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Boo as an NPC
by Slappy

Here's how you can use as an NPC in the game (it looks more complicated than it is, I just want to be thorough).

Step 1:
Save your current game just in case anything goes wrong. Make sure your game is set up to accept cheat codes and allow access to the command console. Using the advice from Sorcerer's, you do this by entering "the Baldur's Gate II directory and finding the baldur.ini file. (Should be in the main Black Isle folder.) Double click on it, and the .ini file will open in Notepad. Scroll down in the file until you reach the heading Program Options, and underneath, you should find a list of commands with numbers following (i.e., BitsPerPixel=16, Acceleration=0, etc.). Begin a new line anywhere under the Program Options heading, and write the command line: Debug Mode=1. (If this doesn't work in your game, write Cheats=1 under [Game Options] instead.) For more info on cheats, have a look here:

Step 2:
Call up the console by pressing the Ctrl and Space bar keys (a typing area should open at the bottom of the screen). In here type - CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Boo") This should create Boo on the screen (a small rodent with a circle around him). Move the cursor over him and press the CTRL and 'Q' keys to add him to your party. He's very powerful, and even has his own paper doll. To keep him effective, don't equip any weapons in any slots, and DO NOT LEVEL HIM UP! If you have a full party (5 NPCs plus you) you should use the reform party option to drop one of them and make space for Boo. The only problem at this point is that Boo has no portrait. Save the game and call it something like 'Boo'.

Step 3:
Save the portraits below by right clicking on each picture of Boo and select 'Save as' from the menu. Save the pictures (making sure they are BMP bitmaps) in the Portraits folder in your main Baldurs Gate 2 directory. If you haven't already got a Portraits folder, you will need to create one.


Step 4:
Download ShadowKeeper and install it. The programme can be found here:

Run Shadowkeeper and load your most recent saved game (the one we saved as 'Boo'). Click on the right arrow underneath the NPC portrait until Boo appears (you'll actually get a black empty silhouette). Click in the space at the top to rename the character Boo. Then click on the button underneath to 'Change Portrait'. A new screen opens with two boxes listing portraits available and two boxes showing previews. For the large portrait on the left select BooL. For the small portrait on the right select BooS. Save the edited game.

Step 5:
Run Baldurs Gate 2 and open the edited save game. You will now have Boo in the party as an NPC complete with portraits.  That should keep Minsc happy!

Of course I haven't extensively play tested this so keep regular save games. Also be prepared for some unintended fun. When I was testing it, I got Boo to start a fight to test his abilities. During this an innocent was killed and Minsc started warning me that Boo would not be happy with my behaviour.

For more info take a look at this forum thread.



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