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PLEASE DON'T FIGHT! BG2 edition by Felinoid

NPCs listed in alphabetical order. Check all NPCs in your party, as I only list those that "start" the conflicts. Also, this was done with the vanilla game. I cannot comment on any mods that may change this. If you do have any mods, I'd look out for all of those listed and more. (Most NPC mods are kind enough to put any FIGHT! conflicts in their readme, but you never know...)

NOTE: This only applies to SoA. In ToB, absolutely nothing will screw with your party; not reputation, not NPC conflicts, nothing. One could speculate that going to Hell and back is enough to give people a new perspective, but this also applies to NPCs grabbed from the Fate Spirit.

-Aerie: If Anomen has failed his test, he may attack her for half a minute. It will only happen once, and if you can keep Aerie alive for that time, you can keep both in your party afterwards.

-Edwin: He insults Boo and mocks Dynaheir's death. You know Minsc won't stand for that.
If he's too close to Keldorn, he'll pick a fight with the Inquisitor. Keep them separate.

-Keldorn: If Anomen has failed his test, he'll turn on Keldorn eventually.
He will not stand the presence of drow. He'll have it out with Viccy after giving her a one day warning to leave.
Finally, he has a problem with...the PC!? If your rep is 8 or lower, he'll attack you after your first Slayer change.

-Korgan: He'll chase off Aerie. You'll probably have to pick between the two of them at some point.

-Mazzy: If your rep drops to 4 or lower, she'll attack you.



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