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How do I get hosted by Sorcerer's Place?

We are always interested in expanding our network of quality hosted sites. Having been running a gaming website ourselves for over 6 years, and hosting a small group of websites for several years, we know well what the requirements and expectations of webmasters are. They are simply nothing less than what we demand for ourselves. In our own experience, good free hosts for gaming sites are virtually non-existent, and any exceptions don't last long. Large gaming networks with their own targeted and sponsored websites have little interest in websites that want to remain independent, and various small free hosts simply cannot consistently provide the level of quality hosting that we have come to expect ourselves. Free hosts somewhere in the middle tend to have problems with responsiveness or communication, which also results in a negative experience for the unfortunate webmaster.

What sets Sorcerer's Place apart from all the other free hosts is that we take the best of every traditional free hosting plan you might have encountered, and shape it into an exciting and dynamic service aimed at making the lives of webmasters easier. The websites we host retain all of their independence, and there are no contracts to sign. We simply provide you with a stable hosted environment with direct e-mail, IM or chat support (if needed), the room for your site to grow and expand, and additional exposure that comes with being hosted by an already established gaming resource with a considerable visitor base. In return, your website displays ads provided by us.

How does being hosted by Sorcerer's Place benefit me?

  • You get free hosting on a fast Linux server, without paying us anything. No matter how large your requirements in terms of hard drive space or bandwidth are, we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • You get free domain hosting (if you don't have one, we'll buy one for you; or set you up as a subdomain). If you already have a domain and transfer it to our registrar, we will pay for it ourselves from that point onwards. However, this is not a requirement; you are free to keep your domain with your prior registrar.
  • You don't have to worry from month to month whether you'll get enough money through donations or advertising to cover the hosting bill.
  • You get the freedom to do what you do best - run your website - and not having to occupy yourself with the technicalities of site hosting, administration and looking for advertisers.
  • You get free support via e-mail, IM or chat, if needed.
  • You get access to a control panel where you can see statistical information about your website, set up mail accounts & forwarders, and control various site functions.
  • You get additional traffic to your website through exposure on Sorcerer's Place.

What are the requirements to become hosted by Sorcerer's Place?

  • The site must already exist. Please don't contact us if all you have is an idea. Make the site, put it up on a free server, get some feedback from your intended audience, and then contact us. Of course, if we are already hosting one of your sites which is doing well, and you intend to make another, we will be happy to host it even if it is a start-up.
  • The site should preferably cover a specific CRPG or specific CRPGs, but this is not a requirement, since any quality gaming website will be accepted.
  • The site should offer something unique. If your content is redundant to what Sorcerer's Place or our existing hosted sites have to offer, we'll most likely turn you down.
  • The site should be in English.
  • The site should be receiving a decent amount of traffic (500 pageviews per day minimum), or have clear potential for growth, or offer something very unique (if receiving less than 500 pageviews per day). We may ask that you provide us with statistics.
  • The site should be updated regularly.
  • The site must not contain any illegal content. If you're unsure whether some of your content would be considered illegal or not, ask us and we'll check it out. The site must also agree to our TOS.
  • If accepted, you will need to place 2 of our advertising banners on each of your site pages (336x280 or smaller and 160x600 or smaller), and a single 728x90 banner on your message boards. Custom arrangements for larger sites are possible. We will also provide you with a small "hosted by SP" button (88x31) with a link to us, if you would like to return the favour and link to us as well. You may not place additional advertising banners on your site without prior consent from Sorcerer's Place.

If you feel that you meet the above criteria and are ready to be considered for hosting, contact us with a link to your site, and we'll take it from there.




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