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Baldur's Gate XP Cap Disabler by TeamBG 30kb Download
An alternative to an experience cap remover, this program sets the experience cap to -1 and therefor disables it. Simply run the program and point it to your BG "Override" folder.
Godlike v1.1.2 by TeamBG 237kb Download
Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast permanent experience cap remover (VB 6 package required!).
Baldur's Gate XP Cap Remover by Razor 1911 85kb Download
This patch will permantly remove the experience cap that prevents your character from going higher in levels after reaching 89k points of experience.
BG1-TotSC US - Country Crack by JOG Download
This "fixes" a little "bug" in the US Version of BG1-TotSC (the game doesn't run when your Windows-language setting isn't "English (USA)" or "English (Canada)"). The hack enables you to run US versions of the game in other countries without having to fake the location via the Windows language setting. This patch runs with all US versions of BG1+TotSC (v1.3.5508, v1.3.5510, v1.3.5512).
Baldur's Gate Portrait Manager by Andy Kelts 190kb Download
A very handy program for viewing, moving and copying portraits for use in the game(s). It was made for the original Baldur's Gate but works for Baldur's Gate II as well.
Baldur's Gate Trainer +11 by CiFE 127kb Download
A handy cheater's tool with some nice options. It allows you to maximize your skills and stats when starting a new game, gives you unlimited money and can heal your characters on demand.
Gatekeeper by Aaron O'Neil 181kb Download
An excellent BG/ToSC savegame editor. If you want to look at how this editor was put together, check out the source code.
Baldur's Gate Character Control v1.4.9a by TeamBG 1MB Download
Baldur's Gate character and creature editor. Use this program to hack your character's stats and more (VB 6 package required!).
Sword Coast Keeper 226kb Download (Ext.)
A new editor for Baldur's Gate, based on Shadow Keeper. Sword Coast Keeper will allow people using custom items or spells to display or modules such as Dark Side of the Sword Coast to display properly their saved games and perform any change you may want to do.
Script Compiler Final by BioWare 350kb Download
A tool for creating your own scripts for the party characters (like the ones included with the game, i.e. defensive fighter etc.). This is the final version of the AICompile program.



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