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Character Generation Guide by Corey Armstrong (modified a bit by Sorcerer)

Gender: This is easy...there are no differences between males and females, except how they look like

Portrait: Well, any portrait will do, but make sure you choose one that suits your preferences, EXAMPLE: Donít choose a portrait of a fighter if youíre planning on using a mage, and vice-versa.

Race: Depending on what class you want to be, races are all very good. Only humans can be paladins, so if you want to be one, pick human. All other classes can be chosen with any race.

I personally like Half-Elves, because you can choose any class except paladins with Half-Elves.


Fighter: The best at close combat, fighters make a great first line in a big battle. They are the only ones who can get advanced weapon specialization.

Ranger: Rangers are friendly, woodsmen, and animal loving. They can use special abilities like Stealth and Dual wield. They also select a Racial Enemy, which when you fight one, you get a +4 on all of your attacks. Pretty good. I normally choose Gnolls, because you can go to the Gnoll Stronghold and keep killing them there, (they respawn every time you kill some) to get A LOT of XP from killing a group of 20 of them, and you almost never die against them because they get a -4 penalty to all of their attacks , and a -4 armor class penalty.

Paladin: A paladin is a Lawful Good version of a warrior (he must maintain that alignment at all times). They get some pretty neat special abilities like Lay Hands (cures people), Turn Undead (like clerics), Protection from Evil and so on.

Cleric: A very good priest, and can learn spells such as Raise Dead, Slow Poison, Cure Critical Wounds, and Identify, pretty good for a priest, eh! They can also Turn Undead.

Druid: Iíve got 4 words to describe him/her: Protector of the Forest! Shape Change is a great special ability they get (they can morph into bears, wolves and such).

Mage: You know, the good old wizard! He specializes in magical energies.

Thief: A thief NEEDS to have high Dexterity, in between, Iíd say 16-18, or else he/she will get caught a lot when pickpocketing, stealing, and picking locks.

Bard: Very good musicians, bards know a bit about everything. They can pick pockets like thieves, sing bard songs and cast spells like mages.

Multi-Class: Theyíre all good, but harder to use. They can use the abilities of both classes.

Specialist Mage: Illusionists are really good, and the rest are pretty much the same as a normal mage.

Alignment: Any alignment is ok, but try to decide what kind of party youíre going to have, and choose your alignment according to this. Example: if youíre planning on getting Xar and Montaron or Edwin, then choose an Evil alignment.

Abilities: Try to get a high charisma, because if you have a charisma of letís say 3, you will only get 5 gold where youíre supposed to get 50. The rest can be up to you, but these are my recommendations:

Ranger-High Constitution

Fighter-High Strength

Mage-High Intelligence

Priest-High Wisdom

Thief-High Dexterity

Paladin-High Charisma

Proficiencies: Just put two stars in the weapon type youíre planning on using.



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