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Sorcerer's Place Help Wanted

When you post something on Sorcerer's Place, you can be sure that your work will be noticed by thousands of people visiting us daily. Being a member of the SP team also gives you unlimited bragging rights since you can point at SP and tell your friends that you're one of the people making it tick!

All positions are on a voluntary basis (i.e. you won't get paid). However, certain more demanding positions on SP also bring along with them a lifetime SPS account completely free of charge.

Here is the current list of available positions:

Baldur's Gate 2 Mod Editors

Click here for details.

Web Developers

If you are skilled in advanced PHP/MySQL coding and would like to help out with odd coding jobs around SP now and then, please contact us. We may not have anything for you to work on immediately, but all names will be taken down for when we will need help eventually.

Online Walkthrough Writers

Are you any good at writing online walkthroughs? Do you have any quality previous work to show, which would qualify you instantly, or just a burning passion for a game and solid determination to write an excellent online walkthrough for it? That's great, and you might be exactly who we're looking for!

Currently we are looking to enlist online walkthrough writers for:

  • Neverwinter Nights series & expansions
  • Neverwinter Nights premium modules
  • Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor
  • Baldur's Gate + expansion
  • Heart of Winter + Trials of the Luremaster

Sorcerer's Place is an excellent place to write an online walkthrough for. We already have a huge fan base, so you can be sure every day hundreds will be reading the walkthrough you publish on SP, which means you will also get a lot of feedback and publicity. To give you an idea what we're looking for in an online walkthrough, check out our Icewind Dale 2 Online Solution.


  • You should be able to produce a walkthrough on par with our other online walkthroughs (see link above). To begin with, this means you need to know how to write well, capitalize and punctuate your sentences properly, and have a good grasp of grammar & spelling. If you use |33t on a regular basis, please do not apply.
  • You need to know how to take screenshots, and later to manipulate them. You are expected to make your own maps for the walkthrough, label/number them, and present them in a proper format for online viewing.
  • You should have plenty of free time on your hands, both to play the game through and through to make a 100% complete solution with nothing missed, as well as to put many hours into the walkthrough you will be writing.
  • While knowledge of html is not a necessity if you excel in all other requirements listed here, those who are able to code the walkthrough on their own will be given preference over those who would not.
  • You should be patient enough not to give up on the project before it is complete, because only then is it going to go live on Sorcerer's Place.

If you feel you meet all the requirements listed, please contact us and explain which game you would like to write a walkthrough for. You will be expected to present a sample of the walkthrough you intend to write.

Fantasy Movie Reviewers

We are looking for well-written reviews of various fantasy movies we don't have listed in our Reviews & Info subsection of the SF/Fantasy DVDs section yet. To apply, please use the same contact as above.

Mod Reviewers

Click here for details.

Book Reviewers

Click here for details.


Click here for details.



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