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Official Icewind Dale 2 Patch v2.01 5MB Download
A necessary download for everyone who is playing Icewind Dale 2. The patch fixes numerous bugs and improves the stability of the game. French, German and Spanish versions can be downloaded from Fileplanet.
Icewind Dale II Press Release N/A Read
The announcement and some interesting info about the sequel to Icewind Dale.
Icewind Dale 2 Trailer 15MB Download (Ext.)
A nice introductory trailer showing off some cool new spell effects and gameplay.
Icewind Dale 2 Music 2-2.5MB Download (Ext.)
Demo tracks of the music that has been composed by Inon Zur, who also did Fallout Tactics and Throne of Bhaal soundtracks. He has composed some great, epic tunes.
Armour, Weapons & Wildshape N/A View
3 pictures showing various themes from IWD2. The first shows the different kinds of armour you will be able to find, the second shows various weapon types and the third shows what the druid's Wildshape bar looks like.
Concept Art & Images N/A View
6 pieces of concept art made for the game, 3 background images and 14 portrait paintings.
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