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Orim's Guide to Druids (SoA) 23kb Download
In Baldur's Gate 2, there are many classes to choose from. One of them is heavily underrated, the Druid. The author of the guide has been experiencing with Druids and different variants of it and found out the Druids aren't all weak! A well-built Druid can cause havok where he or she goes! All you need is this guide and some time to read it.
Chris Lee's Thief Guide 48kb Download
The goal of this FAQ is to hopefully illuminate the wondrous possibilites of a thief, to clear misconceptions, and to hopefully show some inadequacies of current opinion on the thief.
Scythesong's Guide to Blades (Submitted) 31kb Download
This guide is dedicated to giving the Blade kit the recognition it rightfully deserves. The Blade is easily among the most powerful end enjoyable classes in BG2 - with some of the greatest solo potential, and whose prowess has no real limit. Feel free to look over the guide if you're interested in making a Blade, or just want to be convinced that the Blade kit is as strong as it claims. Be sure of one thing though - once you read this guide you'll never look at Haer'Dalis the same way ever again.
Baldur's Gate II: SoA and ToB Single Character Guide by David "Magus" Scott 28kb Download
The purpose of this guide is to explain what you need and what you don't need in order to successfully play through BG2 and ToB with only one character. This is not a walkthrough or step-by-step guide, it will not explain how to handle every situation in detail. This guide is meant to give general advice, strategies, and tricks.
Specialist Mage Spell Guide by Eze (Submitted) 8kb Download
As you know, there are 8 different mage specialists in BG2. When you pick one of them, you are not able to cast spells from the opposite school of the magic you specialize in. This guide here details which spells belong to what school and what spells you’ll be missing out, if you choose a specialist.
Baldur's Gate II: SoA & ToB NPC Guide by Sirdan (Submitted) 23kb Download
This guide was created in order to help people decide which NPC's will they use in their journeys. Each NPC has a detailed description, which consists of: Stats, Where to find, Quests, How to use and a general comment. There is also a full listing of items the NPCs carry and a list of their weapon proficiences.
The Hero's Guide to A Successful Adventure by Use R. Unfriendly 44kb Download
Subtitled also "500 ways to use cheese for decimating even the most powerful of foes". In short, this is a guide listing a small sea of ways how to exploit the game's mechanics, bugs, etc. to cheese your way through it. As such it should be considered the ultimate cheater's guide.
Baldur's Gate II & ToB Equipment Guide by Ken J. Egervari 20kb Download
A resource for choosing the best equipment for your pre-made or NPC-based characters. The guide mainly covers the weapons since these have the greatest impact on the game.
Baldur's Gate II & ToB Class FAQ by Dan Simpson 50kb Download
This excellent guide is intended to help the player decide which character(s) to create and why. Each class and kit is rated with both a pro and a con, as well as an overall grade.
Riverwind's Guide to Throne of Bhaal (Submitted) 19kb Download
This guide is not written for total newbies who haven't read the manual and for whom everything would be a spoiler, nor is it written for accomplished veterans who don't need a guide and are very set in their ways. It is written for everyone in between, who have finished the game at least once or twice but want to replay it without reloading a hundred times. There will be minor spoilers throughout as to availability of weapons and frequency of monsters, but none that give away major plot surprises. In short, this is a strategy guide for those who want to become better players.
Riverwind's Guide to Character Classes 41kb Download
There are enemies to face and missions to accomplish, but the most important aspect of the game is character development, and that is what this FAQ is solely about. This FAQ is geared mainly towards intermediate players (except for the solo guide), and is meant to supplement rather than replace the game manual, so read that first. Finally the author will not be covering every possible character class (that would take forever), but will be giving individual treatment to multi-classes and to dual-classes with solo potential.
Deck of Many Things (ToB) Walkthrough by Kitrax (Submitted) 7kb Download
A detailed look at the Deck of Many Things artifact. It lists all of the possible draw outcomes.
Baldur's Gate II: ToB Wild Surge Table by Loomear (Submitted) 4kb Download
A handy list of all the surge numbers and what they do to your spellcasters, and victims.
Best Mage & Priest Spells Reference by Jens-Christian Huus (Submitted) 27kb Download
Two lists of spells in Word XP made for printing. The spell lists were built after scrutinizing the FAQ's by AquaWarlock and James Bolton. There are two lists, one for priests and one for mages. To make each fit exactly one page, the author left out what he considered the bad spells. The cells of the best spells are marked in yellow. He used the lists a lot during the game as a tool to quickly read about spells at a glance without reading a lot of text in properties boxes. They're also a great help when you're buying spell scrolls in a shop and have to make up your mind about which spells you want to buy and memorize. This is probably only really appealing to newbies.
Baldur's Gate 2: SoA NPC List by Joe Boland 14kb Download
This document lists the statistics for each character, along with their location, their biography, their ending, and if possible, their romantic ending.
Baldur's Gate 2 NPC Usage Guide by Mystra's Chosen (Submitted) 6kb Download
There are many, many people who think that a few of the NPC's in BG2 are basically useless. Not true. While they may not be as powerful, they more than make up for it in their in-depth roleplaying and dialogue. Also, when used correctly, they can be very useful and quite deadly. Read this guide for details.
SoA & ToB Tactics by Michel van Meerten 26kb Download
A collection of various more or less useful tactics for battling dragons, mind flayers, vampires, liches, Kangaxx, Demogorgon and more.
Important and Maximum Levels when Dual Classing by Khazraj 4kb Download
This document assumes ToB is installed and the XP is 8 million. Wherever a class is no longer shown to have a matching level in the second class, it shows the maximum level that the first class can attain and still regain the first class after dual classing.
Baldur's Gate II: SoA Spells Data by Rastor and Extremist (Submitted) 17kb Download
An Excel document detailing information on every spell in the BG2: SoA game files, plus a number of misc. scrolls. It includes the console codes for all of them, a list of merchants where you can find each, and information about creatures that drop one when killed (or pickpocketed).
Store Making Tutorial by Rastor (Submitted) 12kb Download
This is a tutorial on making and distributing store files to ensure maximum compatibility for users. It covers the basics of doing this as if you know nothing about modding (but a little about Windows and DOS). By the end of the tutorial, you will have your own working store in the game, as well as be able to make your own from scratch and be able to share your work over the net.
Items Making Tutorial by Kitrax (Submitted) 13kb Download
This tutorial will show you how to make a very basic item, then how to add some really cool advanced features to it.

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