. Trust me, you will have the necessary blast that Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 never really delivered. You will cheer when your badger charges headlong into combat, or you parry a sword blow over your shoulder, or when people play in your designed world with animated glee. You are the artist, Neverwinter is your palette and brush. There's been some rocky times, but stick with it, there's some real magic to happen yet. If you haven't got it yet, get it. And if you do have it, but have one of those pain in the ass bugs, hang tight and don't run away.

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    Last Week's Poll's Results
    Posted Saturday, July 6, 2002 - 19:20 CET by Sorcerer

    What we asked:

    Q: Do you also intend to play Neverwinter Nights over the Internet or just offline?
    (960 votes total)

    Yes, definitely also online (589) 61%
    Maybe also online, but not much (259) 27%
    No, offline only (112) 12%

    The vast majority of people who voted in our poll (61%) have declared that they will definitely play Neverwinter Nights online as well. Not that this comes as a surprise, since the game's focus has always been multiplayer, and there are (in addition to regular play servers) literally dozens of online NWN worlds fervently in the making at this moment.

    2% more than a quarter of poll participants (27%) are not that enthusiastic about multiplayer. While they say they might also play online, they don't expect to do it very often.

    Only 12% of those who voted in the poll intend to play Neverwinter Nights offline only.

  • Current Poll
  • Previous Polls

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    Latest Active Forum Topics
    Posted Saturday, July 6, 2002 - 9:14 CET by Sorcerer

    As you can see, I've added a nice little front page/message boards connection in the form of the latest active forum topics display above the news headlines. I hope you'll find it useful. If you have any comments or remarks, please use the Comments link below and tell me.

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    Icewind Dale II Forum Update
    Posted Friday, July 5, 2002 - 23:18 CET by Tiamat

    J.E. Sawyer, Lead Designer

    To buy or not to buy:
    I said it at the beginning of the project, and I'll say it again: if you have any doubts about Aspect X of Icewind Dale II, wait for a number of reviews to come out. Wait for friends to buy the game and ask them what they think. I don't really mind if people don't like our games, but I hate it when people buy our games and expect it to be something it is not.

    Returning Items: There are a few "returning arrows" (and bolts, etc.) that you can find.

    Half-orc PnP stats: In PnP, I think that +2 to Strength, -2 to Intelligence, +2 to Intimidate, with Scent, and Endurance feats for free make as much sense as any of the other racial benefits enjoyed by other races.

    Scent: Have you even read the Scent description in the DMG? Page 81:
    Variant Rule: Characters with Scent
    Half-orcs and gnomes, as well as many types of NPC humanoids such as orcs and gnolls, can take Scent as a feat.
    I wrote this in a previous thread: THE USEFULNESS OF STATS CAN ONLY BE MEASURED ON A PER-CHARACTER BASIS. When someone says that Strength grants bonuses to hit and damage "for all characters" and dismisses the role of Intelligence because "only wizards and rogues really need it", they miss the point entirely. Wizards with a 20 Strength certainly have a better chance of hitting in melee than a wizard with a 10 Strength, but who sends their wizards into melee when they can still cast spells?
    A bonus that is never used isn't a bonus. Stacking on penalties for stats that have more class-specific bonuses doesn't do anything but pigeonhole a race even more. Half-orcs only "work" when you go with the grain. More than any other race, going against the grain (like making a half-orc bard, for instance) ends in ruin. I've also pointed out that ONLY character generation and race "balancing" use special scales and systems for how stats work. Spells, magic items, and other effects that modify ability scores do not discriminate on what stat they are modifying, nor on what the final score will be after the modifier is added.

    Clerics alignments and undead spells: Good and neutral clerics turn/destroy, evil clerics rebuke/command.

    When to announce golden finger: When our games go gold, we usually wait a few days to make sure everything is "absolutely good for reals" before announcing it. NOBODY likes false starts.
    Huh? Mumbo jumbo talk? I was telling people that we often don't announce that our game has gone gold until a few days after the fact. If the game goes gold and then some strange circumstance reverses that status, it gets people all worked up for no good reason. There's no point in telling someone that there's a gold master ready until that gold master has actually been double/triple/quadruple verified for duplication.
    There's nothing diplomatic about saying it; it's a matter-of-fact statement.

    Damien Foletto, Junior Designer

    Can Barbarians Rage in heavy armor?
    In IWD2 they can, and mine often do. The only penalty is they lose their speed benefit when wearing heavy armor.

    Random treasure and bosses: There are creatures in the game, particularly the boss creatures, that will drop the weapon they are wielding (a unique item). On that same token, the mini-bosses will sometimes drop a random item. Some mini-bosses have a random drop script that will have them drop one of a selection of armors, or a script just for weapons, or potions, etc. Usually these drops correspond to what the creature is. If the mini-boss is a warrior, then you'll probably get some sort of weapon or armor. If it's a magic user, then maybe a high level scroll or potion. Of course I'm summarizing, but this is basically how it works for bosses and mini-bosses.

    Darren Monahan, Producer

    Game Length:
    One nice thing about IWD2 is it is much longer than IWD was. There is a lot more going on as well. I hope you guys won't be disappointed.

    Chad Nicholas, Sciptor

    All stats are created equal:
    I'd say it's the developer's responsibility to make sure each stat is just as important as the others. Otherwise, if one stat isn't very important, a race that gets a penalty or bonus to it is no longer penalized/rewarded as much. Furthermore, it only serves to pigeonhole that race into stereotyped classes.

    I've reloaded games after having my low CHA druid talk to someone instead of my high CHA cleric due to the aftermath of dialog choices present. Seems like CHA is pretty useful in IwD2 ('a dungeon crawl') as well.

    One other point I'd like to make is that I really don't give a rat's a** how many people plan to make a party that is physical-stat heavy. What I care about is that everyone has the OPTION to have the freedom to create the character(s) that they want. I often see this mentioned on the boards; that there are going to be a million Drizzts or whatever. So far, I'm not surprised to have not seen one Drizzt clone. People are playing what they want to play, and not everyone wants to play the same munchkin characters you'll see posted on various fora.

    Torment didn't focus on mechanics, so I don't see why every CRPG is relegated to ONLY mechanics. Granted, IwD2 is a pretty mechanics heavy game, but there ARE dialog options that can make your characters' life easier or more difficult. If a CRPG can't find a balance between mechanics and actual role-playing, then it's not much of a Computer Role Playing Game as it is a Computer Roll Playing Game.

    Sorcerer vs. wizard on spell selection: Whenever I've played a sorcerer, I've thought about the spell selection FAR MORE than with a wizard. Why? Because a sorcerer only has one recurring point in their career when they can choose a new spell, and that's a level up. Make a bad choice and you're stuck for what could seem like a very LONG time.

    Here's an Example: Pick Negative Energy Ray as an offensive spell, then you come to find out that you're going to be going up against undead for a very long time.

    - Sorcerer = screwed
    - Wizard = "Wait a few seconds while I swap this spell out for another one, folks."

    Sorcerer and dialogue skills: One thing people seem to be forgetting is that none of the dialog skills are class skills for sorcerers. They're cross-class skills. That, coupled with the fact that sorcerer's get the same base skill points per level as a wizard, means that their Persuasion skill is going to be just as high as a Bard's, but will quickly fall behind what with the cross-class skill max ranks limit. Two skill points per level means ONE of the dialog skills can be raised ONE point every time the sorcerer levels (assuming an INT modifier of 0). This of course means that the sorcerer is going to give up on Spellcraft and/or Concentration.

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    Neverwinter Nights Forum Update
    Posted Friday, July 5, 2002 - 20:50 CET by Z-Layrex

    Noel Borstad, Programmer

    String Matching: We decided that regular expressions were too complex and too powerful for what we needed, so we made up our own little syntax for string matching based on wildcards:

    ** will match zero or more characters
    *w one or more whitespace
    *n one or more numeric
    *p one or more punctuation
    *a one or more alphabetic
    | is or
    ( and ) can be used for blocks

    - setting a creature to listen for "**" will match any string
    - telling him to listen for "**funk**" will match any string that contains the word "funk".
    - "**(bash|open|unlock)**(chest|door)" will match strings like "open the door please" or "he just bashed that chest!"

    Go wild!

    Brenon Holmes, Programmer

    EffectHitPointChangeWhenDying():EffectHitPointChangeWhenDying() currently (in the current build) only works with negative values when applied initially as a temporary duration effect... after the next build it should work no matter how you apply it.

    David Gaider, Designer

    Placeables: If you want a placeable object to be clickable, make sure that on its first tab the 'Useable' box is checked. Then put your script into its OnUsed script (with the PC identified as GetLastUsedBy).

    Dead Bodies: Ok, the way to script the corpse to remain after it is dead is to add the following line into its OnSpawn script:


    If you don't want the body to be raiseable/resurrectable:

    SetIsDestroyable(FALSE, FALSE);

    If the creature has the standard OnSpawn script, just remember to copy it and save it under a different name, first. If you want the dead body to fade away after a certain time, do the following:

    1. In the OnSpawn script, uncomment this line: 'SetSpawnInCondition (NW_FLAG_DEATH_EVENT);' and re-save the script (under a different name if it is the generic one).

    2. Create a script in the OnUserDefined that says this:

    void main()
    nEvent = GetUserDefinedEventNumber();
    if (nEvent == 1007) // Death event
    DelayCommand(300.0, SetIsDestroyable(TRUE));

    The above script sets the timer before body decay to 5 real-time minutes. Change the number of seconds in the DelayCommand to whatever you wish. NOTE: Dead creature bodies that do not decay are NOT containers. They cannot be selected and their inventory taken... you cannot have it both ways. Dead bodies also do not run scripts. The only way I can think of doing both is to have the creature add into its OnDeath script (changing the above script in OnUserDefined, effectively) that everything it is supposed to drop gets put into a container (like a body bag) and spawned next to it on the ground. Other people might certainly have better ideas about this than I, of course.

    Player Factions: A party of players are one faction. If a player is not a member of his party, then he is his own faction. The GetFirst/NextFactionMember command requires you to input a member of that faction as the object... if the object is a PC, it will only cycle through members of his faction. One note about that command, however: if the 'bPCOnly' at the end is set to TRUE, then ONLY player characters (not associates such as henchmen or familiars and such) are returned. If set to FALSE, then ONLY non-player characters are returned. If you want to cycle through a party and identify both the players as well as their existing associates, you'd have to run the command twice.

    Sitting NPCs: Two choices:

    1) Make a script that has the NPC sit back down. Go into his dialogue file and add the script to the Aborted and Ended section in 'Other Files'. This will make him sit again when the dialogue is done.

    2) Go into the 'Working Scripts' sticky thread up top. I believe there is a script in there (in the later pages... page 10?) where someone got it to work so NPC's remain seated while speaking. I have not tried it, personally, so I can't claim it's veracity.

    Light Sources: Whenever you change light sources, you have to include in the script the command RecomputeStaticLighting. There's an example of this in the 'Commonly Asked Questions' sticky up top.


    Quote: Ahh, I understand. However, I don't understand how AssignCommand works. Specifically what gets sent as an action?

    AssignCommand(object oActionSubject, action aAction to assign);

    What are actions I can perform. I don't see anything in toolset of type action. I am confused.

    I suppose 'actions' are just commands. I remember Brenon saying once that AssignCommand could send any void-returning command. Why it doesn't say void instead of action, then? I have no idea.

    Hmmm. Have you tried adding ActionPlayAnimation (NIMATION_PLACEABLE_DEACTIVATE) to your script instead of setting the default state in the toolset? Try it so that your object shuts itself off when the module begins... and then turns itself back on later.

    And More:

    Quote: Running this script ONENTER for Area or Module actually crashes the module:

    void main()

    Well, sure... you are telling the module or area, itself, to play an animation. Modules and areas don't do that. You would have to use AssignCommand to actually send this command to a specific object.

    And Even More:

    Quote: I haven't tried scripting the animation changes yet -- but why wouldn't the 'state' stuff work?

    It's possible that this may not be a bug at all. Not all placeables are animated or have 'activated' and 'deactivated' states, just as they don't all have open and closed states. The animation for the magic sparks may simply exist or not. It's possible that, in this case, you may have to spawn in the placeable object and use DestroyObject if you want an on/off effect.

    One Liners: Go into the creature's OnSpawn script and uncomment the line 'SetSpawnInCondition (NW_FLAG_SPECIAL_ COMBAT_CONVERSATION);'. Then save the script under a different name and recompile. Now put the one-liner you want the creature to say at the top of its dialogue. In its 'Text Appears When' script area, place the script "nw_d2_gen_combat". On perceiving a PC, the creature will display its one liner and then attack.

    Conversations: The thing to remember is that when you line up your 'starting nodes' underneath the Root, they should be in reverse order of completion. Let's say your NPC gave three jobs. Imagine the following structure under the root:

    #1. "I don't have any more jobs for you."
    #2. "Are you finished job #3?"
    #3. "Are you finished job #2?"
    #4. "Are you finished job #1?"
    #5. "Would you like a job?"
    #6. "Hello!"

    The thing to remember is that when the NPC is clicked on for dialogue, the computer will begin scanning the scripts in the 'Text Appears When' part of these nodes. If the script returns TRUE (or there is no script), that node is initiated. If it returns FALSE, it continues onto the next node. The following is a rundown of what scripts would be at each node:

    #1 - script in 'Text Appears When' set to return TRUE if "Job" variable on PC set to 4 like so:

    int StartingConditional()
    int nJob = GetLocalInt(GetPCSpeaker(), "Job") == 4;
    return nJob;

    #2 - script in 'Text Appears When' set to return TRUE if "Job" variable on PC set to 3 (set below). If the PC has finished the job, have NPC give reward and set "Job" variable to 4 (no more jobs) in 'Actions Taken' like so:

    void main()
    SetLocalInt(GetPCSpeaker(), "Job", 4);

    #3 - script in 'Text Appears When' set to return TRUE if "Job" variable on PC set to 2 (set below). If the PC has finished the job, have NPC give reward and job #3... set "Job" variable to 3 in 'Actions Taken'.

    #4 - script in 'Text Appears When' set to return TRUE if "Job" variable on PC set to 1 (set below). If the PC has finished the job, have NPC give reward and job #2... set "Job" variable to 2 in 'Actions Taken'.

    #5 - Script in 'Text Appears When' returns TRUE if "TalkedToJoe" variable on the PC set to 1 (set below). In the dialogue, if the PC accepts job#1, set the "Job" variable on the PC to 1 in 'Actions Taken'.

    #6 - no script in 'Text Appears When' (if all other scripts above are FALSE, this is the first time the PC has spoken to this NPC). On the first line, put a script in 'Actions Taken' that sets a "TalkedToJoe" variable on the PC to 1 in 'Actions Taken'.

    Journals: Ok, this is assuming you want all players enter to get the same journal entry and when the creature is slain, all players have their journal entry changed, correct? Ok, then... when you set up the journal entry you'll name the category (this is the title that appears in the journal) and give it a tag (let's make the tag "Creature1". Click on the category and press Add... this allows you to add the first entry that gets sent to everyone. Write up the text and give it an ID number (let's say 10). Then add another entry to the same category... give it the text for when the beast dies. Give it a number higher than the first (let's say 20). If the plot is finished at this point, click on 'Finish Category'. To give the journal entry to all who enter (but none if this particular beast is dead), put the following script in the OnClientEnter event of the module:

    void main()
    object oPC = GetEnteringObject();
    int nDead = GetLocalInt(GetModule(), "Monster_Dead");
    if (nDead == FALSE)
    AddJournalQuestEntry("Creature1", 10, oPC);

    Go to the creature that needs to be killed, now. Go into its OnSpawn script and uncomment (remove the beginning '//' double slashes) the line that says 'SetSpawnInCondition (NW_FLAG_DEATH_EVENT);'. Re-save the OnSpawn script under a new name and compile it. Create a new script, now, and put it in its OnUserDefined event that does this:

    void main()
    nEvent = GetUserDefinedEventNumber();
    if (nEvent == 1007) // OnDeath event
    SetLocalInt(GetModule(), "Monster_Dead", TRUE)
    AddJournalQuestEntry("Creature1", 20, oPC, TRUE, TRUE);

    The above script should make it so that new players no longer get the quest and all players currently in the game have their quest updated to show the creature being dead.

    Custom Tokens: You want to use SetCustomToken. For instance, if I use the command in script:

    SetCustomToken(100, GetName(oPC));

    In actual dialogue I could write

    "Let's talk about , shall we?"

    As for integers and other data, you just need to convert it into a string, first, for use in the SetCustomToken command. Try IntToString.

    Just don't use the numbers 1 through 9 for your custom tokens. Those are reserved and will give you funny results.

    Polymorph: I suppose you could polymorph someone into a pixie, yes, since it's one of the polymorph options available. Try making the effect an extraordinary effect, since I think it's the magical effects that are lost when you rest. You can do that like so:

    effect ePixie = ExtraordinaryEffect (EffectPolymorph (POLYMORPH_TYPE_PIXIE));
    ApplyEffectToObject (DURATION_TYPE_PERMANENT, ePixie, oPC);

    In the OnClientEnter, you'd want to replace the oPC with GetEnteringObject(). If resting or dying turns the player back into what they were, I think your only option might be to apply the effect again by editing the OnPlayerRest and OnPlayerDeath scripts.

    Variables: No, there's no performance implications based on where you store a variable. It would take a LOT of variables stored somewhere to cause a problem. Use them wherever it is most convenient for you.

    Brenon Holmes Adds:

    Quote: Another issue is that if you store flags and infos on PCs remember that when the PCs leave the information in them might not have been saved. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing is that your world if properly coded will reset. Bad thing is if not properly coded will have lots of problems. I am writing a module based on a book, and I have my handsful trying to handle breaks in plot if the PC were to get booted from the server

    If the same player rejoins with the same player name they will get all the local variables set on that PC. Even if a PC is booted from a server they still leave a data structure that contains all of the local variables stored on the PC when they leave. The only time they will not is if the server does not have the opportunity to save out a proper data structure for an exiting object... ie: the server crashes.

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    Icewind Dale II Designer Diary Part 11
    Posted Friday, July 5, 2002 - 16:02 CET by Mollusken

    Designer Chris Avellone from Black Isle continues RPG Vault's designer diaries, and this is probably the last one before the game is released.

    Well, it looks like there's actually room to squeeze another one of these in, which I will hereby refer to as "jumping on the grenade." My half-orc female barbarian (a favorite archetype since Justin Sweet's portrait addition) was busy putting her dual-wielded axes in some necromancer's skull while my sorcerer is laying into the necromancer's allies with some Beltyn's Burning Blood spells when Darren Monahan, our intrepid leader, strolls into the office, rubbing his hands together and not meeting my gaze which always means he has an unpleasant task for whichever poor schlep he happens to be talking to. I quickly ALT-TAB back to an Excel spreadsheet of important looking figures that look surprisingly like weapon statistics but which is actually my grocery list encrypted in a number font that the other designers use in their "work" spreadsheets.

    Head over to RPG Vault for the rest.

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    NWN Review at Gaming Illustrated
    Posted Friday, July 5, 2002 - 15:55 CET by Mollusken

    Maybe one of the first scores under 9 out of 10 at Gaming Illustrated, who gives Neverwinter Nights a score of 8.4.

    Back on the positive is the interface, making a welcome return is the radial right click menu from Planescape Torment, by right clicking a character you get a circle of options, you click one and another circle of related options pops up, its highly intuitive and makes for a far less crowded HUD. There are a series of Quickslots too that you can customize, assigning a spell, a potion, a weapon, a special attack, whatever you like by simply dragging and dropping. The camera is never a problem either, if you have a mouse wheel then you can control it all through that. I did have some problems though with my henchmen, getting my hired Rogue to pick locks was somewhat akin to getting blood out of a stone. Sure he’d tell me he could pick it, but most the time just stood there looking pleased with himself until he figured out I wasn’t just asking if he could do it out of interest…he was actually meant to pick it. Hopefully this will get fixed…

    Read everything here.

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    Neverwinter Nights Pre-Order Bonuses
    Posted Friday, July 5, 2002 - 15:52 CET by Mollusken

    If you preordered Neverwinter Nights from Best Buy, EB Electronics or GameStop, you can now download your bonus adventure from the official community site.

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    Florida Gaming Reviews Neverwinter Nights
    Posted Thursday, July 4, 2002 - 18:29 CET by Mollusken

    Florida Gaming Networks has also reviewed Neverwinter, and they to gave it a score of 9. Wonder if we'll ever see a reviewer who didn't like the game :-).

    This game shows great promise for the world of D&D online. I love the infinite game play that is possible. I find it impossible to put down for even 30 or 40 minutes. Thee story for the single player, as short as it is, is a lot of fun since you can hire henchmen to add to your group.

    Bugs! Bugs! And more bugs. This game has had several patches in the short time in which it has come out. Its is especially a pain if your using Windows2k/AMD combo. It took me four hours to get it installed. I even had to fake a full install. Its worth the time it takes though. Don’t be afraid though there is lots of help on the public tech support forums.

    Read everything here.

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    Neverwinter Nights Review at Khabal Gaming
    Posted Thursday, July 4, 2002 - 18:15 CET by Mollusken

    Many eights and nines in the subcategories from Khabal Gaming, but their overall score ended on 9 out of 10.

    Neverwinter Nights is definitely worth every single penny you will spend for it. As a game for the “common Joe” RPG player, it does elevate you from your mundane existence and sends you into a fantastic world where dreams do indeed seem to come true. However, as you have already noticed, dear reader, we have not yet covered the “Dungeon Master” aspects of the game, and we will proceed to do so when Khabal’s original modules are rolled out on our servers by our very creative module makers!

    Read everything here.

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    Neverwinter Nights Fan Site Kit and Wallpapers
    Posted Thursday, July 4, 2002 - 18:05 CET by Mollusken

    BioWare has released a fan site kit, which contains all you need to build your own Neverwinter Nights fan site. There's also a couple of new desktop wallpapers at the official community site.

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    Neverwinter Nights: Best Selling Game
    Posted Thursday, July 4, 2002 - 18:01 CET by Mollusken

    GameSpot reports that Neverwinter Nights was the number one selling game in the week June 16-22.

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    Lord of the Rings Teaser Trailer
    Posted Thursday, July 4, 2002 - 17:40 CET by Mollusken

    A two minutes long Quicktime teaser trailer for the second episode of the Lord of the Rings trilogy is available for download at Movie-List. I don't want to spoil your spoiler, so if you want to know what this is about you can find download locations here.

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    Neverwinter Nights Forum Update
    Posted Thursday, July 4, 2002 - 16:46 CET by Z-Layrex

    David Gaider, Designer

    NPC Conversations: Just have one of the NPC's use ActionStartConversation as per normal... use his own dialogue file. When you write the dialogue, however, keep the tag for anything he says. For things the other NPC is supposed to say, use the 'Speaker Tag' selection down at the bottom of the editor and change the tag to the other NPC. You will then see the dialogue switching back and forth between the NPC's as the PC watches.

    Hmmmm... I'm totally forgetting how this was done. Been too long. How about this as a shot in the dark? Have the starting NPC start the conversation with himself (just make sure there are never any player choices during the course of the conversation). Between each node of the dialogue, have a script that calls something like this:

    void main()
    ActionWait(1.5); // or whatever

    That might work, though I am grasping at straws, here.

    User Defined Events: No, the UserDefined events work just fine in combat. In fact, there are creatures in Chapter 3 of the official campaign that use the OnHeartbeat's UserDefined event to 'talk smack' during combat, and it works just fine.

    Saved Games & The Hak Pak Editor: To open a save game in the hak pak editor, you simple need to know the exact filename of the .sav file. Then, while in the hak pak utility, go to File and 'Open'. It won't display anything but files with the suffix .hak... that's why you need to know the exact name of your .sav file. Go to your save folder and into your save game subfolder. Now type in the name of the .sav file... and it will open it and unpack all the resources for you.

    Conversations: So you want the PC to click on the sign... but for the third object to start the conversation with the PC? Ok, that's do-able. Make sure the sign's 'Useable' box is checked. Then in it's OnUsed event, you want to use AssignCommand to send the ActionStartConversation command to the third object to start conversation with GetLastUsedBy. Make sure you've assigned a standard conversation file to the third object.

    DM Controls:

    Quote: I want to be able to boot a PC if necessary. I want to be able to ban a PC if necessary. (if you can do those two already without special tools using the DM client, I hav no idea how)

    Press the PvP button (underneath your portrait... I believe it's the bottom right-hand button). You should get a list of all your players in there, along with a 'Boot' and 'Ban' button you can use on whoever you have selected.

    Quote: I want to be able to get info about a PC only when I want it. Not all the time, no streaming messages everytime a creature spawns!

    Not sure what you're referring to, here, but you can configure what kinds of messages come up on your displays by right clicking on the top border of the message window.

    Quote: I want to be able to jump 1 PC instead of all of them.

    You can do that, as well. Go into the Chooser menu and pull up the area the player is in. You will see their name on the list of creatures for that area. Select them, then select Jump. You will get a targeting cursor for where to teleport them to. Incidentally, these kinds of questions are really more appropriate for the Dungeon Master area.

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    Neverwinter Nights Reviews
    Posted Wednesday, July 3, 2002 - 14:40 CET by Mollusken

    Nothing more than 9.4 at Drunkgamers and 9.3 at GameZone for Neverwinter Nights today.

    From Drunkgamers:

    I knew the day was coming. The day when paper would finally be rendered obsolete. It was only a matter of time, as there were only two "practical" uses for it left, playing AD&D and lining bird cages (which I discount anyway, as anyone who has a pet bird is automatically an idiot - birds aren't pets, they're food). With the release of Neverwinter Nights, no longer will we have to slaughter herds of innocent trees like so many buffalo! Never again must we bother with inhumane 'pen and paper' AD&D campaigns (unless you LIKE looking at fat men in wizard hats with cheeto-stained beards).

    From GameZone:

    This is an amazing game with tremendous depth of play, and a fantastic scenario editor. While the game has some minor problems (like the sound cutting out), it still provides players with a complete gaming experience. There is intrigue, adventure, and a lot of combat. Neverwinter Nights is certainly one of the best, if not the best, role-playing games of the year.

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    Icewind Dale II Interview
    Posted Wednesday, July 3, 2002 - 14:27 CET by Mollusken

    Icewind Dale II associate producer Doug Avery has answered a few questions over at Computer and Video Games. You can read the whole thing here.

    Will Black Isle Studios be looking to take its RPGs in a new direction in the future - maybe something along the lines of Dungeon Siege - or will it still be sticking to the tried and tested isometric formula?

    Avery: We have pondered this exact question for quite some time. The answer looks to be a little bit of both. We are making the transition to 3D, but we're also publishing Lionheart - a 2D isometric game from Reflexive Entertainment. I think the two types of games can peaceably coexist.

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    Site News - New Additions
    Posted Tuesday, July 2, 2002 - 23:01 CET by Sorcerer

    Subsection Updates -> Fantasy Books

    A number of changes/additions have been made throughout the whole Fantasy Books section. Most notably, I have replaced about a dozen hardcover book links with their paperback variants, where they were available. (The newest books in any of the series, usually.)

    I have also replaced some old links with newer releases of the books. In the J.R.R. Tolkien Books subsection, I've now grouped the boxed sets and one volume editions separately. In the 3rd Edition D&D Books subsection, I've added the revised Star Wars RPG rulebook to Various Accessories.

    Subsection Updates - Games -> Baldur's Gate

    In the Walkthroughs & Guides subsection you can find an updated version of the BG + ToSC walkthrough.

    Subsection Updates - Games -> Planescape: Torment

    Also only one new addition here, this time in the Miscellanea subsection. You can download a pack of NPC banter, nicely arranged in mp3 files.

    Subsection Updates - Games -> Icewind Dale

    Another single addition was made here, the updated HoW Spells Guide in the Tips, Tricks & Hints subsection.

    Subsection Updates - Games -> Baldur's Gate 2

    You can find two new guides in the Tips, Tricks & Hints subsection, both by Gopher. (Item making and spell making.)

    In the Editors, Hacks & Custom Characters subsection #5 is an updated version of TBR's Fantasy Portrait pack.

    Jumping to the TeamBG subsection, you'll find a link to the new Shadows Over Soubar unofficial addon and Exnem's addon.

    Subsection Updates - Games -> Icewind Dale 2

    In the Walkthroughs & Guides subsection I've added 3 new additions. First is the updated Clerics Info Compilation, which now holds the final list of clerical domain spells. Second is a listing of known (only 2 at this point) pre-made parties that will ship with the game, and third my compilation of a screenshot cut-out and a developer's post explaining how the weapon combos in the game's new interface work.

    In the Editors, Hacks & Custom Characters subsection you'll find an adaptation of TBR's BG2 portrait pack.

    Finally, if you check the Screenshots subsection, you will be able to see 9 new screenshots.

    Subsection Updates - Games -> Neverwinter Nights

    Well, this one has kept me busy for a while recently... There are literally tons of content coming in for this game and, of course, we're here to pick out the best and present it to you.

    In the Walkthroughs & Guides subsection we now have what you've all been waiting for, actual walkthroughs! :)

    Two of them are downloadable (one complete), and we link to one at BioWare as well (up to Chapter 1 only). I've also placed a link to ShadeRaven's player guides here.

    I've already had to split the Tips, Tricks & Hints subsection in two due to the massive amount of stuff available here. Added in this update are a guide to sorcerers, a certain Chapter 2 device, an extensive list of cheats for all you cheating monkeys and a downloadable list of secrets and similar.

    Lower down on the same page is a link to the very popular Infogrames' support page (unfortunately), a listing of game's known issues, the technical FAQ, info on how to manually patch the game, an intro to the DM client and a short guide on making portraits. (Whew!)

    Also split in two is the Editors, Hacks & Tweaks subsection. Here you can find a chapter unlocker, a true-to-3e ruleset-only module, NWN Viewer and Packer and BioWare's Linux dedicated server package.

    You'll also find a couple of new models & animations for the model viewer here.

    The Toolset & Related subsection follows the popular trend. New is the Module Construction Tutorial, 3 tilesets (Drylands, Desert, Winter) and a NWScript Functions document.

    Two new modules can be found in the Modules subsection, namely The Golden Dragon and Servants of the Spider Queen.

    Lastly, there are 3 new additions in the Miscellanea subsection. The Maxim ad girl we posted on the front page has been archived here, and newly added is the printable NWN Voice Chat reference card. Also, fresh from my inbox, Karnak has sent me another of his NWN flash parodies to make you all laugh. You can download it from the Movies & Trailers page.

  • Direct Links

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    Neverwinter Nights Forum Update
    Posted Monday, July 1, 2002 - 20:23 CET by Z-Layrex

    David Gaider, Designer

    Waypoints: Do you mean actually random walking or walking waypoints? Either way, you want to go into the dialogue file and flip over to the Other Files tab. You'll see two spots for scripts for when the conversation is either aborted or ended. If you want the NPC to resume walking waypoints, put in the nw_d2_walkways script. If you just want the NPC to walk randomly, make a script that simply calls ActionRandomWalk();


    Quote: If you die and respawn does your henchmen also, is there a script to make them do it?

    The ones in the official campaign do, yes.

    Quote: How can I make a monster plead for mercy after you kill him, (script) please?

    There are a LOT of creatures in the official campaign who do this... they use the SurrenderToEnemies command to stop the fighting for a moment and become neutral. There's more involved, though... best advice, truly, would be to look up one of those creatures in the official campaign modules and use it as a template.

    Actions: You're talking about the action queue... each action put into the queue gets completed before the next one is called. Commands that begin with Action (like ActionWait, ActionMoveToObject) are automatically added to the queue. AssignCommand is ONLY used to assign an action to an object from another script. If you are adding commands into the queue from the creature's own script, AssignCommand is not necessary. ActionDoCommand is what you can use to put non-Action commands in the queue. For instance:

    ActionMoveToObject (oWP);
    SetLocalInt (OBJECT_SELF, "Reached_Waypoint", 1);

    In the above scriptlet, the creature would begin to move to the waypoint and immediately set the "Reached_Waypoint" variable to 1... long before he got there. To have it set only after the object was reached, you'd need to put the SetLocalInt into the queue:

    ActionMoveToObject (oWP);
    ActionDoCommand (SetLocalInt (OBJECT_SELF, "Reached_Waypoint", 1));

    If you want your creature to do all 5 actions in order, one after the other, simply make sure he puts all 5 into his queue.

    DM Appearing: There's no event for the appear/disappear... and no way to script it, really, so if you want an effect to go off, I would use the DM Client Console command 'runscript' to activate a script that starts the special effects on your position... and then simply press the appear button right away.

    Scripts Across Modules:

    Quote: Is there any way I can make a script available to any module? I can only seem to open them in the module which they were created.

    Not automatically, no. When you are creating a module, you'll notice that a temp directory gets opened up inside your module folder... all scripts and stuff you create get stored in there and then packed into a .mod file when you save. Other than copy-and-pasting, the only other thing you can do is open up that temp directory while your module is open and copy the .ncc and .ncs file with your scriptname. Save them elsewhere... and if you want to use them in a future module, copy them into the temp folder for it and it will show up in the toolset. Most things in the toolset can be exported to make this easier, but scripts aren't one of them at the moment.

    (Ed. Note: You can export the script, david ran out of coffee and forgot that part. :)


    Quote: And what is the difference between faction and "personal reputation" (as used by the SetIsTemporaryFriend function)? Is there a difference? I don't see "personal reputation" mentioned anywhere else.

    A player's faction is his party. Factions will have a 'faction rating' which is their setting towards other factions (such as a PC's party). How the faction feels towards an individual is his 'personal reputation'. So if the rogue in your party goes and kills some peasant in the Commoner faction, the relationship of the entire party lowers towards the Commoner faction (well, you ARE with the guy). The peasant and any nearby friends, however, will become hostile to the rogue... but not to the rest of the party (if and until they become involved). That's the difference. I'm not very keen on the different commands that do what via Factions, however. I do know that AdjustReputation affects the faction rating only... and ClearPersonalReputation affects the personal reputation. Hope that helped a bit.

    Check Alignment: At any rate, if you wanted a 'Text Appears When' conditional script which returns TRUE if the player in dialogue was evil:

    int StartingConditional()
    int nAlign = GetAlignmentGoodEvil (GetPCSpeaker()) == ALIGNMENT_EVIL);
    return nAlign;

    Shops: In part of the dialogue where the store would be opened, go to the 'Actions Taken' section and create a script that basically does this:

    void main()
    object oStore = GetObjectByTag ("STORE_TAG_HERE");
    OpenStore (oStore, GetPCSpeaker());

    Of course, you want to replace STORE_TAG_HERE with whatever the actual tag of your store object is. Don't forget that the store object must be actually placed somewhere in your module. Don't worry... players won't see it. There simply has to be an existing instance instead of just a blueprint. As for respawning to a specific location, I answered someone's question about that not 1 hour ago... let me dig it up again for you.

    Int Rankings: As far as the official campaign functions go:

    Low = less than 10
    Middle = greater than 9, less than 15
    High = greater than 14
    Normal = greater than 8

    Effects: I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. Believe it or not, I learned NWScript the same way... my responsibilities didn't include scripting, so nobody was available to teach me. I just jumped in, looked at what other scripts did, and when I was really stuck I was able to find someone to give me advice. Nice feeling when you finally begin to understand. Takes less time than most people think... it's just such a hurdle to get over that initial overwhelmed feeling. At any rate, what you want to look at is the use of Effects... in particular the EffectVisualEffect. If you look at EffectVisualEffect, you will see it defined as follows:

    effect EffectVisualEffect(int nVisualEffectId, int nMissEffect=FALSE)

    So what you want to do is define an effect variable using this command. 'nVisualEffectId' is a constant... there's a whole list of them all starting with VFX in the constant list.

    VFX_COM_* are combat visual effects.
    VFX_DUR_* are duration visual effects... when you apply these, you will need to give a length of time they appear.
    VFX_FNF_* are 'fire-and-forget- visual effects.
    VFX_IMP_* are (if I remember right) impact visual effects that are generally used for spells when they hit someone.
    VFX_BEAM_* are an exception... you set up the use of these using EffectBeam, not EffectVisualEffect.

    The 'nMissEffect', if you set it to TRUE, means that when you apply the visual effect, it will actually appear in a random spot 'around' the target. If you want the effect to appear where you put it, just ignore this part. A few examples of setting up effect variables:

    effect eVis = EffectVisualEffect (VFX_IMP_SLEEP);
    effect eVis = EffectVisualEffect (VFX_COM_HIT_FIRE, TRUE);
    effect eVis = EffectVisualEffect (VFX_FNF_SMOKE_PUFF);

    OK...now that the variable is set up, you want to apply it. Use either the effect ApplyEffectToObject or ApplyEffectAtLocation, depending on whether or not you have a target object or simply know the location of the spot. For your purposes, we'll assume you have an actual target object variable set up (the same target variable you used to heal them)... I'll assume the variable is oTarget. So, you should be able to add this into your script:

    effect eVis = EffectVisualEffect (VFX_IMP_HEALING_X);
    ApplyEffectToTarget (DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, eVis, oTarget);

    And that's all you'd need to do. As for sound, you CAN use the PlaySound command to play a particular .wav file... but most of the visual effects have a sound that automatically accompanies them. Try it and let me know how you do.

    Custom Tokens: I think you'd want to set up custom tokens. For instance, if you're cycling through the party members, you could use the following:

    object oPC = GetFirstFactionMember (GetPCSpeaker());
    int nSelect = 1000;
    while (GetIsObjectValid (oPC))
    SetCustomToken (nSelect, GetName (oPC));
    oPC = GetNextFactionMember (GetPCSpeaker());

    That would generate a dialogue token for each party member which you could then use as so:

    "The first party member is ."
    "The second party member is ."
    and so on...

    You can do the same thing with your scores. Let's say you have an integer nScore with a value of 6. You could create a token:

    SetCustomToken (5000, IntToString(nScore));

    So you could then have dialogue that did this:

    "'s score is ."

    Brenon Holmes Added:
    An important note... Custom Tokens 0-9 are reserved for game use. Do not use them!... you'll get all sorts of weird data if you try...

    Sleeping NPCs: Hmmm. Looks like somebody changed their mind on the name for that flag but didn't change it in the OnSpawn script. If you want to use it, change 'NW_FLAG_SLEEP' in that statement to 'NW_FLAG_SLEEPING_AT_NIGHT'. I will tell you right now, however, that the NPC sleeps standing up... there's no way to get an NPC onto an actual bed at this point (trust me, I've tried). If you want it to look convincing, use a bedroll placeable object and script them to fall asleep on it (this is what was done in the official campaign, even).


    Quote: Umm, wouldn't the "knockdown" effect combined with a bed under them achieve this? I know that the tops of beds are illegal positions for objects but...

    That would knock them to the ground... but that still would only sit them on a bedroll and not get them onto a bed in a placeable tile. Tile beds have no walkmesh on them... trying to move or jump an NPC on top of them will not work. Placeable object beds don't work, either... creatures just pass through them.

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    NWN Review at Katana Legion
    Posted Monday, July 1, 2002 - 18:14 CET by Mollusken

    Katana Legion has reviewed Neverwinter Nights, and they give it a score of 9.

    I found this game promising and having limitless potential, especially once all of the bugs are fixed. I feel the pain of all of the people having problems, I've had problems of my own. Once you get past all of the that though, this game is seriously the best game you have probably ever played. I know it doesn't have the graphics of Morrowind, and that the graphics have a little dated touch on them, but that's not what this game is about. When you play Pen and Paper D&D I'm sure people have very high quality graphics, yeah right. D&D is not about the graphics, it's about how the players react to a story the DM supplies them and how well they imagine the world that the DM drops them in. If the DM is not doing his or her job, then the players aren't going to have a good time and neither is the DM.

    Read everything here.

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