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For as long as Sorcerer's Place has been offering our visitors the option to help support it, I have wanted to give our most generous contributors something more than what every other visitor of SP has at his or her disposal. Considering the fact that the people who help SP with donations are literally the pillars of the community, helping me pay the monthly bills connected with running this website free for all, this is only fair.

For this purpose, I have come up with the concept of Sorcerer's Place Supporter (SPS) Accounts. The idea behind SPS accounts is to offer a few standard donation options, but primarily to give our generous donors something more than my gratitude alone in return.

For those of you fearing that this marks the end of SP as a free website, worry not. All the standard content on SP will remain free, as it always has been. It does mean, however, that those community members who are willing to donate to help SP stay online, will now get some nice bonuses as my thanks for their support. Also, it goes without saying that all members of the SP Staff and anyone else who has performed services for our community, will be awarded with an SPS account for free.

I believe that Sorcerer's Place offers a valuable service to the CRPG community, and I hope you feel the same way. Please help us continue to provide these services by becoming an SPS account holder. The benefits, like being able to choose which ads (if any) you want to see displayed on Sorcerer's Place, a ton of directly downloadable content, a e-mail forwarder, as well as the perks on our message boards, are good reasons to sign up, even if it were not for the fact that by doing so, you help ensure that SP will stay alive and prosper. Also keep in mind that I will do my best to listen to suggestions from SPS account holders and provide them with additional extra features in return for their patronage.

Your support is greatly appreciated, and I hope that with this new service we can not only continue to provide great content and features for you, but also grow enough to allow us to expand our coverage even further. For more information, please see the Subsections menu on the right side of this page.


Tal (a.k.a. Sorcerer)




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